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  1. I recently flew against a pair of X-wings with the new Astromech that lets them perform a free boost if there is no enemy in their firing arc. That astromech is the "X-wing fix" we've been waiting for because it essentially combines push the limit AND engine upgrade for ONE point. I'm happy about this ... but now we need a "fix" for standard Imperial TIE fighters more than ever (and they needed one before the new astromech arrived). I don't want to copy the X-wing fix, but the "TIE fighter fix" needs to help with both defense and offense. Also, it needs to work with TIE swarms (i.e., zero point title) to help bring TIE swarms back into serious competitive play. Here is my suggestion for a new title: TIE Mk VI (zero points): Imperial only. Standard TIE fighter only. When defending, if the attacker roles more than 3 attack dice add 1 evade result to your role. When attacking, if the defender roles more than 2 evade dice add 1 hit result to your role. This title doesn't improve the maneuverability of the TIE fighter so you are still limited by the dial and your upgrades when it comes to getting ships in your arc or avoiding enemy arcs. That said, now the standard TIE fighter isn't as easy to take off the board in a single shot and has a better chance of scoring hits against ships with lots of evade dice. Also, this has built-in balance because it won't negatively impact enemy ships with weak attacks or enemy ships with weak defense.
  2. Watching the last two weeks of casual and tournament X-wing games both locally and at Nationals made me start two question if the dominance of the Auzituck gunship, Scurrg bomber and bomblet generator requires FFG to change a few rules for X-wing. First, the whole idea that players get half points for large base ships came from the fact that these ships have a lot of hit points (hull + shields) to chew through. Now, we've got multiple small base ships with more than 8 hit points. In my humble opinion, we need a rule change that says players earn half points for any small base ship with more than 8 hits points. So, if your small base ship has 9 or 10 hit points and your opponent gets at least half damage onto your ship then your opponent gets half points on that ship. Second, Bombs (the ones that drop on activation) need to be subject to ion and stress control. In other words, you cannot drop a bomb on activation if your ship is stressed or if it has an ion token. I'm fine with bombs, even the bomblet generator, as long as a stressed or ioned ship cannot drop its bombs. Players need some way to "reign-in" opponents who use the bomblet generator. This also gives players another reason to bring stress control or ion control to the table. I'm sure many people will say I'm just a cry-baby asking for those two rule changes, but if cloaking, deadeye, Palp, and Zuckuss deserved changes/nerfs then the rule changes I suggest are pretty tame coming from my perspective. Do you think these rule changes would be good or bad for X-wing?
  3. I just realized that over the last month I've been building lists that take advantage of zero-cost upgrades ... and I think this is an idea that FFG needs to embrace to deliver even more variety and "unpredictability" to X-wing. Sure, none of the zero-point upgrades that we have are "amazing" (and they shouldn't be overly powerful if they don't cost anything) but I've built plenty of lists where ships have upgrade slots that go unused. Heck, most casual and competitive players end up flying lists with empty upgrade slots ... and that's a wasted opportunity for both players and the developers. I'd like to suggest to FFG that every "non-weapon" upgrade type should have "at least" two zero-cost upgrades available to every faction. Sure, some zero-cost upgrades can be unique (like the Rebel-only Chopper crew card or the Scum-only "Genius" salvaged astromech), but each faction should have access to "at least" two zero-cost upgrades for every upgrade type. That way every player can do "something" with the otherwise empty upgrade slots ... even if that zero-cost upgrade doesn't provide much of a tactical advantage during each match. Again, I'm excluding weapons (cannons, torps, missiles, turrets, etc.) from this list because you should have to pay points for weapons ... but I think it's fair to let players have free non-weapon upgrades as long as those upgrades aren't overpowered. I like how Collision Detector allows you to avoid damage from debris and adds some variety to the game by letting you boost, barrel roll, or decloak onto obstacles. I like how Chopper lets me perform an action if I'm stressed and absolutely "need" to take an action even if it causes me damage. Similarly, we've already seen several zero-cost EPTs that aren't "amazing" but can be "useful." Free upgrades also make small-ship swarm lists that much more viable and give players the freedom to risk adding higher pilot skill ships to our lists and add a unique pilot ability to a list without burning too many points on upgrades for that pilot. So, bring on the zero-cost tech upgrades, the zero-cost illicit upgrades, more zero-cost modifications ... bring on the variety. To spark some ideas, here's my first suggestion: Target Scrambler (modification) - 0 points: "When defending, if you have a target lock on your attacker you may spend your target lock to re-roll any number of green dice." This would allow target locks to be used defensively and I think it's fair to make this ability a free upgrade because it only works if you have a target lock on the ship that's attacking you ... and if you spend your target lock you obviously can't use it for a future attack. Also, you're just re-rolling your defense dice so there's no guarantee you'll get an evade result.
