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  1. It's the final push of the Under Seige Mission. The Imperials have managed to heroically capture three objectives. Darth Vader has made his way into the smoke filled corridors, oblivious to stench of seared Trandoshan flesh that permeates the air. He saunters past a bloodied and exhausted wookiee. As he turns the corner he sees the former padawan, Diala Passil locked in combat with one of the Emperor's guards. Just then, an ambitious stormtrooper runs past him, sprinting like a rabid gundark was on his heels. "Pardon me, my Lord" he utters as he charges past and into the room. Diala is unable to stop him as her pike is firmly lodged in the royal guard's chest, and from her dazed look, it appears as though she had recently been on the receiving end of a force pike's jolt. Vader marches toward her methodically, he suddenly feels the presence of the wookiee charging up behind him. He deftly avoids the blow and send the creature stumbling backward. A thunderous blast of an AT-ST's cannons finish the job. Vader passes through the twisted and charred wreckage that was once a durasteel door, easily knocking the padawan aside and moving towards the objective. Vader sees the brave stormtrooper who had earlier risked life and limb to rush past Diala, now in a gun fight with some rebel covering the objective. The trooper manages to hit the rebel in the shoulder, causing him to drop his weapon and fall backward. The trooper then charges forward. "I'm going to have to nominate this one for the Death Trooper academy." Vader thinks. Just then, an energy bolt crackles through the smoky air and strikes the trooper through his helmet. "Unfortunate," Vader murmurs. He sees the culprit, a mangy Bothan, who maladroitly runs to the objective, taking cover behind a terminal. "No matter," Vader muses, but just as the Dark Lord is about to march towards their position and perniciously deal with the two rebels he feels the pull of the force. "What's this?" He is yanked backwards by Diala. She jumps over him as he falls unceremoniously to the metal decking, fleeing to her companions. "Most impressive," Vader thinks, as his cyborg enhancements spring him upright like a nexu. An Imperial officer bursts into the room and tries to reach the now fleeing Rebels. It is too late. The mission would deemed a failure for the Imperials. A group of insurgents cover their comrades retreat in a hail of blaster fire. The junior officer looks anxiously at the dark lord...
  2. Funny you should say that, I started working on it because of my young daughter. I've now made many of the core box characters and tweaked some of the dice even from this short word doc. I'm currently running through a core box campaign and testing it. I've been doing lots of dice rolling and stat comparisons to make sure I don't have anyone doing appreciably more or less damage than they would do under the IA rules. I've had to be a little bit clever at times. As an example, because I am still forced to use the white dice, because dodge is an integral part of Imperial Assault, I made it so Diala, when she uses Foresight, that when the white dice is rolled she gets any blocks that come up, rather than just dodge being applied. But Darth Vader uses two black dice, so I change foresight to "Intimidation" and made it so he forced the attacker to roll 1 attack dice. Afterwards I felt like it was more Darth Vader-esque anyway. The hardest parts have been when to allow for pierce, when not to, or when to grant pluses in damage. Occasionally surges are tricky to work with. I figure through meticulous calculations how often a particular surge comes up, as opposed to other surges and I try to match that. For instance the elite Imperial Officer came out to be about 19% chance that the surge for Focus would be available to the player, vice another surge. Since that character uses 1 red and 1 black, and the red has 1 blank, I just wrote that if any red die results are blank, that figure gains Focus. This works out if they have focus, because now there are two chances for it show up, reflecting the increase in surge chance by adding in a greed die. Thanks for the feedback. I'm really happy with how it is progressing. It is a lot of back end work to make it fit IA, but it has taught me a great deal, and it does actually, at least in my opinion, move smoother without having to calculate surges. However, it isn't without it's drawbacks. As I've been playing I've realized that there isn't any risk in taking a shot for accuracy. The players now have fixed accuracy and so they just need to get into range. It makes it faster, but it changes the dynamic, and removes need to carefully decide how close you need to get to the target for fear of missing.
