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  1. Toy sales are down all over the place. There's a reason places like Toys'R'Us aren't there anymore. And honestly I can't imagine in the slightest why toy sales aimed at children would fall after tlj. I remember being a kid ans I loved everything Star Wars. TPM was my favorite for years. Kids don't care about the controversy, they like space battles.
  2. Ah, you mean the Nike shirt, that Kennedy happened to wear at an event? Stuff like this getting overblown is why I stop listening if SJW Stuff is mentioned. I mean sure, it happens, some stuff feels forced. But imo not enough that the fuzz about it is warrented.
  3. And here I was thinking the curse had finally been broken...
  4. Only when using the sniper rifle, so it does not in melee
  5. Terrain that completely blocks line of sight, or was declared that no attack can be made through it. Essentially I parked the snowtroopers behind high crates, and used the move, shoot, move method.
  6. I also found them very useful as a defensive unit especially when they can make use of shotblockers. Saved me at the last breakthrough game, they shut down a pathway nearly all alone
  7. As fun as lurking was in this thread, I think we should all agree, that it would be best to let it die. It's going in circles for nearly 30 pages, for Papa Palpatines sake...
  8. Chronicles of the Gatekeeper got me really frustrated to be honest. But that was mostly due to the fact, that my players just kept asking everyone for "some blue crystal" instead of following my more than obvious hints. And the twist at the end is really obvious. But where Chronicles shines is the introduction of some really cool planets and encounters. The underwater part, with the giant creatures gave my players the creeps.
  9. It is official, though I forgot the name of that adventure. It was part of the GM kit if I remember correctly, where old Droids mostly B1 and some astromechs, rebel in a mining facility and try to get offworld.
  10. I wonder if that is Vaders fortress in the background at the top, since the wayfinder was found on Mustafar. Or is it simply a FO shuttle?
  11. Kylo is still a Skywalker by blood I guess. You could say he is kinda a big deal in these films
  12. My friend and I have a regular dispute about the rules of cover gained though vehicles in between. As I understand it, if you shoot between the legs of an AT-ST as in one squad on one side and one on the other, the target would gain light cover. He insists, that shooting would not be possible in the first place, as vehicles can block LOS and has the opinion, that shooting across the base qualifies for this.
  13. Easy: Handwave and say "These are the droids you are looking for."
  14. If nothing else, the Raider Corvette. This was completlely invented for X-Wing and is now Canon.
  15. Did FFG actually said that, or was it just something people assumed, since sprues are often posable?
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