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  1. I’d love to play. I have an idea for a Big Game Hunter or Armorer Chiss who lost the rest of his scouting team to renegade night sisters.
  3. Nani? Oh hah! Stupid FFG avatars. Nope, am a different person. :|
  4. For a terraforming campaign I would really recommend what @penpenpen suggests: A pre-existing device of extreme complexity (a McGuffin Brand Terraformer!). When discovered, it may even be partially functional, creating a small bubble of environment that is perfectly calibrated to raise the weird spice spiders, or something similarly valuable. The device needs more energy and [arbitrary common resource (water?)] to function on a larger scale. The challenges the PCs face would include securing generators, water imports, valuables export, repairing pieces of the device, if the device is force-powered (like the Star Forge) they have to deal with random Inquisitors, etc. Before the device is functional you can easily add [arbitrary space-wolves (not Tony)] or other creatures to force the players to deal with them. On a side note, if you decided to run this as a Play-by-Post somewhere, I would be down to play the Explorer or Doctor.
  5. Frankly speaking, each game of Edge of the Empire is almost its own version of the Star Wars universe. This means the GM is free to establish his own canon within universe. (For example, my party seems intent on acquiring super-weapon plans because they discovered Sheeve has over a dozen projects in the works.). If you go with established canon clones had chips and were not aware of their actions during Order 66. In Legends Canon, I’m pretty sure clones were made trained to be exceedingly loyal to the chain of command, and then they were told that the Jedi were attempting to overthrow the Republic (something the Emporer had conditioned them to believe) and then they responded accordingly.
  6. Great suggestions, and considering I stuck then on Tosste (just galactic south of Mustafar) these are 100% non-suspicious items! ps: Glad to see a fellow fan! Just recently found them, been trying to catch up!
  7. Knowledge skills are kinda meant to be “player knows” skills though...
  8. Hello all! I’m about to start a campaign with a heavy focus on smuggling. Now, any given mook can move a couple of boxes, but it takes a true Trystan Valentine to get black-market goods into the hands of trusted buyers. However, a mostly empty ship would definitely raise Imperial suspicions. What materials would be universal enough to ship to most Outer to Mid Rim planets, and mundane enough to bore the Imperial inspectors? In addition, are there rules for moving exceedingly mundane goods like these? (Not the smuggling rules in Fly Casual.)
  9. Query: Is there single a list/thread where story/campaign/mission ideas are shared? And would there be any interest if such a thread was made?
  10. Think of Dark Side Points more cinematically. Hero character having dramatic confrontation with his arch enemy? Flip a point to make his enemy his father. Concerned the players may not think you’ll kill off their characters? Flip a point to cut off their Force Sensitive’s hand. Smuggler meeting a trusted contact? Flip a point to have the Empire waiting for them. ... Maybe need to stop ranting about Bespin.
  11. I think the best methodology for this is give something a minimum crafting time (1/4 of base should be a good starting point). When that is reached the crafter rolls, if they succeed let them finish out building it over the rest if the time they need to spend, if they fail they may either scrap the project entirely, or spend one hour per failure and threat generated to salvage the project. This should be both mechanically balanced and thematically thoughtful. The explanation is at about the minimum speed point you have the most difficult, delicate work done, and can check your work to ensure it’s flaw-free. If it is, you have the hard work of fitting into the casing left, and that can be reduced by how well-shaped the delicate pieces are. (The critical pieces can be your vibro-motor, your focusing crystal, your charge pack, etc.)
  12. Ok, that makes sense. My dm and I are both really into the idea of despairs in crafting, but he's hesitant about spending Destiny Points on crafting so we were looking for a way to generate red without spending Destiny.
  13. Hello all! MY friends and I have recently started playing an EotE campaign in which I play a Chiss Droid Mechanic (and also the melee character of the group [thanks min-maxed pilot who literally only took stuff for piloting]). I was reviewing the Special Modifications source book and realized the crafting rules were a little wonky. For example: I can build a vibro-weapon template weapon for 200/3 credits/rarity. If I roll a success and 5 advantages (Can swap 3 advantage for a Triumph) I can build a Vibrosword that has 1 fewer encumbrance and costs 550 credits less than a standard Vibrosword. That being said: that number of advantages is really hard to get (not to speak of building a greatsword), whereas rolling any sort of threat/despair when crafting is absurdly rare/requires GM intervention to roll. Due to this, my GM and I decided that the crafter can choose to NOT cancel threats with advantage so we have more unique crafted items. We also ruled that you could upgrade the difficulty once (up to two times) to add 1 automatic advantage and roll 1 additional blue die per difficulty upgrade. What do you guys think of these changes?
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