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  1. Ah, ok. So then only the unspecified case and the specified cases of (non)-Guardian and Trooper are affected. Hm. Ok.
  2. Well, its up to you of corse. To me it feels like a clumsy solution. It means that one has to keep track of what units the imp officer can move and so on and so forth. I have never really seen any other issues apart from RCP and maybe Hera. If anything, I think it is worse and less stringent that Sorins ability is not affected but the imp officers is simply because it is an activated ability... (I also just realized that Jabbas abilities already are scum restriced. Never thought about that before)
  3. Oh, I actually got it mixed up in my head somehow, I somehow mixed it up that Assassinate was banned. Just a small note/question on this: All deployment cards and command cards All deployment cards and command cards should include the following changes: • "friendly figure" should read "friendly figure with the same affiliation icon". • "friendly non-GUARDIAN figure" should read "friendly non-GUARDIAN figure with the same affiliation icon". • "friendly TROOPER" should read "friendly TROOPER with the same affiliation icon". Designer's Commentary: This rules change was made to stop Mercenaries from using the "Rebel Care Package", i.e. Rebel figures granting Focus or similar bonuses, e.g. Gideon Argus, C-3PO, and Hera Syndulla. Would it not be simpler and a lot more clean to just errata Gideon, C3PO and Hera to say Rebel instead? They are the real problem, not a TA Jabba Incentivizing Vader or Sorin giving out his surges to HKs. Are there any other cases where this is really an issue? Also, Inquisitor should cost 7. Or at least 8.
  4. Very interesting indeed, thanks for sharing! During play/playtesting, what Merc bands were successful? Those rule changes feels heavy for our scum faction...
  5. Awesome and congrats! May one hope for a report?
  6. Very good post, Brett. I understand the aspect of tournament play and I feel the priorities that you have set up are the correct ones. But just to elaborate, the time issue with swarms can be solved in a pretty good way by just adding a chess clock. I already today strongly dislike the slow play aspect of the game so for me it would be an improvement swarms or no. Another interesting approach would be to limit the number of elite deployments to one per type. Also, with lower costs of Rancors and Bantha riders, swarm play would be a gamble as well.
  7. I totally agree with this. While I agree with the fear of NPE around huge amounts of figures on the board, I feel the NPE of the single round games that we to a large externt have today really needs to be adressed. The game would be a lot more fun if we could get away from Round 2 decides the game .
  8. I Would swap the Nexu and Mak (and your spare point) for Luke. If IG dies, you are really low on the offence side and farmboy Luke is pretty decent.
  9. Half and half. I had initiative round 2 so I activated the cats to missile the second one and to hit and run with the round one missile. But even at that small level its a hard trade. Do they use a queen piece to take out an annoying 2 point kitty or do they move in on my other guys? I am happy that Sabine used her attack on the cat because then she wouldnt shoot someone else and Kanan (who I feel is the optimal cat target when you have initiative) had to let his cat go as I raced it off in a very wrong direction. It also pounced him again next round. I think I gained a bit too much from my opononent not playing the map perfectly and also for him being afraid of the cats. I will play a similar list this weekend against a more experienced opponent. But I really do like the choices that the cats represent, especially for spectre cell. If you spread out so that chopper or hera cant get the cat, you have to decide if you want to hit the cat or not and if not then it will be an activation and a general pest. It uses the weakness of Spectre cell, the fact that the low activation count makes you want to use as many activations as you can in the hard targets.
  10. I will share a first experience. I played this: http://tabletopadmiral.com/imperialassault/9aaa33a02988053e5f6800000000008f9d549594727793961f1c35172b9c against specter cell this evening. And I actually destroyed it. My opponent was increadably stressed by having the missile cats, even the small ones, played against him. The cats combined for 11 damage during the game and took a lot of focus from my opponent. Focused Sentry droids performed very well and even with the less then optimal command deck hehe list performed fantastic. Having the rLoths hitting GGB with pierce 1 and even with only a +1 damage surge was awesome. Cats are now officially my favorite deployments.
  11. Excelent write-up! Thanks a lot for the report and I will get right into testing missile-cats as well. Heck, I will put the focus-cats into everything for the next two months and see where I end up.
  12. I would really like to read that. I have been hunting for a Paper for the SC Rock for a long time.
  13. Congratulations! Any chance for a report or a bit of strategy tips on playing your list?
  14. This is a real beacon of hope for the game as a whole. I have not had this type of warm, tingly feeling in my body for a long time.
  15. The thought nerver occured to me to use the cats that way. Very very innovative for sure, both the cats and the rest of the list. That may well be a counter of sorts to the plague that is spectre cell. I wish him the best of luck in the champs.
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