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  1. Shields could be treated as a headcount of live officers in that section of the ship to coordinate the captains actions
  2. Im an x wing and now runewars player and a friend came by to do an armada demo. after playing we started talking about the games similarities to ww2 battles and how the games core mechanics can easily be re-skinned to make this a historical miniatures game.we were playing around with ideas for upgrades and release packs here are some rule changes /ideas: based on carriers of course once you "launched" your fighters they could only have so many rounds of fuel before they need to return to the carrier, if they do not make it, they ditch their planes in the sea and the opposing player gets the points plane types including: torpeedo, dive bombers ,sea planes and fighters(so many different historic munitions to use here as upgrade cards as well as extra fuel tanks) squadrons that use munitions will need a firing arc to aim or some other way to aim bombs and torpeedoes, i like the system warmachine/hordes uses for magic deviation submarines that "decloak" like ships in x wing or some other clever way to hide where they begin their movement commands and movement would go unchanged that was the main inspiration for all this defense tokens represent where in the ships you send your crews to help out, and spending the red token would be like sending your men to sacrifice themselves for the ship islands (larger pieces of cardboard punch like asteroids and runewars terrain) mats of actual maps/satellite images of the ocean i sent fantasy flight a much more brief email about this, they said thank you for your inquiry we appreciate your feedback, thanks for letting us know how you feel, what do all of you think of it? please submit feedback and any ideas the community have, and also would you play this game?
  3. i did not either, army painter rattle can primer stuck, no problem
  4. awesome, hobbytown is about an hour from me so i can definitely make it, any xwing happen there i should know about?
  5. there was 4 trays of spearmen engaged with my carrion slurm, i had arbus hanging back waiting for his moment, the next turn arbus charged in and engaged the unoccupied front edge of the spearmen, would i treat both units as having addition threat?, i did and i slaughtered them, we couldnt find anything in the rules forbidding this, but i know the interweb will school me
  6. anyone in dutchess county or in the surrounding counties that has a game let me know
  7. Thanks to everyone, I'm so in love the communities responsiveness everyone was a help
  8. Can a morale test be triggered on any attack as long as tokens/ die results are present?, I know it's in the rules in the attack timing chart. We were just unsure, after the test resolves we removed tokens, and put the card in a discard pile, this is really the only part of the game that perplexes me
  9. If i have a charge set into the dial, and I get hit before I reveal , when I do reveal it after the attack resolves, does my charge allow me to attack? Or is my action wasted?
  10. definitely painting, though its going slow as hell so far
  11. have had really good results with this combo 1.classic han solo determination c3p0 luke skywalker evade title 2.lothal rebel hera syndulla ezra bridger fire control systems fat han does its thing no new stuff there, i could drop luke to gunner and get some smuggling compartment going on but this build adds to my health with determination, i would like to give han a more offensive ept but cant deccide i maintain some stress on the vcx so i can reliably trigger ezra, after fcs kicks in the vcx becomes completely action independent, and hera lets you be a troll with her dial tricks lots of health both hard to kill and i usually get to do some blocking for han i really like this vcx build and would not change much there, this hear fcs ezra combo can also happen on the u wing, but its easier to stress the vcx 6 wins 1 loss so far, undefeated in a local tournament
  12. so i just found one on ebay for 75 and 13 dollars shipping, and have no fear this copy will be played at all my local game stores. fantasy flight will be getting new players despite their promotional copy being disgraced by being sold for a profit
  13. Hey jek was it hard to convince your store to support the game?, how are you planning on bringing in players beyond demo games? I would like to generate the same attention in my area
  14. The best thing about wet pallet for me is i can cover the pallet with press and seal wrap and save the paint on the pallet for days, especially helpful if you have mixed a custom color. If the pad under the parchment paper is properly saturated i think you will need to add less water for thinning. I also agree in using medium and not water, and if you use water go for the distilled
  15. I made a wet pallet out of the clear plastic housing that a large base x wing ship comes with, jut add wet paper towel and a layer of parchment paper, I recommend army painter brand stuff to start, as a new painter I like their brushes and paint consistency, i purchased the mega set and have had no trouble matching sorastros colors close enough for the table quality level, I'm very exited to paint runewars with the skills I learned on my imperial assault minis
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