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    Gaming Chicks

    At my FLGS I see a lot of girls playing mainly D&D or some other RPG but I know of a couple of girls or women who play Flames of War and I have talked to a few on the Battletech website as well but my friends daughters are the only ones I have seen playing X-wing.
  2. So just to update if there is anybody in the area we are now meeting regulary on Sunday mornings at Strategy and Games inside the silver lake mall in Coeur d Alene Idaho. Start time is between 11:30am and 12 noon if you need the address or directions on how to get there if you are coming from Eastern Washington send me a PM and I will let you know.
  3. Hopefully there should be. Doubt you would want to drive the 2 or 3 hours to Spokane
  4. I think the one thing that has alway bothered me about the clone wars as much as I love it is the southen accents on some of the characters. Ziro for instance is the worse well next to his mother. I mean he was the only Hutt who spoke the common tongue where as the others spoke what huttanese? Anyways giving him the southern drawl was pretty lame it made him sound out of place.
  5. I think the price of the raider is worth it to be honest. I may not have the funds always but it was definitely worth it in my opinion
  6. Is that series different from the Clone wars?
  7. I will give it a shot but right now just going to finish watching it as is.
  8. I am sure this game is a lot of fun from MMORPG stand point but if it was more like Destiny maybe I would have enjoyed it more especially if it single player campaign and not just single player instructional stuff. I traded my copy in after 2 weeks...it just wasn't what I was expecting
  9. Well being 50 and have been gaming for a long time. I enjoy the hobby. For the most part it keeps me out of trouble whether it is Battletech or X-wing gaming is a fun hobby. I am also learning how to play Bass but thinking of actually ending that as gaming does take up most of my time.
  10. In the Siege of Lothal which started off season 2 I don't remember there being anything said about the chips? And sadly no longer have disney xd on my dish channels so can't watch it.
  11. Yeah found the list this morning while google. Now just debating if I want to actually watch it in Chronological order one day
  12. Wow what a tournament. But at my age and work don't think I can find the time to travel to Schaumburg to even participate in this event.
  13. I noticed that with Padme's Uncle that he gets whacked and in the next episode there he is. When I watched it a 2nd time I was also had in the background while I was either mainly reading or building some mechs for Battletech. This time around I am trying to pay a lot more attention so I can understand the universe a bit better for Star Wars and I know I have a long way to go. It might be easier to get the entire 6 seasons on the blu ray that they have released to watch the show in chronological order if I can find the list online but right now happy with watching it on Netflix before jumping to Revenge of the Sith.
  14. I have noticed after the 3rd time watching this through that the series was actually out of chronological order if that is the proper term to use. So was this done deliberately or what was the reason for it? The 1st episode of the Clone Wars movie dealt with Yoda going to Toydaria to see about getting a republic base on the planet and then during season 3 during what should have been the 1st battle of Ryloth the Toydarian king states that they are neutral. I am not asking for all 6 seasons to be explained to me how they should have appeared in chronological order but I am trying to find out why that was done?
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