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  1. Hi! I will do that. Five made it on Sunday. It was fun! We dicussed meeting once a month and we're going to set things up so it's on Millennium's event schedule. I'll get you the date as soon as it's set.
  2. @CenterPoint. @Thraug. @LarkDiet. Meeting at Millennium Games at 1pm tomorrow.
  3. I have a copy of the special advertisement for the SSD that FFG ran in the December issue of GTM. I'll be bringing it Sunday so everyone can see just how big and awesome the SSD is. 😀
  4. Planning to play this Sunday at Millennium Games if you can make it.
  5. Hey guys, March 3rd was cancelled. We're going to try to meet this Sunday at Millennium Games. I know this post is a bit last minute, but if you are free and can make it that would be great.
  6. WigTii

    When you see an MC75, but think....

    Great idea for a children's book: The Ugly Frigate.
  7. Buy more of everything, sell nothing, and keep it all! I agree with @LostFleet. Sit on your collection for a bit and see how the Sector Fleet rules, the SSD, and maybe even Wave 8 change up the meta.
  8. Dark Chocolate...Dark Side...Sith. I'm humorously speaking of the chocolate only. I was in no way commenting on the ramifications of encasing a 24" plastic model inside an edible egg. Personally, younglings and some adults aren't allowed near my dark chocolate or my Armada collection.
  9. Has to be dark chocolate. A Sith wouldn't have it any other way.
  10. WigTii

    Victory sale on Amazon!

    Amazon has been running a deep discount sale on the Interdictor, the Victory and the Nebulon-B for a few weeks now. I normally like to purchase my ships from my FLGS; however, low prices like these are hard to pass up especially since the release of the Sector Fleet rules. Three ships for the price of one allows me to bulk up my fleets quickly and cheaply.
  11. WigTii

    Anyone Seen This Ship Before?

    Expect to see the Braha'tok in Wave 8 as FFG finishes off Rebels and Rogue One content for Armada.
  12. Looking at Sunday, March 3 at Millennium Games. @chadbower.
  13. WigTii

    Best Star Wars Quote for playing Armada?

    "We have enemy ships in Sector 47." Dramatic pause... "It's a trap!"
  14. WigTii

    Anyone playing near Ithaca, NY

    Sorry about the delay, I am a solo player mostly. There is no organized group at Millennium. The store has a nicely stocked section for Armada and it sells well, so there are players around here. I've been thinking of maybe trying to build interest in a group after the SSD is released. Currently, the closest group to me is in Buffalo.