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  1. This might help out a bit: ringsdb.com/decklist/view/2806/minimum-purchase-lost-realm-solo-1.0
  2. They're the same. You can even zoom in on the pic at cms to see that it says "Deck Protector" on the packages.
  3. I made one up a few months ago that's pretty bare bones but works for at least my own purposes. So far there's been little interest, so updates will be slow, but if it happens to be of use to anyone, here is my blog about it. Any errors found or suggestions would be appreciated as well. https://boardgamegeek.com/blog/6692
  4. I use the Ultra Pro Deck Protectors for all my player cards and haven't really noticed any slope to a stack after using them for a few games. I've only had 1 split in 2 years, and I love the fit and feel of these sleeves. cheapmagicsleeves.com has been the best price I've found to buy them in bulk. I hadn't taken the plunge to try sleeving all encounter cards until yesterday. Mayday Games is having a moving sale, and packs of 80 are $1.40 (plus 10% off if you join their email club). I don't know if they have completely clear sleeves, though, and I haven't tried them out for quality. I went ahead and got them since the only other method cheap enough for me to consider would be penny sleeves.
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