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  1. I'm really looking forward to this ship and the Onager too. We've grown accustomed to seeing large Mon Calamari ships as the heavy-hitters of the Alliance fleet. Their design is much rounder and much softer as compared to the Starhawk. So, I think it's only natural to experience some discomfort with the design of the battleship. The very basic description for the Starhawk in the Aftermath series left quite a bit of space open for further development of the ship. I can see the "hatchet" shape in the front of the ship, and the recycled ISD components are very evident. So, my expectations for the Starhawk are indeed fulfilled in regards to the novels. Now comes the further development part. I see some design elements inspired by the Hammerhead Corvette, the CR90 Corvette, and the Nebulon B Frigate. First is the hatchet front connected to the engine "module" rear by a slender/longish mid section. This is in line with the design of the Hammerhead and the Nebulon B. Also notice the angular nature of the engine area of both ships, and compare that to the design of the hull around the Starhawk's engines. The underside of the mid section of the Starhawk bears an interesting similarity in geometric design to the forward mid section of a CR90 Corvette, from just behind the command module to just aft of the paired turbolasers. You can see this best when viewing the CR90 from the rear. I think the biggest difference between the Starhawk and canon Alliance vessels is in the colors chosen for exterior hull markings. Most Alliance vessels have a base gray accented with dull earth tones, some reds, and orange. The Starhawk is base gray with bright blue and yellow. I see this as a visual representation of the transition of the Alliance into the New Republic.
  2. Playing SSD vs SSD this Saturday. I'll post a report.
  3. FFG Live in early April featured the SSD, and they showed the Ship Sheets next to some upgrade grade cards. Through some creative measurements and comparisons, I came to estimate the Ship Sheet around 4x5 inches in size. The best I found in April as a protective sleeve for a card that large was a 4x6 inch photo sleeve, but recently my FLGS began carrying a sleeve which might be about the right size for the sheet. I'll test this theory when my SSD arrives, and if the sleeves work, I'll share the brand name with everyone here.
  4. ...the staff at your FLGS quickly lines up in rows and begins to hum the Imperial March when you walk through the door to the store.
  5. The gaming area closes at 5pm, so anything after 4 would have to be played at hyperspace speed. As of today and including yourself, there should be 4 of us there around noon.
  6. I began collecting one ship for every title shortly after I got into the game. I changed to my current collection habit around the time Wave 6 was released. I wasn't happy with the lack of titles for the Hammerheads, and my evolving interest in thematic play/builds using Canon and Legends materials for inspiration demanded a greater number of ships to replicate specific fleets and battles. Currently I'm at 99 ships and 198 squadrons. 50 ships belong to the Alliance. The fleet is roughly 1/3 large and medium ships and 2/3 small ships. I have 4 Home One Cruisers, 5 Liberty Cruisers, 3 MC75 Cruisers, 5 Assault Frigate MK2, 5 MC30c Frigates, 3 Peltas, 7 Nebulon B Frigates, 6 Hammerhead Corvettes, 6 CR90 Corvettes, and 6 GR75 Transports. 49 ships belong to the Empire. The fleet is roughly 50% large and medium ships and 50% small ships. I have 8 ISDs (6 standard and 2 Chimaera), 6 VSDs, 5 Interdictor Cruisers, 4 QF Carriers, 5 GSDs, 8 Light Cruisers, 7 Raider Corvettes, and 6 Gozanti Cruisers. Regarding squadrons, I have Alliance and Imperial squadrons from 3 Core Sets. I also have 6 sets of Rebel I, 6 sets of Imperial I, 2 sets of Rebel II, 2 sets of Imperial 2, and 4 sets of Rogues and Villians. I also have 2 extra VT49s and 4 Gauntlets. I don't have a favorite ship, but I am looking forward to the SSD. I was originally going to order 2, but after studying the ship cards and consulting Canon and Legends materials, I think a single ship will be sufficient.
  7. @LarkDiet. @CenterPoint. @Maddog80. Sunday, May 26, from Noon to 4pm at Millennium Games is the next gathering for Rochester area players. I hope you can make it.
  8. I might see it a third time this weekend, so obviously I loved it too. I could see a game based on the Infinity War/Endgame films that might resemble Rebellion, allowing for both character play and ship/vehicle action.
  9. @Woobyluv. @Crabbok. @LostFleet. FFG Live in early April featured the SSD, and one of their camera shots showed an upgrade card next to a ship sheet. I have a copy of the SSD advertisement that was in GTM in December. So, I took a pic of one of the ship sheets and sized it in relation to an upgrade card, roughly matching what I saw on FFG Live. Ship sheet ends up being approximately 4x5 inches in size. The best I've found so far as a protective sleeve for a card that large would be a 4x6 inch photo sleeve. But, If I find anything better I'll let everyone know.
  10. You are certainly welcome! Our next big gathering is going to be Sunday, May 26 from noon until 4pm. Where are you located?
  11. Yes. Currently three players are confirmed. Possibly two to four more.
  12. Yes. Currently three players are confirmed. Possibly two to four more.
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