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  1. The standard Corran and Dash list should still be really good. PTL, Engine Upgrade, HLC, Kyle Katarn, title. VI, R2-D2 and FCC on Corran. Using the Rebel Aces, YT-2400, A- and B-Wing expansions you can substitute a B-Wing (FCS, B-Wing/E2, Nien Nunb) and 15 point A-Wing for Corran.
  2. The Gold Squadron with TLT, stressbot and title seems to be the best ship in the game right now by a significant margin. Unless one is willing to buy the Rebel Transport and Most Wanted expansions, I don't see a lot of options for making top-tier lists. Some of the top lists that don't have R3A2 have one of 2 other upgrades that are also only found in Epic ships: R5P9 and C3PO. Here are two lists I'm aware of that don't contain any of the three above-mentioned upgrades and have been having a lot of success: Corran and (super) Dash "Danger Zone" (3 TLT Tactician K Wings including Miranda) I would guess that substituting a standard Poe for Miranda in Danger Zone would work well if flown properly. I don't have an E-Wing so I haven't given much thought but I'll be Corran plus Miranda plus a blocker would be good. What am I missing? A tougher question: how does one approach the problem of making the a top-tier rebel list without using its best ship?
  3. I think you can do better but it's a start. I see Wired on Zeta Leader a lot but I don't think you can go wrong with Predator. The stealth device on him would be better spent elsewhere or replaced with a Comm Relay. I don't like Weapons Guidance on anything and I think Shield Upgrade is a waste here, unfortunately. I think if I flew 5 fo's I'd go with Zeta Ace and an Omega with Crack Shot. Zeta Leader with Wired or Crack Shot. Omega Leader with Juke/Relay and an Epsilon for blocking purposes. I'd put Twin Ion Engine Mk II on Zeta Leader to bring the list to 100 but mostly because I have a Punisher ( ).
  4. Miranda with TLT and C3PO was pretty well-represented at worlds. I suspect the Warden with TLT and tactician caught on immediately after for reasons mentioned above. No idea why Autoblaster Wardens have just started popping up.
  5. I think combining competitive and relatively affordable builds IS an achievable goal. At least if you don't play as the Rebels :/ (The really good lists mostly contain the ultra-expensive "Stresshog"). If you look at top tier lists you'll see a pretty wide range of cost in dollars among them. For example, Corran and Dash in much cheaper than Paul Heaver's 2015 Worlds list. But I haven't seen any convincing arguments that Heaver's is actually better--skill plus dice made the difference, from what I can see. You can get a competitive squad for well under $100 retail using Imperials. For scum, "Brobots" can be had for less than the standard Corran/Dash. Unfortunately, I expect some of these to be knocked down to next level or two with the release of Wave 8. (Along with one or more of the expensive squad-types). Because of this, if I were introducing a friend right now I would suggest getting a Core and maybe one or two specific ships and just play with those - as a starting point to learn the basics and gain experience. By the time wave 8 comes around they should be ready for 100-point lists and then, I suspect, a purchase of some or all of the Wave 8 ships will be the cheapest path to competitive lists. Just my two cents.
  6. You may have an easier time if you allow yourself to mix in 1-2 regular ties. Here's what I came up with: https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic%20Empire&d=v4!s!188:150,-1:-1:17:;187:152,153:-1:-1:;181:140,-1:-1:-1:;182:140,-1:-1:-1:;12:140:-1:-1:&sn=4FO%20and%20Crack%20Black Also, Carnor plus 4 Omegas with Juke/Comm Relay is supposed to be a decent list.
  7. For your first non-introductory games you'll want to play with fewer than 100 points. To get to 100 you need to use upgrades which will be hard to use at first when the players will be having a hard enough time lining up shots and avoiding rocks. Later you could go with these: Chewbacca with Falcon Title, Draw Their Fire, Gunner, and Nien Nunb Blue Squadron Novice with BB8 Y Wing with Ion Cannon Turret and R2 Astromech (100 points) Boba Fett with Elusiveness, Proximity mines, Mercenary Copilot and Engine Upgade Darth Vader with Marksmanship and Stealth Device Epsilon Squadron Pilot (100 points) I made some changes so that the two teams wouldn't have to share upgrade cards. Both sides would like to use Gunner and Engine Upgrade but you only have one of each right now. Hope this helps!
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