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  1. I've seen this scenario referenced in a few threads so far but have yet to see it called out and addressed directly so here I go. I'm looking for opinions on how a fist fight would progress between two characters according to the EotW mechanics. Now, I am a long time role player (started with AD&D) and do understand this is easily remedied by a house rule and/or GM call. However! This scenario came up during my very first run through the game and I was surprised the rules didn't detail this so I assume I must be missing something. Alice and Bob are two characters (PC or NPC is irrelevant) and an argument has escalated between them to threats of physical violence. Alice is a trained martial artist (positive physical feature) and has a dexterity of 4. Bob is a long distance runner (positive physical feature) with a dexterity of 3. Neither has any weapons or existing stress. They are in a (relatively) safe place, we can pretend it is a well-lit padded room or empty deserted street or something of the sort to remove any threat of environmental danger. The argument erupts into combat as talks fail and the two characters begin to attack one another. The first round Alice throws 2 positive dice (one for her attack and one for the Martial Artist feature), resulting in a 2 and 5, and no negative dice. Bob suffers 1 physical stress from the damage. On Bob's turn he throws only one positive dice for his attack, getting a 3, and no negative dice. Alice suffers 1 physical stress from the damage. With no one else around to stop it, the fight continues and my problem arises. After a few rounds like described above, both Alice and Bob have suffered 3 stress physical stress each and have the first tier of their stress box filled, granting them both a physical resistance of 1. Now, unless Bob goes all out and "pushes himself" (p.19), he is incapable of causing any additional stress to Alice because he only gets one positive die for his unarmed attack. Yes? Let's say Bob is truly seeing red and uses this optional rule for multiple turns, or Alice continues fighting with her 2 positive dice and they fill the second stress box tier. Now even with the risk of Bob optionally pushing himself, he is completely incapable of causing any additional harm. Likewise, even with a relevant positive physical feature, Alice is now in the same situation Bob was one tier ago. ...how do you guys read and interpret this scenario? Again, just to be clear, I understand that as a GM I can rule around this many, many different ways. However, I don't want to assign additional dice for the stress itself (isn't part of what traumas are for?) or for some kind of growing fatigue as an afterthought. I know the game is rules-light and not intended for detailed/technical combat. But this seems like a pretty big conceptual flaw with the system and I really want to know how it was intended to work out of the book. So, using the RAW, it is impossible for one human to inflict a severe injury upon another without a weapon or outside factors? I am looking forward to the community wisdom on this, thanks in advance! :-) TL;DR - How do you guys treat resistance from the stress tiers outpacing a PC's damage potential without outside factors like weapons? Thanks!
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