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  1. The pool definitely needs an extra line that any crit causes the artificial grab to fail and drown all the crew.
  2. To be fair the FO and the Resistance both started with two, and the Partisans (and Dreamers) are getting a bit of focus in Rebels and various books so might pick up another ship or so.
  3. Love the idea of specialist teams being an imperial thing. Overwhelming manpower really is the unifying theme of the Empire after all. Got to say I really don't like the Reaper (it really feels the most arbitrary new ship in Rogue One, and rather lacks a distinct purpose compared to all the other non-shuttle Landers/Dropships which are now distinctly cannon. Also... the empire has been exploding with prominent appearances of vessels capable of moving personel lately. The Stormtrooper Transport, the Police Gunship thing, the Sentinel, the black pyramid hipster shuttle, the cargo shuttle, the reaper, the tie shuttle... Yet BF2 uses huge fleets of Lambda class shuttles as it's standard method for deploying troops. Is that weird to anyone else?
  4. Can we just take a moment to note that once again Green Squadron seem to have made an unacknowledged token appearance... Only to be utterly decimated. Poor sods... I assume losses like this are why they seem to have been amalgamated with Pheonix by Scarif (hence the icons on the helmets?) (Sorry about whatever that mess in the post above is, phone went weird and posted it with a quote which I now can't delete, or add anything outside the quote box).
  5. I adore 120-150 (and once or twice even up to 200) point range, with huge ships, on a normal mat. Best play format!... Though I do recommend trying without asteroids (or with fewer) to reduce the clutter a bit as you get higher points. I've had a lot of success with naked lambdas in that sort of game... And with Aces (if they can survive I've to the late game, such as by act of Gozanti)... And with swarms of Academy Ties... And a fat ghost with awing escorts... Tbh the only thing I've not found fun was cluster bomb spam... Too effective on the cluttered table.
  6. Perhaps a way to fix the XWing. It was supposed to be the versatile workhorse after all, and that way perhaps there would be the slots to get close to some of the interesting eu variants.
  7. Well done sirs for reminding everyone of the wonder of cassual play... Now if only they made an imobilizer in that size.
  8. If we are doing the swarm base thing I would rather start by giving droid fighters to scum. Then perhaps the rebels could get snowspeeders... I would still only give them one damage per speeder though.
  9. Bah. Keep that Second Order filth away from the fine imperial engineering.
  10. Ah good point... Wish it wasn't the same shape as the window though. There's already enough people who think it's an engine or something. Especially awful when you consider that the other Twi'lek dancer clearly didn't have them (unless they can squash flat) under her headwrap.
  11. Two rebels. Bohdi And K2 with the 'Rogue One' rebels only title. And two Imperial generics. With all those outstanding imperial characters we need as crew. Director K, Thrawn, Price, Lyst, Admiral what's'is'face. Edit: And perhaps an " Unstable Kyber Crystal" card which kills everything still on the table one round after the shuttle explodes.
  12. Is anyone else vaguely confused by the rear window on the elite tie defender being on the end of a long cone thing... Which must be mostly hollow for the window which can be seen in the interior shots.
  13. The reaper and the shuttle go into the same box as the IDT and the Gunship (Patrol Transport). Interesting shuttle craft which I wouldn't mind, but despite being a big shuttle fan I'm not even sure I would buy them. I would be much more interested in the (new cannon size) sentinel, or the cargo shuttle (though I realise it's awkward size makes it unlikely). Just because they are nicer designs and manage to be more iconic even if the later has still only appeared in one film... The film's named after it. Agree about the rest though.
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