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  1. dunno about the other panel, but that one is clearly a kihraxz's butt
  2. dorsal, blaster, or if you wanna spend a little more, ion. TLT is too expensive and half the time, if you're shooting it, it means you didn't fly palob right.
  3. the new icon is clearly a "reload" action. the reference card is right there in the spread.
  4. nothing like the casual objectification of women to go with some tabletop gaming!
  5. while gencon would deffo make more sense, with the news that disney (and, by extension, star wars) is skipping comicon this year, it slightly raises the possibility that we'll see an announcement at D23. I can't find any info about presentations though, so again, very slim chance that FFG is even there.
  6. it seems like we have to clarify this once a week, but the Hound's Tooth is canonically 47 meters. the 62 meter length is based on old legends stuff.
  7. Fluffy, except for the fact that it also works on Scum and Rebels, inexplicably. I mean, mechanically I understand why, but the fluff doesn't explain that.
  8. What with both Wave 9 & 10 being purely canon content, I think it's pretty obvious that FFG is going to try and stay out of Legends for the most part going forward. Maybe a new (or revised) list that features only canon ships? I know almost everything that's been in the movies is made now, but there's a lot from the Marvel comics, canonized video games, etc.
  9. Four pilot cards. Ghost, Phantom, TIE, and Shadow Caster.
  10. I'll point out that FFG is posting full articles on the frontpage to coincide with the announcements, so we should have a good bit of detail about whatever they do announce for X-Wing
  11. From the prizes article for the NA Championship (emphasis mine): "All Competitors: All players will receive one copy of the alternate art pilot card for the Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk, and one copy of a brand new extended art card which will be debuted at the beginning of the tournament!" Interesting.
  12. With Vets just being released, and both Wave 9 and Heroes announced and on the way, should we expect new product announcements? Or does FFG have their fingers in enough pies right now for X-Wing?
  13. Slaver with Bossk, Dengar, and Gunner hits like a **** truck, and isn't too expensive at 40 points. Also been running the hell out of Bossk with VI, EU, Mangler, Outlaw Tech, and K4. 49 points isn't cheap for a 1 agility ship, but it can get its points back very quickly.
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