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  1. GW does not inspire me with confidence on this front, however. FFG will make something interesting out of this because that's What They Do when a license runs out and they have to repurpose design work, but GW will likely just tweak their same old stuff with little critical analysis. Its funny, for the first few FFG 40k series I'd definitely agree with you in that the later DH1E, Rogue Trader, and BC stuff was pretty inspired and added a lot to the lore and flavor of the series as a whole. However, your last sentence of "tweaking their same old stuff with little critical analysis" describes DH2E perfectly. I love the mechanical changes it brought, but in terms of content of enemies and items it was mostly just stuff brought over from 1E with a bit of balancing. By the release of Enemies Beyond, it was pretty clear that they've been just treading water in terms of adding original content... Again, I love 2E but maybe this is the breathe of fresh air the series needs.
  2. Well, judging by the fact that both Drive Thru RPG and FFG's own website has removed the PDFs, I think its safe to say that we are definitely looking at the end of their 40k line. As sad as it is, I am also hopeful. Maybe the new system (which there likely will be) will be just as good.
  3. If I were to guess, damage-wise it would be a typical bomb. Maybe make it a warp weapon that cuts through things more cleanly. The biggest change, however, would be that it spreads massive doses of corruption instead of radiation. People become demonic warp spawn rather than tumor filled.
  4. Sounds like it probably was an earlier draft that was unfortunately not remove in editing. I love FFG and their work with the 40k systems, but it's fair to say their QA makes a few boo-boos every now and then. Like how they neglected to address agility for Daemon Engines in the Tome of Decay.
  5. Going by the rules, failing the test is described as "While on fi re, a character must make a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test at the beginning of each of his Turns in order to be able to take Actions normally; otherwise, he may only run around and scream, counting as a Full Action". Going by your own reliance on "rules only", that doesn't fit with your statement. It quite definitely is them being worried about being on fire. "Figuring out how to put themselves out" would be some kind of logic, lore, or straight intelligence test anyways since it's knowledge and knowledge tests are always free actions.
  6. The problem with holding steadfastly to "RAW" is that books tends to have inconsistencies and errors which, going by your own desire to try and not confuse players as much as possible, would only exacerbate the confusion. For instance, the Tome of Decay forgot to include agility stats for daemon engine creation. By your own morals, would you simply not let the players Daemon Engines move at all? I'd certainly hope not, because that sounds awful. As much as a I love FFG and the stuff they put out, their work in Star Wars, 40k, and other RPGs show that their material is apt for logical conclusions and technical houserulings.
  7. I've been too busy to read recently unforunately, but IIRC both Kul and Tuchulcha are included. No idea about Enkidu or the others though.
  8. I'll have to look later, but they do exist. And daemon world origins are like any other but they grant psynisciene to non psukers iirc Yes to both. The new homeworld pages have lore worlds and the thrid chapter includes alternate starting options for old world types as in Within/Without. I adnit I like how all three books follow the same, consistent format
  9. Could you do me a massive favor and tell me a bit about the Astropath options? Currently waiting until I get my next paycheck and the book comes to my FLGS to finally get my hands on it. The astropath options operate as an elite advance, so you get about 5 unique talents and 4 new powers, all of which focus on sending/retrieving/shielding the mind for/against messages. Only thing they're missing is rules for sending messages out of system ala Rogue Trader but I assume they expect GM's to fiat that themselves. Weapons/items are too numerous to list, but I can give a brief rundown of the new options You get 3 new homeworlds: Daemon Penal Quarantine One new role: Crusader One new background: Excorcised Talent-wise there's 15 new ones, most of which are Daemon/Fear related. Seriously, this thing's got a load of content. I'd say 50% or so is stuff retooled from various 1E sources to be consistent with the new rules changes of 2E. It's no doubt the most content heavy of the three ordos books so far. My only honest complaint is the same thing I had with Enemies Without: the bestiary. If you've played BC or even 1E, the book present a variety of demons (with nice artwork at least) that you've encountered before. Nothing new or original on that end. I sincerely hope they release a bestiary book after this one with new xenos, daemons, and the like specific to the Askellon sector. One last thing, there was discussion in this thread about making Rogue Trader a supplement to DH2E rather than its own line. There's a line towards the end of the lore section that hints at this, I think. Without giving too much away, it discusses an area of space that is uncharted beyond the Askellon sector and states that "Entire campaigns could consist of journeys into the worlds beyond Tuchulcha, with acolytes returning as dark masters at the helms of mighty fleets, ready to carve out their own empires".
  10. No, no valkyries unfortunately. But there is one talent that does use leadership, so there's that!
  11. http://i.imgur.com/cEbw3avh.jpg Guess what finally came in? I'll have my overview/review up in a few hours.
  12. One thing I've had to houserule is dodge and the use of personal shields. It never made sense for my players to roll, wait to see if the shield worked, and then dodge. Unless they're Neo, dodging a bullet one foot away from your face is both silly and impossible. Therefore, before testing the shield, they have to declare whether or not they're dodging.
  13. As mentioned above, fate point usage is allowed since it is a characteristic. In terms of time until they can reroll, typically they cannot do it more than once per session for the same piece of equipment. However, if circumstances changes (ie. they go to another planet) then it would be fine to roll then since they haven't technically searched that location yet.
  14. According to Amazon, it ships out to me tonight and will be arriving at my house on Wednesday. If this is to be believed, expect a full review by Wednesday night!
  15. Well, if it makes you feel better a seller on Amazon, CollecTOYbles, lists the Tome of Excess as coming back in stock in May. It's possible they have some connection with FFG and know of a future reprint. They did offer their copies of Enemies Beyond before anyone else, which also lends credence to that theory imo.
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