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  1. i also made some designs of cards ( 4 per each number ) and i can send you some files but i dont know will you be able to open them if you dont have the program magic set editor but trust me its worth of try so you can email me at gostic.oleg@gmail.com
  2. Thank you for the reply i really wanted to make some new and special characters especially with death and angel and for the time lord ( 5 ) protection was supposed to be for the end of the game but you must pay 2 golds per district
  3. can someone post me site where i can download it
  4. when the witch bewitches someone does she take another turn just with his/her ability OR does she controls that players actions on example she chooses to build some unusefull card or to take gold and that character has plenty of it ... please can someone explain.
  5. here are mine ideas 1. witch hunter: announce a color, each players that build district of that color must pay you one gold ( more if skill allows him to build more districts ) player may not build district if he has no gold to give 1. rogue: announce a character, that players on his turn must switch his card with the one that king eliminates on the start of the turn ( you can choose yourself to ) 2. beggar: announce a character, when that character takes turn you may take the card he will build or take 4 gold coins if he doesnt build anything 2. robber: announce a character and take each gold and card that announced character get until the end of his turn 3. necromancer: curse one of the players ( not announce ), that player will for action give you 2 gold coins or 2 card from which you will keep one and must destroy his own district oh his wish to get half gold from the bank of its full cost 3. druid: get one gold coin for each mysterious (purple) district in your city and you can announce the 3 district card you wish, if any of players posses one of it he must give you it and you can build it ( that district does not count as the one you may build ) 4. same as you 4. same but the crown goes to players with the least gold 5. time lord: put one or two gold coins on one of your districts to protect it from harmfull effects like destroy exchange or take... 5. priest: get one blue for each religious (blue) district in your city and sacrifice one district in your hand to get amount of gold from cost of the discarded district 6. brewer : pick a card from your deck and put it in the middle, the players can now bid for the card but may not pay less than its full cost if the card isnt sold you take half of its cost in cards 6. illusionist : get one gold for each trade (green) district in your city take a district card from someones city and use all her abilityes, at the end of last players turn return that card to the owner ( this can be used to take card from city with 8 districts ) 7.royal heir: the one with crown marker must pay you 2 golds and one card OR give you the crown 7. servant: you may discard 1-6 cards from your hand to get that amount of gold 8. warrior: you get one gold for each military (red) district in your city you may pay 2 gold coins to discard up to 3 cards from other players decks 8. elf: you may take one gold or card for each district in your city 9. light mage: announce a character that will be safe from all harmfull effects in next turn 9. death: choose a player and announce a character, in next round that player must take that character or either skip his whole turn.
  6. i love your characters and i wish that there is some easy way you can make their cards and so we can buy them if you find a way to do so count me as the first customer
  7. can someone please tell me when witch uses her skill to bewitch someone does she then takes turn as that players ( builds something in his city so that he will loose money or uses his skill for something that doesnt help him ) or does she takes turn normally like herself but just now has powers of bewitched character. sorry if my English is bad.
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