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  1. What deployments or perhaps command cards brings that extra joy to bring to the table for you? That thing that feels just right, feels a bit more you or something like that? It doesnt have to be the best card, its even better if it isnt. For me, one such card is Lando. He really doesnt look like much, but he feels thematically perfect and whenever I play him he really exceeds expectations. Nasty surges, loads more survivability then hos low hitpoints suggests and nifty tricks. Always a blast. Whats yours and why?
  2. Ram

    Damage per point

    Well, sure its hard, otherwise I would not have asked you all! I have been fudge:ing it for a long time, estimating that the a reroll is worth +1 damage (and +1 range), but I felt the urge of trying to find some hard facts. It started by me wanting to find out if there is a squad or setup that can actually match the damage output and in some sense HP ratio of the Spectre cell. So I figured "Hey, lets ask the smart people!".
  3. Ram

    Damage per point

    Thanks! That is a great tool for sure, but the rerolls are so important that if they are not factored in the results will not show the right results. Ezra with Kanan hits way way harder then Ezra alone, eRangers average damage goes way up with built in rerolls ettc etc.
  4. Does anyone have some excel sheet or similar where you have made calculations on damage per point or damage per activation including rerolls, surges, build in bonuses or similar? I am looking for top 5 for each faction or something like that.
  5. Ram

    Beating the S(C)-Tier

    Nowerdays, at almost all points where I consider Davith I feel that there are very few situations where I wouldnt rather have Ezra. Green Yellow has such a low damage cap, especially with the lack of a +2 damage surge.
  6. Well, Thrawn and Hondo figures are not actually in the box though so the price will go up a bit to play them in skirmish...
  7. Ram

    Beating the S(C)-Tier

    I think it is all out the extra attack that should be erratad away. SC can pull off combos every turn that were before pretty much limited to by-command-card once per game (barring Leia recycle) limitations. With that ability, SC can more often then not just move in and off something and even if the SC member gets killed itself it may still have a points wise positive trade done. We have played without the extra attack a bit and SC is still very strong but the damage level drops to more reasonable levels. I appreciate the unique feeling argument presented before in this thread, but right now I just want this gone. The game is broken and needs to be fixed.
  8. Ram

    Beating the S(C)-Tier

    I respectfully disagree. The only band that would really be hurt bad by this in todays meta is SmugglerBox versions. All others are pretty much not bothered as they dont need to be that tight and/or that they are sturdy enough to take the blast. Also, the eRebSabs are 6 health and awfull range, meaning that they will die really fast. They will be fairly strong but in no way broken.
  9. Ram

    Beating the S(C)-Tier

    Speaking of nerfs/erratas, I for one do not feel that the Rebel sabs are quite as overposered as they were once considered to be...
  10. Ram

    Darth Maul must have cards?

    What do you play him with? I for one dont think there are any cards that are mandatory for him really. I play him as a versatile piece, a decent melee attacker with a built in situational Grenadier. If i play him with other force users, the force user movement cards are auto includes, but other then that I mostly agree with @Fightwookies but I probably wouldnt include many of them unless the rest of the squad can use them too.
  11. Ram

    Beating the S(C)-Tier

    A more positive way to look at this that I choose to adopt is that they will errata SC as soon as the sales of Tyrants of Lothal has decreased enough. In my book, the box from a skirmish perspective is a good purchase for one and only one reason and that is the Spectre cell card. Everything else is borderline and does not motivate a $30 box. So I hope for a single line errata that takes away the extra attack. It is an easy enough fix and regardless of weather the IA product line is continued or not FFG can just do it to collect some bonus goodwill points. "Yes we lissen" sort of action. But I feel that the game will be awesome:er again after the release of the Dagoba Hunt expansion pack that brings Yoda, Zuccus, 4Lom, Boba fix and Scum Han, Lando and Chewie into the game. And perhaps Qui-gon:s ghost?
  12. Ram

    State of the Meta 1-29-19

    Awesome, thanks! Am I correct to assume that there may have been an Unshakable on Drokatta perhaps?
  13. Ram

    State of the Meta 1-29-19

    Awesome article, good work! Do you by any chance know what the "Heavy fire rebels" list that won Toronto was?
  14. Ram

    So, Leia...

    This looks awesome! The Drok for Sabine switch feels spot on and its a magnificent use of the smugglers box! What command deck did you use?
  15. I found when I set together my "demo kits" that the additions of ISB infiltrators added a pretty cool dimension to the game. Decent deployments withouit being that far off the power curve from Core set and some command cards that add bit of a a new dimension to the game. Also, Bossk is a really neat piece to add. With core level power in general, he is a pretty decent queen piece for a scum lineup. And finally I will also recommend a dude that you really dont need in any way having Vader, but the Royal guard champion is just so much fun to play. I still love fielding that dude.