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  1. I think it depends on what direction you want to take. I mean, fixed Han and Vader pretty much warped the meta when they came in. They will have huge impact on this collections local meta so to speak. Perhaps it is better to just add a few queen pieces to Rebels and Imperials to match the strength of the Jabba box?
  2. So lets see... You have quite a bunch already tbh. I would recommend Captain Terro as Imperials are very limited in the sets that you have (Jet troopers are great though). I would also recommend Jedi Luke if you don't already have him. Mercs are very well stocked from the Jabbas realm pack so you should be fine there. Last recommendation for three packs micht actually be Jawa scavenger for the IG88 fix card. However, with that you Merc faction would be even stronger. No, I think Sabine+Zeb pack would be perfect. So that would be my recommendation.
  3. I had a chat with a fellow player yesterday and he gave some input that we had not really formalized. The camouflage ability collides with Hidden in a way that feels very strange. Now, one can for sure have opinions about how Hidden is implemented in the game, but as it is today but as it is it really feels a bit wierd.
  4. So, my playgroup played three games with the Scout troopers this weekend and had a bit of a discussion around them. These are our findings: The combination of abilities makes them strong. We will not say overpowered, but they are strong. Both Camoflage and Expose weakness are very annoying abilities, Camoflage more then at least I initially thought as they more or less can not be shot at without risking to put a figure out of position. Combine that with a pretty good range and they are good even though the damage output is not huge. Also, the camoflage gave the ability for the Scouts to be stationary at long range to be able to shoot and use the ability. Expose weakness we did not find a very good fit thematically. The entire timing around it felt wrong. The fact that it stayed until the unit had activated again and most of all that the state remained after the scouts had been removed, my group did not like at all. We however liked the fact that the Scouts brought in Weaken as a real state in the game. Our 2 cents.
  5. Weakened is too strong of a condition to be applied at will at endless range. It messes a lot with the math of the attack of the weakened piece and it really messes with the defence, especially of a white die defender. The scout trooper is a cool design thematically but it really is way too god, especially with two per deployment.
  6. I have endless love for this little droid. It is the most random and magnificent thing there is! A month or so back, I Assassinate one shot a full health Ezra at range 7 with him with a great roll. This weekend, I pulled off a late game Missile salvo tripple kill on an Officer, Terro and an eJet. I just love to see the expressions on opponents faces when stuff like that happens! I suppose I am more or less the only one playing with him? Or does anyone else have any cool stories to share? Or any other of those "O holy $hit, what just happened!?" moments with or without BT?
  7. Ram


    Ah, thats right! Good catch! Thanks.
  8. The best maps in my book are ISB Headquarters and Mos Eisley back alleys. Both are interesting maps with objectives that are both straight forward and very interactive.
  9. Ram


    Awesome lists @Bitterman! Thanks all for thoughts. I agree spies are lacking oC the power command card area. It will be a challenge to play for sure. My plan forward will be to make a fun list with Blaise, 1 eISB infiltrators, 1 rISB infiltrators, Terro with cross training, 2x Dewbacks with Cross training and an rOfficer with pretty much all the spy command cards and a few trooper cards like Grenadier. I think it will be a lot of fun to play even if it is not super awesome.
  10. Ram


    Yeah, but I was thinking more around more focused spy bands. Bands with bunches of spies and an extensive spy command deck. It wont be competative but thats ok. There are old imperial spies i guess, it may still be the only option...
  11. What is in a good spies-list? I have nevervplayed any form of spy centered lists really and I would like some variation.
  12. I would perhaps Also get the Bantha, a bit for variation and also for the Beast tamer that is truly a lot of fun.
  13. Just to spice things up a little, lets share some fun combos or strategies! Deployment combos, Deployment + command cards that are a great match, ... My favorite right now is the RGC with rProbe droids (and r/eStormtroopers). Probes can blow themselves up to trigger Executor (and stormies tend to die pretty often as well). Bonus track: I have a bit of new found love for the Bantha and I have found that the simple addition of a Nexu together a eJawa+C3PO gets very nice double use of the Beast tamer for a more brutal version of the missile cats (Loth cats) piloted to high results in fairly recent tournamnet. Even the rNexu can realy dish out some nice damage.
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