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  1. I'm pretty sure we'll get and Endor/Kashyyyk pack. That's wishful thinking on my part, but I hope. Otherwise, I'm happy for new campaigns on the app. I have been buying some of the Legion miniatures for IA, because Legion is a mess.
  2. I don't disagree with you. The funny thing about Legion, is that with that scale, they really can't have the kind of battles they purport to be trying to have. It should have been a smaller scale in order to accommodate AT-ATs and whatever Rebel ground vehicles they came up with. It's like trying to play Armada with X-Wing scale miniatures.
  3. Is it? The Rebel Alliance wasn't some Al Qaeda style guerrilla group. Note the line from the scene in Star Wars where they are arguing on the Death Star. "Until this battle station is fully operational, we are vulnerable. The Rebel Alliance is too well equipped. They are more dangerous than you think." In George's original ideas, even his original crawl, the Empire came from outside the Republic. So whatever was lost to the Empire of the core of the Republic, there were still plenty of systems resisting the Empire, which caused them to want to build the Death Star in the first place. It represented, basically, the threat of nuclear weapons against a military organization that didn't possess them. Rebel equipment, like the X-Wings and others, was technologically superior to the lower-tech high numbers equipment of the Empire.
  4. Yeah, it is pure fanservice. Even Luke complains about how old that speeder was. So Luke was driving the equivalent of a military JEEP? The model is good quality, and it has an insurgency feel about it, but I don't like that they use Luke's speeder.
  5. I bought one for use in IA. Now that I think about it, maybe I'll wait till they realize Legion is a lost cause before I buy anymore for use in Imperial Assault.
  6. Rikalonius

    What should the next campaign use?

    Hoth is probably my favorite single expansion. And, yes, I agree the Campaign app does help to encourage the purchase of expansions. For instance I didn't finally break down and Purchase Jabba's realm until news of the app update surfaced.
  7. Rikalonius

    What should the next campaign use?

    Thrawn is a Chiss and thus more immune to cold than your average humanoid. He'd be a fine pick for snow related missions. Maybe Hoth tiles can be used for Csilla.
  8. Rikalonius

    What should the next campaign use?

    Just because the app campaign revolves around Hoth, doesn't require Hoth expansion heroes to play it. Also, all the supply cards and gear that are part of your collection can potentially come up in the Freedom Fighter campaign, which just uses core tiles. Anyway I like the idea of using Sorin as a proxy for named Imperial Officers. That's good. Maybe that's what FFG should do instead of keeping adding 'new' figures, add proxy figures. Like a pack of Black Sun mercenaries that you can substitute for Wing Guards in Jabba's Palace. I was tempted to break out my Black Sun Vigos from Star Wars miniatures when that happened. Also whenever Greedo spawns, I think of him as just another of Jabba's Rodian security forces that you see in the special edition of Star Wars. I certainly wouldn't mind a heart of the empire campaign. It would be nice to have it be mostly on manufactured terrain, rather than natural. I think it should be a Bespin-HoE combo, because Bespin has some good tiles, and it doesn't necessarily mean you have to go to "a the one" Bespin when using them.
  9. Rikalonius

    Legends of the Alliance Wishlist

    That's a good point. I'll bet that is true. Still, now that it has been discussed, I think all uniques should be scripted, even if it means getting LOLcats. I don't have the Lothal expansion yet, so I don't have that problem, but I was getting jet troopers like mad in the last Jabba play through. That is fine though. I only got one Ugnaut through the whole campaign and he spawned close enough for Vinto to turn him into a meal in one turn.
  10. Especially for how much I hear people having trouble finding anyone playing it. Seems FFG is really depending on Legion, and maybe it sells because it's pretty, but it doesn't seem like it is taking over the tabletop world.
  11. When wars are fought on sunny tropical beaches, they never seem like it at the time of fighting. More like jungle-fire, sun-blocking black smoke, blood-soaked beaches.
  12. Rikalonius

    Suitability for Solo Play?

    I personally would use it on a tablet. A phone is too small, in my opinion. Either if you plugged it into a monitor though.
  13. Zuckuss and 4-LOM have comics outside the films, and books, that Dr. Evizan and Ponda Baba don't have. Many a hardcore Star Wars fan who grew up playing the various tabletop RPGs of the 80s, like WEG, and reading Marvel and Dark Horse comics have a greater attachment to those two. It's like Bossk and IG-88, who share equal time with Zuckuss and 4_LOM but are wildly popular characters. Certain characters I wouldn't want, even though they had a cameo, like Ephant Mon who is almost as bad a character name and character as Therm Scissorpunch. I would say I wouldn't mind an Aqualish, but we have one, and I like Onar. Give me an Aurra Sing. Before Disney wrung out that dreck called Solo from Kathleen Kennedy's soiled hosiery and had Wooden Harrelson declare he killed her, Aurra Sing had been written in Legacy to have survived past the OT. She would have made a much better villain in a story about crime bosses than caterpillar eyebrows Clarke. Disney claims to love diversity but they sure do have a thing for pasty white British ladies as their leads. Sorry, Bill_andel, that rant was not at all aimed at you.
  14. Rikalonius

    Suitability for Solo Play?

    How about Jet Troopers who are immediately warped to their target and get that free extra blue dice. They are very survivable, but rather annoying, especially if their bonus is 'jet blast'
  15. Rikalonius

    LotA map tiles spoiler list?

    I'm with A1bert on this one. I have organized my tiles primarily by shape. Jabba's realm has some duplicates that are the same as some of the core ones, especially the small end pieces, but it is much easier to find stuff when you separate it by shape. It can be frustrating, I agree, but I prefer this system to fixed maps, because it is so much more interchangeable and allows lots for a great deal of potential scenarios.