  3. Wow! Not sure how I missed this. Very well done. Thank you. I love IA because I love all the people willing to put their time and energy into making a more enjoyable product for everyone else.
  4. So, first, thank you to Bitterman for his tool set and the small modification he made for me. I have created a document that begins the process of simplifying the Imperial Assault combat resolution mechanic by removing surges, and making range more or less fixed, yet still keep everything mathematically on par with the current game. As it says in the document, this is two fold. First, to streamline game play, and second, is to build the basis for my own system. The document includes everything needed to play the Aftermath scenario. I've included 4 heroes, their starting weapons, all Imperial units, the Focus condition change, and the no-XP Imperial class card for Military Might. The game is built on using the dice from Fantasy Flight's Doom, but a player can substitute that by using the blue dice from Imperial Assault as the red dice, and the green dice from Imperial Assault as the Black, and making the single surge equal 3 hits. Or, you can use the red dice and just temporarily mark one of the 3s as a 1. I would love some feedback, even you only read the short document here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CIqMRTnXXbPu1HnRSCDESyj3n4lCl2eu/view?usp=sharing May the 4th be with you (for forty more minutes here on the East coast of the United States)
  5. I want to get the Gungan Jedi and Maul with the spider body. I was so disappointed in Rebels that they didn't give Maul the claw footed legs, rather than just regular looking mechanical legs.
  6. There is disparagement with some and parity with others. Later releases of IA miniatures tend towards the 1/47 scale vice 1/50. If the Legion minis are based on IA height bases (which are half a thin as Legion bases) then they look closer, in some case perfectly aligned with Imperial Assault. Likewise, custom base IA miniatures that use thicker bases don't look as bad. In a lot of cases it the same disparity that IA has over WOTC miniatures, which I think were around 1/52. There is a thread on these forums where people have taken a variety of photos, including myself, to show the difference. It looks like it is still in my existing attachments. It is hard to tell these two because Boba's pose is much different in Legion, but if you look at the gun and the helmet, they are very similar in size.
  7. If Endor was a big box set, that would totally work for the large piece. Rancor size for the average Gorax is probably about right.
  8. My son, who is now 21, and I played WOTC Star Wars miniatures. I much prefer Campaign IA, but at the time, there wasn't anything like IA out there. I prefer tabletops to full on RPGs. We had some fun, but he would get bored. I think he was 10 at the time, and want to do other things. I don't think boys become really good gamers till their teens, which is when girls no longer desire to play tabletop games with Dad.
  9. I'm a person who favors fun an thematics over whaling on the Rebel player. Unless, as you say, they want the challenge. I find two heroes mop the floor with the early campaigns. I'm teaching my 8 year old daughter how to play and she is using only two heroes, however, that has been a lot of fun for her. Just enough stress to make it a game, but not enough to cause her to hate it. She loves Diala.
  10. Not a fan of that. I understand it is in a lot of games, but the attack should be the attack, factoring in all variable such as strength and skill. Rolling an attack to add to the attack add unnecessary bloat.
  11. I've played Campaign almost exclusively. While I've had some close moments that resulted in success sometimes and failure others, I've never felt an entire mission swung on a single dodge. The dodge pip gets all the rage when it is just another mechanic baked into the design. You can roll badly in any number of ways. I really needed to kill an opponent once and I end up being short on accuracy by one stinking square and that turned the momentum against me. It is only when the 'evil' dodge mechanic comes up that people are rushing to the forums to demand a nerf. From my experience, it is mostly hated by the skirmish players, not so much by the campaign players, who probably benefit from it equally. Ask yourself, how many times your hero rolled a dodge when a big attack is coming their way?
  12. If only there was a game that had Vader and featured Rebel heroes.
  13. You have to base them anyway, you may as well buy slim, 1" bases, and not use the Legion one.
  14. I have been collecting Legion content. As long as you base them on the thinner bases, their size is not noticeable. IANSolo, those look great on the table.
  15. I call him Crimebuster from the obscure film Heart Beeps with Andy Kaufman. Whenever he's on the table I hear his theme in my head.
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