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  1. Thanks for the suggestion! I was looking at YT-2400s as without upgrades, the Rogue keyword becomes pretty powerful. A thought on CR-90s: is an extra activation worth the weak dice they throw out? Without TRC they lose some punch. I particularly worry about getting the B variant in range without it getting hammered. Drop the AFmk2 to a B to up the second CR-90 to an A? Consolidate into a nebulon or a mc30?
  2. I think I'm making things more difficult as I try to add background information. Please disregard the commander/title/named squadrons part of my last post. That was intended for the NEXT game. Just looking for base ship and squadron suggestions.
  3. Sorry I should clarify: I got a whole Imperial set too, my opponent is making his own 200 point list. We've gone through the intro scenario already so this is more of a next step before we start adding some upgrades in (off the top of my head I think we'll probably do an Admiral, titles, and named squadrons before we go full kit with all the upgrades). I'll probably have us toss out 3 obstacles as the play area is half the size. As far as objectives go I wasn't sure how skewed some of them would be on a smaller area so I was going to save those for the next game as well. Thinking of running 6 rounds of alternating initiative. So in summary, looking for some suggestions for a 200 point rebel list with no upgrades for my half of the game. Thanks again.
  4. Hi all, Bought an Armada set off ebay and looking to have a familiarization game with a friend while I wait for my second playmat to come in. As I'm using half the play area, I figured a 200 point no-upgrade game would be good to get a feel for the game and keep things moving without us bogging down to read every upgrade card. Looking for some suggestions for a Rebel list. Ships Available: 2 x CR90 Corvettes, 2 x Nebulon-B Frigates, 1 x GR-75 Transports, 1 x Assault Frigate, 1 x MC30, 1 x MC 80, 1 x Liberty Squadrons Available: Core set X-wings, 1 x Rebel Squadron I, 2 x Rogues and Villains. Thanks in advance!
  5. If you use an ability that costs strain, you're spending strain for that ability voluntarily. If you use strain to move, you're paying that strain cost voluntarily. In the above case you're simply using movement points,THEN Fett's ability is causing you strain involuntarily. So short answer, (and as mentioned above) yes you can choose to move and take the strain, which converts into damage.
  6. I'm playing this deck currently in the main campaign. I bought Optimal Tactics and have to say that it's pretty amazing. However if you already bought Field General I'd probably lean towards buying Lead by Example. Consider the following combo (and anybody else can double check my work here): Give a Royal Guard group both Field Officer and Field General. Activate 1st Royal Guard, tap Field Officer to issue an move to 2nd Royal Guard (first action) Move 2nd Guard into attack range Use Lead by Example to then move the 1st Guard into attack range (still first action) Attack with 1st Royal Guard (second action) Activate 2nd Royal Guard, tap Field General to make 1st Royal Guard Attack (first action) Use Lead by Example to attack with 2nd Royal Guard (still first action) Attack with 2nd Royal Guard (2nd action) Yes I checked the FAQ. Yes you can attack even if you already attacked with Lead by Example: Q: When a figure performs "Executive Order" and is granted an attack as a result of "Lead By Example," can that figure still use its other action to perform an attack? A: Yes. And if I read Executive Order correctly, it's an interrupt so the 1st Guard's second attack is no longer within its activation. A little gimmicky, yes. Hard to pull off correctly, definitely. But 4 attacks in one activation seems pretty awesome if you're able to do it. For the rest of the XP, if you only get 5 total and 4 are spent on either Optimal Tactics or Lead by Example, then Supervisory Agent is your only choice (free officer, not great, but it's free if you have the open slot for him). If you manage to win and get 2xp to spend on your last card I'd probably vote for Strategic Planning. Noble Sacrifice is nice, but needs Optimal Tactics to make the Officer worth killing (otherwise he'll probably just stay on the board while the Rebels kill more dangerous enemies). Having the flexibility to reactivate a group that's already gone or in a more advantageous board position seems like a good idea.
  7. Ah forgot about the exhaust component of the card. (or rather I forgot exhaust only applies to a figure and not a group, for assault armor this is evident because you need to use it as the figure is being attacked, less so in this case.)
  8. So I'm thinking of using this deck in my next core campaign. It seems pretty obvious that the following combo is pretty strong: Internal Affairs (Agenda card, add a regular Imperial Officer to your hand after setup, nice to not take up an open group card) Supervisory Agent (Deploy said Officer Card for free) Noble Sacrifice (Makes killing an officer a tough choice) Optimal Tactics (Make NOT killing an officer a touch choice) All for 7xp plus 1 influence and some luck. This seems like a pretty powerful combo. But I wonder about going a different build: If I read both the cards and the FAQ correctly by taking Field General and Lead by Example I could really stack action economy. Field General would allow even a regular stormtrooper group to each use executive order. That combined with Lead by Example would let them attack or move as well. An per the FAQ, if they were to use Executive order to make another unit shoot, then shoot themselves with Lead by Example, they could shoot again as their second action. Three attacks in one turn (providing board position, two attacks and a move isn't bad either). This combo also costs 7xp, though it makes the game really hard for the first few missions as you would be saving for 3 and 4 xp skills. My questions are these: Does the second combo provide more value that the first? And I calculate minimum 10xp during a campaign (if I lose every mission), 12-13xp being more average. What would I spend the other xp on in this deck for either of the above?
  9. Expansion packs specifically come with cards and missions that are meant to be used with the campaign. Hired guns, for example, comes with an agenda set and a mission that is meant to be an option for the imperial player so the players that say you can't use anything that doesn't show up in the campaign missions really don't have a good argument. I could see more of an argument that you should have the expansions before you start a campaign but, as others have stated, it doesn't really matter if you bring new units as long as you're not swapping out agenda or class cards. After all, you'll obviously encounter different units later in the campaign than in the early missions (what's the difference between having a unit included in the base game show up for the first time in a campaign and having an expansion unit show up for the first time in a campaign?). That and the expansion pack units aren't really more powerful, just different (although as Hoodie said, it's a little strange to see things like Snowtroopers on Tatooine so just for immersion value I personally wouldn't do that). Oh and as a1bert said, there are limits to how many of the same unit you can bring to the campaign overall.
  10. Although I have to admit, dropping an AT-ST on them at the end of round 2 would be hilarious, if inefficient and probably not successful in actually winning the mission.
  11. I also forgot about technical support when I wrote my notional groups earlier. I think either a regular or elite probe droid will round out my Elite Stormies and Elite Nexu. I think they'll also be wary of even the regular probe droid as I won Imperial Hospitality by double moving two probe droids next to their captive and self destructing.
  12. See title. Threat level is 4. I have Imperial Informants but I'm not sure if I'd rather save it for a Story Mission where an extra XP is on the line. I'm playing Technological Superiority and I've bought Technical Support and Arc Blasters so far. Heroes are running: Fenn: Tactical Movement, Rebel Elite. T-21 Gideon: Called Shot, Military Efficiency, Air of Command Jyn: Cheap Shot, Get Cocky. DL-44, Extra Ammunition, Combat Coat, Tactical Display, Spread Barrel Mak: Disengage, Jeswandi Training, Expertise. E-11 Initial thoughts are Elite Stormtroopers, normal Nexu, and normal Royal Guards. Thoughts?
  13. Tape measure. Not as small as the keychain or as unobtrusive as the laser, but most people can usually find other uses for it, which is a plus (that and I always misplace mine so I have half a dozen scattered around the house).
  14. I'm planning on running something similar and was wondering everyone's opinion: would I get more mileage out of Jan Ors (crew) or Tactician on Miranda with a TLT?
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