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  1. Empire : Tie fighter : 8 Tie interceptor : 3 Tie advanced : 2 Tie bomber : 3 Tie defender : 3 Tie phantom : 2 Tie Striker : 1 Tie Adv.P: 3 Gunboat : 1. Tie agressor : 1 Tie Punisher : 1 Lambda : 1 Decimator vt-49 : 2 Slave 1: 2 (I realise it is being ditched as empire, which bums me out) First Order : Tie/fo : 5 Tie/sf : 1 Tie Silencer : 1 Upsilon : 1
  2. I read somewhere that the Imperial conversion kit has a mis-print with 3 decimators which should be 2, and 2 alphas which should be 3. Is there also a mistake with the defenders, which currently state 2? I would expect 3 for defenders given the triple defender build was quite common to see.
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    Maybe something like: - Glaive Tie Defender - crack shot - ion cannon - Tie D title X 2 - Nu Squadron - Harpoon - LRS - Os 1 title Comes in at 100 pts. Use crack shot to confirm an ion hit, which in turn gives you the control you need to focus fire higher ps ships?
  4. I'm an Imperial player. I've flown all the ships, but ships that are collecting the dust after just a couple of outings are: - firespray: just can't make it work for the points cost. Ptl would be good if it weren't for that dial.... - punisher: even with bomblet generator, unguided rockets and lwf it rarely gets value. Deathrain was fun though... Surprised to hear about the tap not getting any love. It's one of my favourite ships, although my recent games I've played the inquisitor the opposing player has had thweek and mimicked the ability - its great on a tap, is better on a ship with a native 3 dice attack!!
  5. Ah, the old "read the card" mistake ?. Thanks for pointing that out.
  6. I've used it in a couple of causal games. The trajectory system is fun to split up formation flying (trajectory system covered its cost for that alone as I rarely used it to actually launch a bomblet). I think there is a thread somewhere on the forum showing the positions you can go if you do launch a bomblet with deathrain that won't hit yourself.... there aren't many! The few times I did launch one I just accepted I'd get hit, as long as I got 2 of them or their key ship it was worth it. Also worth noting that bomblet generator gives you some free movement as you don't have to worry about running out of bombs. That was very helpful!
  7. My friends and I played a 3 player variant for some time with the single player having 150pts and the other 2 having 160pts between them (noting that the 2 person side weren't allowed to secretly show their dials/move, they had to either openly discuss it or not show - hence the extra points). It took us a while to realise that the point change seemed to favour the Imperial side for some reason (I should have mentioned that each player only plays one faction, so all 3 factions are in play with the teams changing each game). As soon as we dropped the points back to 100 the game balance seemed to improve. Of course this made playing with 3 people rubbish as the 2 player team had so few points. We tried going the other way playing 200vs200 and allowing the 2 players to show dials in secret, but it seemed to favour Imperial again. This was before bombs kicked off...
  8. I've now played Blackout 3 times. The first game he wasn't really tested as it was over after round 3 (some really unlucky dice from my opponent meant I killed two of the three ship build in the 2nd round of firing taking a single shield loss). I did tweek my blackout build to the following however: Blackout (TIE Silencer) (31)Intensity (2)Fire-Control System (2)Threat Tracker (3)Autothrusters (2)First Order Vanguard (2) I wasn't purposely trying to activate his ability as when I've tried that sort of thing in the past (with other ships) it often compromises his position. Having said that, I found it really very easy to trigger the ability. The thing I found most useful however was FCS paired with Threat Tracker! It got me out of at least one firing arc almost every round. I've also found the First Order title to be almost useless - but i have only flown against 3 ship builds. I did use the disposable "re-roll defence dice" once, which helped, but otherwise I didn't get to use it in the 3 games. I think I'm going to remove the title on the next game. Comparing him to using Kylo, I'd take Blackout each time, as above without the title. It was fun to fly and did get damage through. Having said all of that, even at 40pts it's not as effective as other ships (Quickdraw!). Fun ship
  9. Yes, my bad. Was typo. Seems I can't think about one thing and write about another ?
  10. It's a straight forward build to be honest - VI, Homing Missile, Os-1 title and advanced slam. VI to bring in line with Blackout and Sabacc (with adapt), homing because I have more success with that than others (you can swap out for harpoon which seems flavor of the month). I've only flown it twice but was fun.
  11. I have to agree with the recent silencer posts. It's a cool looking and fun ship to fly, so for fun/casual play great, but I'm not seeing the value in it. If anything I've found the high total cost quite restricting on my over all build. Early days I know, but the few games I've played I'm glad I just bought one. The gun ship however, I'm seeing a lot of fun and value with. Karsabi with ordinance load out was so much fun with slam, and good damage out put. I see a lot of potential with this little fella, and possibly looking to buy a couple more next pay cheque. Only played against a couple of scum builds so far, both heavy on the guns for hire expansion rather than wave 12, that expansion is going to see a lot of play. Did play against a bullseye ship, but they never got it to work.
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    I've reported it.
  13. Mr Slippery


    Anyone else get the dodgy pm from Fatima (user: Fatimakbaby) asking to exchange emails and share "pictures"? How does one report this?
  14. Magnus - I went with the modified jonus build you suggested it he earned every point and more that I spent on him, turned the raider into a monster! I also changed up with a half way house between your tie crack shot build, with the upsilon shuttle carrying Hux in support. Howl had swarm tactics also. It worked well, with ties getting off their crack shots and then blocking, with raider then able to pick off ships as his formation broke up. Was a fun game ?
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