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  1. I based some stuff on Emperor Norton's ruleset, mixed in some things from Genesys , and came up with a lot more stuff for the non-pilot crew to do.

    This came about from my player's complaining that ship combat was boring and there was only 1 meaningful thing for each of them to do, which most of the time is "I move, I shoot, I repair, or I roll to complete the objective".

    All constructive feedback is welcome.


  2. 1 hour ago, RandomJC said:

    I never see the appeal of multi-player formats that leads to a players elimination. As usually the crap end of the stick, usually first knocked out because I'm the weakest player 9/10. I'm an easy target to get removed, and I do. I can have fun playing the game, but I don't have fun always losing.

    That's why I hope it'll be a 2v2 deal.  I don't think 3 or 5 way battles work well as competitive formats.

  3. 14 minutes ago, BD Flory said:

    Not to say they'll never do a co-op take on L5R, but it would be a design nightmare to try to do both with the same cards, both in designing the rules to work with extant cards and designing future cards to work with both versions of the game.

    I'm thinking they limit the cards allowed in the format, or make custom attachments that change the character, like cloud the mind so only traits and strengths matter. Then have cards that  work off those #s and traits 

  4. My thoughts on multiplayer (3+) for this game, and what it might end up being. 


    I think they are shaking out rules for a team based formst, 2v2. With the rings, each player from each team would only be able to take 1 ring per round. Combine hidden honir bid for cards.  You win as a team or lose as a team.

    The second one will be a co-op story mode a la Arkham. Maybe 1st arc is stop a shadow land invasion. 

  5. 36 minutes ago, Tekwych said:

    Somthing no one has pointed out yet is the new deluxe policy of letting them drop as soon as the product is ready and not waiting until the end of a cycle. We could see three deluxes of two clans each within 6 months of the core launch and stretching the first cycle to 9 months instead of 6 if FFG wants to push the meta that fast. In AGoT the first deluxe was at the end of cycle one bit the second dropped in the middle of cycle 2 and the third just 2 packs into Cycle 3.

    Where did you get the info on 2 clans per box?

    And the info on the new deluxe policy?

  6. I think it'll be 2 cards per clan, then 6 neutrals. It'll average 1 conflict and 1 dynasty I imagine.  

    Meaning if you like the cards for your faction you could put all 3 cards in one deck or the other.

    As I understand it you'll be able to add as many neutrals as you want, so those 18 cards could split between your 2 decks too.

    This would mean on average each pack could replace 12 cards in both of your decks for a change of over 25% to your overall cards.


    My hope is that the nuetral cards include minor faction personalities and strats.

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