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  1. I wonder if it would be much more feasible to use an SSD on a warhammer 40k sized mat instead of the smaller 3x6 mats of Armada. That extra foot might mean the difference between turning or going off the board with a reasonable margin for error. What do you guys think?
  2. I really can't stand the following play styles. 1) Damage Sharing, High Hull/Shields lists. 2) Lists with "screw you" abilities that have little to no cost to use. Torkil Mux being my prime target. Other list types to me is like Rock, Paper, Scissors. Just try to be the rock to his scissors and everything is fine. Overall, lists that don't really let me play the game piss me off.
  3. So, I'm wondering since it's now June when we can expect the announcement for the "Two Sizable Ships" that we are supposed to get by the end of the year. Were they saying we will get an official announcement of them by the end of the year, or that we would get the ships by the end of the year? I'm giddy with anticipation.
  4. So, I like to have protective sleeves on all my cards. From ships, to upgrades, to squads. I noticed the size of the SSD ship cards were considerably larger than normal. Does anyone know if someone makes sleeves for cards of this size and if so, where to get them?
  5. There certainly is a lot of chicken little, the sky is falling going on here. The points are on your cards, if you don't want to adapt to change, you don't have to. If they make points for tournaments digital either on an app or via .pdf on their website, you can still get access to the point updates. If you are able to access your computer to see this forum, you can download the .pdf document and you don't even have to use the app. If you can't deal with having to print out updates, then I guess the competitive scene just isn't for you. There is nothing wrong with that. Enjoy the game your way. Please allow for the chance to correct some mistakes for the benefit of everyone though.
  6. Personally, I don't like the idea of game mechanic benefits for morality status. I think the benefits or DRAWBACKS should be narratively based. I'd rather the players not worry about or even know their current moral standing in mechanical terms. I'd still inform the player that their actions could incur a conflict consequence, but they will never know how close to the tipping point they are one way or the other. My hope is that for those characters who are truly trying to walk the path of the light, my warnings will serve as a meaningful deterrent with the flexibility to make some mistakes along the way that they can atone for later. For other characters that want to try dancing along the razors edge will find they fall to darkness. I find players will game any system they can track mechanical stats. It's harder to do if they are missing a key piece of information.
  7. ...and this is the crap that really pisses me off about games like this. Language parsing. Instead of making things in a streamlined easy to follow, difficult to exploit or purposely misinterpret manner, we get crap like this that causes all kinds of confusion and general discord. FFS take your time FFG and get not just the language right, but the format for communicating the intent and effect. Ok, done ranting for the moment...
  8. Lies! The points, as of right now, are nowhere to be seen on the web site! Fake news! They may be in the squadbuilder, but not the .pdf's.
  9. This is really reaching for excuses here, I'm sorry to say. You realize you can download the info directly to your phone as a .pdf and then open it and use it ALL WHILE OFFLINE. You don't need data, you don't need wifi. Just keep your battery charged and you will be totally fine. Forget the apps altogether if you like and use the old stand by, pen and paper. Seriously, this is a mole hill, not a mountain.
  10. This is only true if the internet dies and you can no longer access it. The .pdf's are published on the home site. Even if they take it off one day, you will still have the .pdf's or print outs. Should you lose or misplace them there are always your old cards with the points on them to fall back on. Really, the sky is not falling here...
  11. This art does make her look a bit like Sandy...there is all kinds of crazy in those eyes.
  12. I'm not exactly clear on what is meant by "2.5 Spec". Could you break it down for me, please?
  13. It's the same card, just reverse side, so...yes.
  14. I typically have lower than average results in whatever dice I use, but for me it feels worse to have fickle green dice from X-Wing strike than for fickle attack dice in Armada. Both suck to be sure, but it feels alot worse when those dice result in your ships being destroyed. With attacks, there is still a chance you can rally next turn to deal some damage. When your roll kills your ship, I would like to flip tables at that point.
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