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  1. Sorry. I think IA 2.0 is already out. It's called Legion. Legion is what they want all the PVP'ers playing, and there is no real need to change Campaign. Also, I wouldn't steal an expansion based on the sequel trilogy, let alone actually spend money on it.
  2. One wouldn't know from the copious amount of Legion plastic they are rapid firing out of the factory. Seems like every other day there is Legion news. They've put out far more plastic for Legion in a much shorter time than they did for IA.
  3. We've agreed a lot in the past, but I cannot agree with you on this. The only reason melee exits is thematic, in the case of Imperial Assault, and the fact that there are objectives, means you aren't going to have a game where the two belligerents to shoot at each other across the map. I'm not saying ban melee or anything, but I would go with high(er) Health to compensate, not more damage.
  4. I'd call that list "It Came From Tatooine"
  5. Don't bring a knife to a gunfight. Seriously, this is an issue in every tabletop game I've every played, and the melee characters are always made OP to compensate. I understand Force Users have a magic sword, and that's great, but as Revenge of the Sith showed, they are still vulnerable to a good old fashioned focus fire. Maybe give them a little more health, or a block, in order to simulate their ability to avoid taking fatal damage longer, but honestly, melee weapons in a space aged warfare game strains credulity to begin with.
  6. I don't have a huge amount of time to analyze this fully, though I will work on doing just that, but just as a way to move the conversation forward; I don't like this version of Boba Fett. There are some things I like, but other things I don't. I like the new dice pool. As Jaric256 said, it gives you some flexibility in his play style. I don't like Custom Loadout. It is too much like Battle Discipline, and lacking in elegance. The fact that you can choose your third dice, means you are attacking differently. The use of red die could just as easily represent his use of a small explosive rocket. I say cut Custom Loadout and just grant him Flamethrower, exactly like Captain Terro's. No need to church it up. Being that he looses his ability to recover in Battle Discipline, possibly, make a second ability that costs 1 action, which is Recover 2. Then I would reduce his cost to 10 and I would say that about puts him in line with the current meta. The addition of vehicle is spot on, given Jet troopers and Sabine. Additionally I would change Mandalorian Tactics to reflect his rocket-pack missile. Something with a big, splashy kaboom, that cost 3 points. I don't like Hunter Instincts at all.
  7. This is a fair minded response to potential problems. I think Gideon gives an awful lot for 3 points, but I doubt there'd much stomach for raising his cost. I think a mystery token gives the rebels more functionality than purely a focus dice. Those tokens didn't exist when Gideon's skirmish card was written, but then, what Gideon does for the group in Campaign was transferred into competitive skirmish to much greater effect that it was probably meant to have, especially as more and more 3 attack dice characters came on scene. I see what you are saying though, and it makes sense. Maybe make C3PO only focus Droids.
  8. You want to really shake up the meta. Check it out. First, who the heck thought giving C3PO the ability to 'focus' a character was a good idea? Where in the lore is C3PO anything but a distraction? Never once did he contribute to another character in the film doing better because of his input. So, I'd remove his ability to hand out focus. Who would take C3PO into combat willingly? "You're probably programmed for etiquette and protocol?" "Protocol, why it's my primary function. I'm well versed...." "I have no need for a protocol droid." "Of course you don't sir, not in an environment such as this. That's why I'm programmed with the ability to imbue you with the ability to do much greater damage in battle." Second. Change On My Mark to Rebel only, and make it a mystery token instead of focus. While you are at it, make Jabba's Incentive line of sight. This way you don't have to muck with Temporary alliance. There are way to many focus dice being pass around. For Boba Fett. I don't think you need to represent every nurnie on his armor as an ability. That is what happened to Star Wars Miniatures. Darth Vader had a high defense, a very high defense, to represent the totality of his ability to not be hit, be that a saber block, or absorbing the shot. It didn't matter. The how was up to the player's imagination. Additionally DV had 140 hit points, which essentially meant 14, I still don't know why they did damage in increments of 10. I have never liked the term Hit Points since I learned back in my D&D days that they didn't actually represent life, they represent a characters ability to stay in the fight. Likewise I don't like the term health. Giving Boba Fett an extra block and evade, to my mind represented his jetpack and armor. Now, some might go back to my own Boba Fett card and see I added some abilities too. I have thought it through more thoroughly. I don't mind a couple of abilities, but, to repeat, everything doesn't need an ability. Some of it can be infered from extra damage, extra accuracy, and the ability to weaken. Boba Fett is not a bad character, if he could use all of his Battle Discipline abilties rather than choose 1. He is still too expensive, but the point I'm slowly laboring toward is, don't go crazy trying to pad him out. Be elegant. For Melee characters. This is Star Wars, and they exist, mostly in the form of Force Users, but GL had to show pigies with axes, for whatever reason. To me, there is a reason you don't see modern soldiers with swords. It doesn't make a lick of sense. You aren't going to go after someone with a rifle with your sword... that's how we get scenes from Raiders of the Lost Arc. I appreciate that it is hard to get into melee range for some figures. I would say, increase their health a little bit. Likely if there wasn't such a high damage ceiling, they would be more viable anyway. Also, I think people love melee characters for the same reason more people play Rogues in WoW, or stealthers in any game. There is this misconception that melee characters are more powerful than range characters. That is just silly, Force users aside.
