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  1. http://mattyellen.github.io/imperial-assault-calculator/ The Imperial Assault Dice Calculator? If so, i would like to speak to you about a slightly modified version. Thank you.
  2. Rikalonius

    Pirate's Price: Rebels Themed Video

    I enjoyed watching this video. I like themed games instead of everyone minin' and maxin' cruising in car you spent all day waxin'. You made good use of scenes from Rebels. Good editing overall, the game was easy to follow from a spectator's point of view, minus the microphone going out a little after midway. I hope to see more videos in this style. Oh, I very much enjoyed the use of Hondo as a neutral character. That was good use of the bidding mechanic, a mechanic I've liked since the TSR Marvel Superhero game I played as a teenager, and Hondo's a good choice seeing as he can siphon back some of the bid VP's.
  3. Depends on which WOTC Boba Fett you are looking for. The original Rebel Storm B-Fett and Boba Fett: Bounty Hunter are expensive, yes, but there are a couple of others , like Boba Fet: Mercenary that is much cheaper to acquire.
  4. IA miniatures have been creeping up to Legion's size. I've done a number of comparisons. If you base them on IA bases, and not the thicker Legion bases, they are not that dissimilar. Some are. I'm hoping Legion eventually creates all the same minis that are in IA, that way I can have figures in the same unit with different poses, which I like.
  5. Rikalonius

    Everything is out of stock?

    It was probably a serious question, as it caught me three years ago. As has been said, it comes up every couple weeks. I even said once, "why don't we pin this topic" and I was told that it was fun to see how many times it happens. I know it is hard to believe, but there are still newcomers to this game who aren't as familiar with the product as those of us who haunt the forums... like me.
  6. Rikalonius

    Yoda, Yay or Nay

    That would work provided he's not part of a box expansion. I don't have agent Blaise, nor do I want him, but the app regularly puts him in my games because I own Bespin. Same with Palpatine. Even though he isn't included in Heart of the Empire, like Jabba, he's completely integral to his respective box, and I didn't particularly want him in the game either. This will likely be a problem when I get around to buying Lothal, which I want, because I want Zeb and Sabine like I want another Rian Johnson trilogy, which is to say not at all.
  7. All Legion does for me is to continue to make new minis for Imperial Assault. I'm hoping every model in Imperial Assault comes to Legion so I can completely use higher quality Legion models.
  8. You don't consider Death Troopers (boy do i hate that name) and ISB's to be Special Forces?
  9. Rikalonius

    Yoda, Yay or Nay

    I wasn't a fan of Palpatine's inclusion, and I am not a fan of Yoda's inclusion. He does not play a part in the Galactic civil war, other than to train Luke, and he isn't someone who'd be on a tactical, squad based, combat scenario. I know the skirmish people want him, because more plastic, and more meta shake up, but I don't.
  10. Indeed! And Scout troopers.
  11. Rikalonius

    Ideas for Imperial Assault terrain

    The acrylic smoke doors available from Etsy are my favorite additions. They are much easier to deal with than the 3D holders, and won't tip over as easily as the default clips, and, they look great.
  12. Rikalonius

    Ideas for Imperial Assault terrain

    That's the biggest problem, is space. It is a pain enough to store all the flat tiles.
  13. I just came across this thanks to the power of targeted advertising. A company out of the UK called Room 17 games has created this Tenfold dungeon project: This is a great concept for IA Maps. Especially take a look at the Miremarsh Swamp Glade. That is some beautiful artwork simulating outdoor terrain. Of course, it is mainly for fantasy dungeons, but you'll see they are offering sci fi doors, and some SciFi nurnies for their "Facility" tiles, which seems like something suited to a game like Space Hulk or something. I personally would love to play IA inside 3D rooms like these.
  14. There are a number of WotC figures that can be used for civilians and prisoners in the campaign as well.
  15. Rikalonius

    I've got an idea for a summer project..

    When I was inventing my 2D6 rules, I was working on it with GI Joe in mind. I actually started with a game called "Tier 1" that was a bit like Space Hulk where one player would play 4 members of a Tier 1 Special Ops team like Delta, or DEVGRU, or SAS, who would conduct raids on various maps against an opponent playing the insurgents. The old quality vs quantity game.