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  1. My character was a bioroid courier who had been contracted to deliver a top-secret package from one of the corp offices to another location. Unfortunately, he was intercepted and 'killed' by some people of unknown allegiances who stole his package and dumped his body in the undercity. He was found by Green and Black gangsters who brought his body to a chop-shop mechanic who fixed him up sort-of-correct. Now, he owes his life to the Green and Black so I'm sure they'll keep him hopping. In the meantime, he's also going to see about tracking down his attackers and beating them to a pulp.
  2. Note that the book also doesn't include any rules for crafting, which Tech-career characters will probably be disappointed by and will make talents like Inventor less useful unless the GM comes up with some or pulls them from Star Wars or Terrinoth
  3. That's the thing - with those specs you'd never even know I existed in order to target me
  4. 3500 (earned) XP is enough to start with a human Sentinel (shadow) and almost completely max out the Shadow, Sentry, Shien Expert, Force Sensitive Emergent, Force Sensitive Exile, and Makashi Duelist trees, as well as max out the Enhance, Influence, Misdirect, and Sense force powers as well as max out all career skills (including the two extra from Well Rounded). I'd be a ghost - go anywhere, do anything, and nobody would ever know I could completely rewrite Destiny in their presence. Soak and Wound would be irrelevant - nobody would ever be able to get a shot off against me. Especially with all those ranks in Dodge, Parry, and Reflect
  5. Honestly, I've considered introducing a mechanic to my games like the one in the Cypher System, where a character can spend 1 XP to get a reroll with all the original modifiers. Not sure if that mechanic would be better or worse in Genesys with a 5-pt scale or 1-pt scale for upgrades. In Cypher, it's 4-pts per upgrade so I suppose I could just as easily apply that same scale to Genesys with tier-1 talents costing 4, tier-2 costing 8, etc. That is, if I was feeling like I didn't have enough to do already...
  6. I'm working on a project and came up with, or converted from Star Wars, a bunch of wilderness-based, druidy talents. Oh, and one oddball caster talent. Beast Whisperer Tier: 2 Activation: Passive Ranked: Yes The character grants [BOOST DIE] per rank of Beast Whisperer to any tasks he directs an animal to perform. Beast Whisperer (Improved) Tier: 3 Activation: Passive Ranked: No Your character must have purchased the Beast Whisperer talent to benefit from this talent. When the character directs an animal to assist any character with a check, that animal provides an additional [BOOST DIE] to the check for which it is assisting. Beast Whisperer (Supreme) Tier: 4 Activation: Active (Maneuver) Ranked: No Your character must have purchased the Beast Whisperer talent to benefit from this talent. Once per encounter, the character may perform the Beast Whisperer maneuver, choosing one skill. Until the beginning of his next turn, a number of non-minion animals up to his ranks in Beast Whisperer may use the character’s ranks in the chosen skill rather than their own ranks in that skill. The chosen skill must be one that it is reasonable for a creature with animal intelligence and body parts to use. Beloved Companion Tier: 2 Activation: Passive Ranked: No Choose one animal with a silhouette of 3 or lower that your character cares for or has befriended. This animal is your character's "Beloved Companion." Upgrade the ability of all checks made to care for the animal once. If the animal is ever lost or killed, the character may apply Beloved Companion to a new animal that meets the requirements. The process of befriending the new animal may take some time at the GM’s discretion. No two characters can have the same animal as their Beloved Companion. Beloved Companion (Improved) Tier: 3 Activation: Passive Ranked: No Your character must have purchased the Beloved Companion talent to benefit from this talent. When mounted on his Beloved Companion, the character recovers one additional strain whenever he recovers strain and may spend [ADVANTAGE] on checks made to recover strain to allow an ally also mounted on the animal to recover one strain. Beloved Companion (Supreme) Tier: 5 Activation: Active (Incidental) Ranked: No Your character must have purchased the Beloved Companion talent to benefit from this talent. While mounted on his Beloved Companion, once per session the character may reduce this animal’s silhouette by two (to a minimum of 0) for the remainder of the round and the following round. This lowered silhouette is used only for purposes of combat; it does not physically reduce the size of the animal. Impenetrable Hide Tier: 4 Activation: Passive Ranked: Yes Your character must have purchased the Beloved Companion talent to benefit from this talent. The character increases the soak value of his Beloved Companion by 1 per rank of Impenetrable Hide. Improved Counterspell Tier: 3 Activation: Active (Incidental) Ranked: No When using the Counterspell maneuver, your character affects all targets within long range. It’s Okay, You’re Okay! Tier: 4 Activation: Active (Incidental, Out of Turn) Ranked: No Your character must have purchased the Beloved Companion talent to benefit from this talent. Once per session, if the character’s Beloved Companion would be killed, the character may spend a Story Point to save it. If it would be killed by a Critical Injury, the Critical Injury is still suffered, but the effect is ignored. If it would be killed by some other event, the details of how the animal survives the near-death are up to the player and the GM. Trained for War Tier: 2 Activation: Passive Ranked: Yes Your character must have purchased the Beloved Companion talent to benefit from this talent. Each rank of Trained for War increases your Beloved Companion’s wound threshold by two. Wildshape Tier: 2 Activation: Active (Action) Ranked: No Your character must be able to cast Primal spells to benefit from this talent. Once per encounter, your character may spend a Story Point to transform into a wild beast until the end of the encounter or until they are incapacitated. They undergo the following changes: their wound threshold increases by a number equal to their Cunning characteristic, their Brawn and Agility increase by one to a maximum of 5, and they deal +1 damage when making unarmed attacks. Their unarmed attacks have a Critical rating of 3. While in beast form, they cannot cast spells or use ranged attacks, though they may maintain spells they had previously cast. Wildshape (Improved) Tier: 4 Activation: Passive Ranked: No Your character must have purchased the Wildshape talent to benefit from this talent. Your character may use the Wildshape talent to transform as an incidental, or out of turn incidental, instead of an action. Wildshape (Supreme) Tier: 5 Activation: Active (Incidental) Ranked: No Your character must have purchased the Wildshape talent to benefit from this talent. Once per session, while the character is using Wildshape to assume beast form, the character may cast a spell.
