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  1. Bit off the topic... but man, Revan isn't canon, but helicopter lightsaber's are!? Crazy...
  2. I use a gauntlet, GM allowed me to use it for it. So we just do that. I don't have anything else but basic reflect tho. We even used it for parry as well. It made sense for us.
  3. I don't mind if people want that. It's completely ok.
  4. I guess if you want to play this game like a muchkin-circus. Sure. I however like to roleplay and sometimes I even take options that are not optimal for my character, but they fit his persona.
  5. All Jedi do has to do with the Force. They are connected to them. Even the "Force Rating"-trees have physical skills there and skills that have nothing to do with the Force itself. It is said that these talents could be used by someone who isn't Force sensitive, and it's true! But all trees have talents like these, but there are also talents that cannot be used by Force Sensitives. In both of these trees. YES these trees have focus more on combat and some of them have more focus on other things outside. But that doesn't change the fact, that these all trees have force tied to them and you are constantly exposed into using it. Lightsabers might be really powerful in combat, they are agreed. But you are not constantly in combat, or you shouldn't be. I have been playing this "solo campaign" on my character with our GM. And I have not fought a single time. I haven't drawn my blade out (my Lightsaber got busted) in a any of the instances where I could have. Instead I have resorted in subterfuge and using athletic skills and the special enviromental suit my character has (like crossing a lake by walking under it's surface!). My point is, even when character focuses on lightsaber training, it doesn't mean it is the superior way of playing this game. But ofcourse, that depends on the GM quite a bit. I love it when I don't have to draw my blade, even when my character is quite dangerous in the combat encounter and use my other abilities instead. It wouldn't be overpowering to have Lightsaber tree with the Force Rating. And if it would be, then other trees could use some more work.
  6. I don't see really single convincing reason in that argument that there shouldn't be a Force Rating at the "lightsaber" trees. These trees require you to have actual Force Sensitivity, and there are actual talents that benefit you from having more than 1 or 2 white dies on you. As I said before, if the other trees are so bad that you only need to take them for Force Rating, why not give them a bit of a buff? Just assuming that players will go for full combat without Force powers is a bit silly. Dozens of times, just like in this thread, people have wondered "why the Force powers suck so much?", it's obvious that people want to use them JUST LIKE they use in the movies during the saber fights, unlike you claim. And if you have to use your Force Powers to deflect shots and attacks, sense your enemy movements and emotions all the time, OFCORUSE you gain higher learning and grasp of the Force. That just goes without saying. Are you saying that people who use Lightsabers don't let Force influence them at all or they don't use Force all the time to enhance their agility and such? They are using the Force CONSTANTLY in lightsaber fights. Yoda probably does it all the time and so does Dooku. Heck, they jump and flip, deflect with telekinesis and push enemies around. The whole idea of playing a force user is to infact use force. I still don't see any convincing arguments that you shouldn't get Force Points from these trees.
  7. Yeah, this always puzzled me quite a bit. You are attuning yourself with the Force when you train to swing the saber and learning to do all the cool flips and moves. Ofcourse you should be proficient with the Force use as well.
  8. The only thing I really dislike is that the lightsaber-form focused trees don't give you Force Rating. Some may say they would be too overpowered. Then why aren't the other trees made just as useful? If they are really THAT bad that they have to have Force Rating there just to lure people to get them, make the trees more enticing.
  9. Maybe... deep down, she is afraid that the same thing will happen to her as did her master. But she has not admited that to herself. And instead she gives bunch of excuses why she can't come along. Excuses that are very believable. So instead, she sends out these people who are not as well trained as she is, because of that fear in her.
  10. And here I was thinking you have to combine parry soak and the armor soak together versus the breach quality + damage. Was thinking that the light saber fights would be rather short in this game this way, but whatever.
  11. You know why I specced this? Because the inquisitor after my character uses pressure point attacks. And because they ignore parry, my character was at disadvantage against him. He has a lot of ranks in parry, but it did him no good. So he reasoned he needed something else to defeat the inquisitor. So he was actually inspired by this Zabrak mercenary and the way she fought. She moves like water. So my character decided to add force to that and telekinesis. So he is kind of using Niman atm, but it's mostly something he improvises as a combat style to be able to avoid the pressure point attacks! It's always great when there is a ingame reason for character to start training in certain direction.
  12. If it doesn't specify it to be only vs melee, it is universal. Or does it? I didn't spot any of the kind being said there... EDIT: Ahhh... ok, I can see now in the defensive weapon quality. That's too bad.
  13. I haven't tried all the trees! But... Combine Shii-Cho and Niman. And you get 3 black die defense for your character. It's great! ULTIMATE DODGE MACHINE! Or just a guy who manipulates force so that guns shoot BIT to the side and hits become near misses...
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