  4. I'd be surprised if they're not separate bearings. But if they are the same bearing, and you want to spend 3 points on Navigator for your Quad... Go ahead, I'll take that and then some; it means you're not using Intel Agent or Ketsu crew or any of half a dozen other good crew options, and putting 3 points onto a fragile chassis that's easy to blow up. Navigator (assuming that FFG doesn't update the FAQ to stop it from working between forward and reverse bearings) would probably be worth it on Unkar Plutt so it's easier to bump an enemy and trigger his automatic tractor beam. You are correct that Navigator would be a waste of points if you put several Quadjumpers in your list and ran them all with Navigator ... but it's easy to put intel agent on another ship and use navigator on Unkar so he can switch between forward or reverse to force a bump and force a tractor beam on you before the combat phase.
  5. Says who? FFG needs to officially update the FAQ if that is the case. The reverse maneuvers on the Quadjumper dial are called "banks" and "straight" the same as the traditional forward banks and straight. A "bearing" is straight, bank, or turn. "Forward" and "reverse" are directions like left or right ... not bearings. That's why navigator lets you change a left hard turn into a right hard turn ... different directions but the same bearing. As I would read and interpret the navigator card and the definition of bearing the navigator crew would allow you to select a forward bank and then change it to a reverse bank, or select a forward straight and turn it into a reverse straight. If FFG doesn't want to allow navigator to let you change a forward to a reverse (or a reverse into a forward) then they need to update the FAQ to say that navigator doesn't work with reverse moves. Until then, there is nothing to say the Navigator card and the official description of "bearing" prevent the Quadjumper with Navigator from changing between a forward and reverse.
  6. Sorry I arrived late to this thread, but I had to reply because I've been running a list with Norra locally for the last six games I've played and haven't lost a match or had Norra killed yet ... but I'm sure she'll go down eventually. I run Norra with PTL, Kyle Katarn, R2-D2, Title, and Vectored Thrusters. First move I slow boat, PTL with focus and barrel roll then take the stress. Every move after that (whenever possible) I perform a green to remove stress (and use R2-D2 to regen a shield if needed), use Kyle's ability to gain a free focus from removing stress, then PTL to Target lock, barrel roll, or focus so that I have a stress for the next round and can get the free focus from Kyle. The only time I don't PTL is if my opponent is using black market slicer tools. Almost every combat phase I have a focus and a target lock which means I can roll three or four attack dice with my primary, add a focus result with Norra's ability and then spend the focus token to flip those focus results to hits. As a result, most of the time Norra lands between 3 and 5 hits during each attack phase! If I don't spend the focus on my attack (or have two focus tokens) I can use Norra to add a focus on defense and flip the focus to evades. Combine that with shield regen from R2-D2 and the free focus from Kyle, and even if your opponent blocks you every round you'll still be able to regen shields and get "at least" a focus. Sure, if my opponent ever focuses all attacks on Norra she will go down, but that means the other ships in my list can rip them apart while they concentrate on Norra.
  7. Every year people think that the list that won Worlds is amazing or almost unbeatable, but winning worlds has more to do with the winning player and the opponents than the list itself. Sure, you want a good list, but you can't say that "Dengaroo won Worlds" unless you also want to say "Dengaroo lost Worlds." There were multiple players running a Dengaroo list at Worlds ... and all but one of them got knocked out by other players with other lists before the championship match. Dengaroo is a strong list, but so were the lists that previously won Worlds. Long story short, asking for "anti-Dengaroo" lists will result in 100+ different lists ... any one of which might defeat an opponent running Dengaroo. The trick to defeating any list is to understand the weaknesses of the ships, abilities, and tactics ... then use whatever list you want to exploit those weaknesses.
  8. Maybe the original TIE fighter is still popular in your local meta, but I haven't seen a TIE fighter swarm (or any list with original TIE fighters) perform at the top tables in any of my local tournaments in the last three months. Heck, I know the original X-wing needs some love, but at least Biggs has shown up consistently in at least one list in the final four at every tournament I've played at in the last few months. Yes, the X-wing probably needs a unique title card to buff it and make it more appealing to use ... but the same goes for the classic TIE fighter. Does anyone else think the original TIE fighter needs a zero-point title card? Personally, I like the idea of a free title card for the original TIE fighter only (not usable on other TIEs) that allows you to change one blank result to a hit result when attacking if you are outside of your opponent's firing arc.
