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    I GOT IT!!!!

    I would try the dwarf and the elf archer. I play with them and they compliment each other well in a solo game.
  2. Hey I have this game and I LOVE it, but I had a question. If I finish off all of the enemies in a location, do I draw more, or am I free to explore or rest without further problems, save for the quest marker moving along every round?
  3. Hi, I currently have the core game, twin shadows, and return to Hoth. I wanted to know if you can present it as one long narrative, using the side missions from RTH interchangeably with the core game. Is there a rule specifying this, or is it more of a house rules kind of thing? Also, can you use things from TS and RTH in the core campaign, assuming they can exist there (i.e., no snow troopers on yavin)? Anything you can point me towards would be great.
  4. Monarchyman

    How does the nemesis work?

    Awesome, thanks so much!
  5. Monarchyman

    How does the nemesis work?

    Do they stay there and attack next turn, or do they disappear back to their lair? Or do they go back to the lair once you defeat them, to come back out once you hit a spawn point in the peril track again? The instructions for FFG are not written very well, though I LOVE thier games.
  6. Hi, just got this game but I am having trouble understanding how the 'spawn odious grump' works. Does he come out onto the board and attack, staying there until he's defeated, or does he show up, inflict, and leave until he's spawned again or you roll a nemesis symbol? The instructions are frustrating to say the least.
  7. Monarchyman

    Chronological order of quests?

    Do you mean chronological by order of release/publication, or chronological in the sense of when the quests would fit in Tolkien's timeline? Yes, I mean in order of where they would have happened in the books.
  8. Monarchyman

    Chronological order of quests?

    This is my own personal list, but I've listed it below as well. The method for my listing is that (for the most part) I listed the date of its initial release as confirmed by the FFG News articles. Initial release is defined as regular release OR (if applicable) GenCon/Fellowship Events. I believe most of these dates are accurate, but feel free to correct anything. Edit: Is it possible to do a table on these forums?!??! Many thanks!
  9. Does anyone know what the chronological order of the quests are if you wanted to play them all in order, or at least know a link to someplace that does?
  10. Hi, new in the community. Does anyone know if FFG has plans to make an IA quest vault, like they do for decent?