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  1. I actually ran a list at an SC just a couple weeks ago that was the EXACT same ships comp as the top list. I just kitted her out differently. That is wild!
  2. It would be so silly and so fun. Throw Kallus on and you might be able to flechette aces at medium LOL
  3. I am not dignifying you or this stupid thread with another comment from me after this. Also that is a false equivalency out the ***
  4. *sigh* of course. We are never gonna get anything serious about the Clone Wars ever again...Still this game will be fun!
  5. I am a little dissapointed this didn't launch with the Republic and CIS being announced too. Thats my biggest want. Also scum I guess...
  6. Geez guys this is a game called LEGION and they only have 33 miniatures total? What a ripoff. RIP Legion 2017-2017.
  7. Ah the part of the competitive scene that gives me ulcers.... Q has made a call that makes sense. For what its worth I agree with it. I appreciate the people I saw in this thread that disagreed and were very polite about it. We need more of that rather than other antics we saw. Good luck to everyone going to NOVA
  8. As a fellow receiver of this sharpie infused glory I can confirm that @OneEightyFirst is in fact a really cool guy.
  9. Meh this just depends on the meta of the are you are in. Our SC had 5 rebs, 4 Imps. Imps took 1st and 2nd. Granted, one reb with a nasty pair of Liberty(s) had to drop after round 2 with 13 points so who knows.
  10. I really like this build for the Glad II. I am always debating on an officer slot take, cause Intel officer has become less attractive to me. Hell though, take Kallus, have Jonus in your squads, and you could have a grand old time.
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