  9. I'll be working with a local store that is hosting its first X-Wing tournamanet today and I just realized that I never checked to confirm if the Wave 9 ships are officially permitted in X-wing tournament play. I assume they are OK since FFG sold them to the public at GenCon, but I want to make sure the store follows the rules.
  10. Will Nera's ability to attack targets outside of her firing arc with torpedoes work with the new Seismic Torpedo upgrade? The Nera Dantels pilot ability reads, "You can perform (torpedo icon) secondary weapon attacks against enemy ships outside your firing arc." The Seismic Torpedo card states, Action: Discard this card to choose an obstacle at Range 1-2 and inside your primary firing arc. Each ship at Range 1 of the obstacle rolls 1 attack die and suffers any damage or critical damage rolled. Then remove the obstacle. If you have this torpedo on Nera does that mean you can fire at obstacles at Range 1-2 even outside your primary firing arc? Some people at my local store say Nera's ability won't work because the Seismic Torpedo is an "action" and not an "attack" but other players say Nera's ability works since the Seismic Torpedo is a Torpedo secondary weapon. I really hope FFG updates the FAQ to address this.
  11. I would love to see a "cloak field generator" that is a Rebel-only upgrade for large-based ships that allows a large Rebel ship to spend an action to "extend a cloaking field" around all small-based friendly ships at range 1, but the large ship's primary attack is reduced by 2 (to a minimum of 0) and its agility is reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 0). In addition to taking an action, reducing primary attack power and reducing agility, the large Rebel ship would NOT benefit from the cloak (no extra defense dice for the large ship) ... but any friendly small-based ship at range 1 would get a free cloak token AND those small ships can fire while cloaked since the large ship is the one generating the cloaking field. This would essentially force enemies to destroy the large ship first or spend multiple attack rolls trying to get damage through to the cloaked smaller ships. This would also give the Rebels a cloak without needing to add the illicit slot to a Rebel ship.
  12. I love the look of the M3-A Scyk fighter but I've never been able to make it work in serious tournament play ... at least not consistently. When I saw the new Black Market Slicer Tools upgrade card I realized that FFG is only one modification card away from making the M3-A a GREAT ship: Illicit Scyk (Modification. M3-A Only) Add one Illicit upgrade to your ship paying the point cost for the illicit upgrade as normal. Cost: -3 points Combine that theoretical modification to the Scyk with the Heavy Scyk title card (+2 points) and the Flechette Cannon upgrade (+2 points) now you have a "relatively" low cost swarm fighter that deals small amounts of damage and stress and can also force unavoidable damage onto any ship that already has stress. Yes, the Scyk would still be a glass cannon that dies easily, but now it's more affordable and has a way to deal damage to stressed ships that can't be blocked. The -3 point cost to the Illicit Scyk modification means you can have a swarm of six of those fighters (or a pair of those as flankers/escorts) in a 100 point list. I can already imagine a scenario where one Scyk engages a target at range 3 (enemy gets no range bonus for defense due to the Flechette Cannon) while another Scyk moves in to range 1 of the target from outside the firing arc to deal damage with Black Market Slicer Tools. What do you think? Would this work as a way to make the M3-A more competitive?
  13. Rustedborg

    Ig88 Crew?!

    I'm not sure how the IG-88 crew card would work if his ability is just that he lets your Lancer share the ability of any Agressor/IG2000 in your list. IG-88A isn't a problem, but the new Lancer scum ship doesn't have the cannon upgrade slot so you can't use the IG-88B ability. We don't know the Lancer's maneuver dial yet, but if the Lancer doesn't have a 3 S-loop then it can't share the IG-88D ability either. You will be able to use the IG-88C ability if you add engine upgrade to the Lancer, but then you'd be forced to take the engine upgrade. I suspect the IG-88 crew card will see more use on other scum ships.
  14. This is true ... if you are purely talking about more dice without mods versus fewer modified dice. Nevertheless, when I run a Decimator with Expose I also run Experimental Interface so if I play slow and try to avoid stress or bumping I usually have a focus or target lock (or both on rare occasions) to modify my dice.4 attack dice with modification (5 attack dice with modification at range 1) are better than 3 attack dice with modification.
  15. This. The two types of Decimators that seem to be the most "consistently competitive" are Decimators running Expose and Decimators running Vader crew. Expose gives you more attack dice without any negative (on a Decimator) and Vader lets you make a "suicide ship" that uses all those extra hull points to inflict crazy numbers of crits on your enemies.
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