  7. I'm working on a Dark Sun project, too, and I really appreciate the work you put in here! I'm probably going to construct the races a bit differently, and I'll probably stick with the usual Genesys talent tree system, but we did have a lot of convergence on, say, the half-giant. I also toyed with the idea of defilers/preservers or psions using the Force Die, but I'm not sure how I want to go about implementing it yet...I may use it for psionics. The solution I came up with for defiling/preserving is that arcane casters must spend the 2 strain to cast a spell as per normal in Genesys when preserving. When defiling, they don't spend the 2 strain, but must flip a Story Point - essentially taking a shortcut to power and avoiding personal discomfort at the cost of tempting fate (and potentially alienating themselves from their allies if they start using more Story Points than the other players feel is their fair share... :p )
  8. I've been working on my own Fallout game for...a while now...switched from Cypher System to Genesys a few weeks ago. I'm using Phil's rules for rads, but my own rules for chems, since I wanted them to be more enticing but also have harsh penalties. Anyway, I've been using OggDude's SW:EotE generator to throw together some stats for baddies, some created from whole cloth and others made by tweaking Star Wars enemies. The pdf of the entire lot is up to 58 pages and I thought I'd share it here in case it's useful to anyone. Everything from rad rats to fog crawlers, as well as a few creations of my own - my game is centered on the coast so I generated a couple irradiated marine threats. My game also features nine (technically ten, counting the swamp-dwelling outcasts) warring raider "tribes" so there's a bunch of different raiders with similar stats and different gear lists. Note: I wanted a smaller subset of skills for my game so I'm not using Cool or Gunnery. As such, nothing in my packet has ranks in either. Shouldn't be too hard to re-add them if you want or just use as-is. Edit: The hosted pdf will probably be updated from time to time as I add stuff. I probably won't say anything about it here, though lol
  9. Stealth, Perception, and Vigilance are three skills that you can excel in without spending a single XP. Drop some cash on the right armor attachments/modifications and you can rock the house on all three and spend your XP on other stuff.
  10. Back in the heyday of 3.5 D&D, I picked up a suitcase with wheels. I was easily able to haul around 30-or-so books with that. Still using that same suitcase for hauling my Numenera books to the Thursday sessions.
  11. For combat? Forget trying to just increase pure difficulty and, instead, go for making it interesting. Some examples: Ladders leading to catwalks above the battlefield that either side can take advantage of for high ground advantage. Various crates filled with mystery stuff that might be useful (or that might literally blow up in someone's face when opened) Levers and switches that activate potentially dangerous or hindering machinery such as giant magnets that pull weapons out of people's hands if they get too close. Environmental hazards like vats of acid or live wires. Unaffiliated NPCs or dangerous wildlife that are as likely to attack the NPCs as the characters (and which could be possibly baited by either side to attack the other). Pipes spewing steam every other round that blocks line of sight so characters have to choose to shoot blind or find something else to do that round (like possibly shutting off the steam). Terminals in the combat area that might have useful information so the characters have to try to prevent them from being damaged in the firefight.
  12. Do you allow the universal specializations? Because, otherwise, it seems like this would mostly just penalize the players who didn't choose an initial career that FFG has since published a career book for. Over a long campaign I can see players getting themselves into a position where they completely run out of specs to branch out into simply because they lost the splatbook lottery. Also, kudos to any of the seekers in your group, because a combination of hunter/executioner/ataru striker would be absurdly good at slaughtering things without being completely one-dimensional because they'd also likely be good at a number of wilderness survival tasks, perception & vigilance, and stealth. Great for reconnaissance or just being a burglar if nothing else.
  13. My shop has it in on Tuesday 15th. My birthday present!!! My shop has it in on Tuesday 15th. My birthday present!!! In case I forget, have a wonderful birthday! Or else!
  14. This is fantastic. It's been a rough last 24 hours here at work so I really needed the belly laugh. Thanks!
  15. Actually, other than getting the talent to use Agility for lightsaber checks, I've barely touched the Ataru lightsaber talents and have largely used it as a means to getting a couple ranks in Dodge. My character is the group's rifleman/stealth/perception character. I almost never use my lightsabers unless I need Breach - the character is super paranoid about being discovered as a force-user so he'll never use lightsabers except in a Leave No Survivors situation...and that's rare as he sees killing as something reserved only for the most despicable, unredeemable villains. In that 500+ XP, he's killed exactly four enemies, and one was an accident (shot a guy's jet pack causing a fatal fall). He even stuns Storm Troopers instead of killing them.
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