  9. The skirmish community already loathes dodge. They go into apoplectic fits when they line up some big shot and suddenly the railroad crossing pops up.
  10. The damage ceiling didn't HAVE to rise. FFG chose to not properly test and assess their new figures against their old figures, or their baseline. So they were lazy and just pumping out plastic. Exactly the same thing Wizards of the Coast did at the end of the Star Wars Miniatures run, which absolutely limited the number of viable characters that could be played. I absolutely disagree that a figure shouldn't gets its points worth. What's the point of their points cost then? I suspect the whole point of lowering their costs was to give them their points worth. It doesn't address the one-shot problem, it merely tells players it will cost you less than it did before. It doesn't improve game strategy. Anyway, I'm tilting at windmills at this point. The whole thing is giving me deja vu of the BlooMilk days where a team of players tried to keep Star Wars Miniatures alive.
  11. Let's start with Ezra Bridger. For 7 cost you get everything that Boba Fett has to choose from in Battle Discipline. +2 Damage, +3 Pierce, 2 recovery. He has a 94% chance of a single surge, and 72% chance of two surges. His overall damage probability goes like this: 1: 100, 2:100, 3:97, 4:81, 5:47, 6:16, 7:3 , He has 4 speed, but not really, really he has 12 total speed, the same as Fett, but he can move for 8 and still attack, where as Boba can only move for 6. Let's compare his damage probably to Boba's: 1:100, 2:99, 3:93, 4:74, 5:41, 6:14, 7:2 and he has a lower chance of rolling two surges, 54% to Ezra's 72%. Also, that's only if he chooses +2 damage for battle discipline, which must be declared at the time of attack declaration, rather than after the roll, to see what is most viable. And while Boba has an extra evade, and is mobile, Ezra can reroll with another unique nearby, and flat out change a dice with a force user nearby. Is Boba Fett too expensive, absolutely. Is Ezra too cheap. Absolutely. Kanan didn't need to be lowered, but Ezra should have been raised. Instead it was all reductions in cost that never addressed the cost-damage-health disparities that exist. Now you just have more room in your points pool to put figures that are going to die just as easily as they did before.
  12. The damage curve got ridiculous. Not only did everyone and their brother have 3 damage dice, but everyone playable had +2 damage, or +2 pierce, and usually some kind of recovery. I watch the protests that power creep wasn't happening while the damage calculator went up and up. Most of the older figures remain untouched and many new figures were costed down. Even with the fixes, are Han and Chewbacca even viable with the new costs? I agree some pieces needed a price reduction, and some units needed a price increase in order to mathematically balance their damage output. Frankly I liked it when Elite Stormtroopers were dangerous and something to be feared.
  13. I want pieces to cost what they are worth on the battlefield. Lowering some of these 'queen' pieces, as people have said, further eliminates the need for troopers. I don't see how lowering troopers AND lowering all these high damage pieces that are already under-cost is going to make troopers more playable. It just seems this is designed, and I believe there are posts that explicitly state this, that there is a particular meta the group wants. And that's fine, if that's what everyone wants. I'm just an advocate for appropriate cost figures and then let the meta play out.
  14. The community has spoken. I still personally think many of these changes are bad. Why would anyone play anything but the characters listed, save for the obligatory inclusion of Gideon? This is going to lead to every other figure in the IA catalog having to be re-evaluated. Or not, because as I feared, it seems the project is setting up a meta that favors a certain set of characters and the rest be damned. I personally would have gone the other way, and fought back the power creep by increasing the cost of many of the newer characters, some of which were wildly undercost in comparison to even post Bespin figures. Ah well, I'm just one person.
  15. No, I was trying to be funny in return.
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