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  1. Terrain that completely blocks line of sight, or was declared that no attack can be made through it. Essentially I parked the snowtroopers behind high crates, and used the move, shoot, move method.
  2. I also found them very useful as a defensive unit especially when they can make use of shotblockers. Saved me at the last breakthrough game, they shut down a pathway nearly all alone
  3. As fun as lurking was in this thread, I think we should all agree, that it would be best to let it die. It's going in circles for nearly 30 pages, for Papa Palpatines sake...
  4. Chronicles of the Gatekeeper got me really frustrated to be honest. But that was mostly due to the fact, that my players just kept asking everyone for "some blue crystal" instead of following my more than obvious hints. And the twist at the end is really obvious. But where Chronicles shines is the introduction of some really cool planets and encounters. The underwater part, with the giant creatures gave my players the creeps.
  5. It is official, though I forgot the name of that adventure. It was part of the GM kit if I remember correctly, where old Droids mostly B1 and some astromechs, rebel in a mining facility and try to get offworld.
  6. I wonder if that is Vaders fortress in the background at the top, since the wayfinder was found on Mustafar. Or is it simply a FO shuttle?
  7. Kylo is still a Skywalker by blood I guess. You could say he is kinda a big deal in these films
  8. My friend and I have a regular dispute about the rules of cover gained though vehicles in between. As I understand it, if you shoot between the legs of an AT-ST as in one squad on one side and one on the other, the target would gain light cover. He insists, that shooting would not be possible in the first place, as vehicles can block LOS and has the opinion, that shooting across the base qualifies for this.
  9. Easy: Handwave and say "These are the droids you are looking for."
  10. If nothing else, the Raider Corvette. This was completlely invented for X-Wing and is now Canon.
  11. Did FFG actually said that, or was it just something people assumed, since sprues are often posable?
  12. AT-TE and the Juggernaut come immediately to mind. Both are huge and heavily armored/armed, but both are capable of transporting huge numbers of troopers into the field. And rebels showed us those Imperial Troop Transporters.
  13. I am pretty sure Maul will be in the CIS faction, considering FFG put him there in X-Wing. He would fit well in a scum faction as well though.
  14. Suppressive on a spammable corps unit is a really bad idea.
  15. I can only speak for me, but in TFA they come across serious, well at least to me. Executing villagers, destroying worlds. There are some hiccups, granted, but overall in TFA I think you can take them seriously. TLJ on the other hand... Incompetence your name is First Order.
  16. I painted mine like Galactic Marines from the Clone Wars (you see them with Ki-Adi Mundi in Rots) and treat them as old Veterans that didn't got phased out yet.
  17. So, in which ways did it make huge leaps? Because all I can think of, are things that would be more like finetuning stuff, or some mechanical neat things. Nothing revolutionary. And like others said... Don't compare real life with Star Wars. It's fiction. If stuff is better or not is completely up to the writer and what he wants to accomplish. ****, in legends they used the same stuff with other looks 4000 years prior to the movies. Edit: H. E. L. L. Is censored? Really?
  18. Different keywords, although Clones seem to be able to use other clones green tokens.
  19. Speederbikes loose their firepower pretty quickly though, since they don't have armor and only 3 wounds each.
  20. Sorry if I came across as rude. I guess I am a bit tired of constantly reading: why did they make that, when we already have that? But I think this is always a thing with such an old and huge franchise.
  21. You could also make them board ships where the gravity generator broke. If there is such a thing in star wars, not sure I ever saw it mentioned.
  22. I for one are glad, that we got the occupier instead of that hover tank, even though I know from various games. I just think it is ugly. And what is an old fan in your book? I am a Star Wars fan for 20 years, but I am only 26. Am I an old fan for you?
  23. If they got rid of FO and Resistance sub factions in Xwing and made them their own faction, than I can't see why they would do that in Legion. And Boba being in the imperial faction is a sign for me, that IF they release a Scum Faction, it will be a long, long way down the road. By the way, like them or not, but I constantly see people refering to the ST as bad films, while the one to make it a trilogy isn't even out. Kinda weird imo.
  24. If you don't want to play on events, than there's nothing stopping you from playing as many points as you want. Just have to adjust some things.
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