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  1. Thank you all! I really had no idea where to start but your tips are great!
  2. So up until recently I would just casually play with my friends, just having a good time and playing very lax but now I want to start playing more seriously and possibly compete at a gaming store. This is my first fleet build so forgive my ignorance. Please comment what y'all think! Total=400 points Commander-Darth Vader 36 Points. Flagship Imperial Class Star Destroyer II-120 points Devastator-10 points Engineering Captain-6 points XX-9 turbolasers-5 points SW-7 Ion batteries-5 Quad Laser Turrets- 5 points Redundant Shields- 8 points Ruthless Strategists- 4 points Raider I-Class corvette- 44 points Instigator-4 points Admiral Montferrat-5 points Expanded Launchers-13 points Point-Defense Reroute- 5 points Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer-56 points Demolisher-10 points Squadrons Boba Fett-26 points Soontir Fel- 18 points Tie Advanced- 12 points Tie Fighter- 8 Points
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