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  1. Varlie

    Robbing a Casino

    As you, I have no real life experience with this but I would go with something like this. Seedy Establishment: Less than 5000 credits (unless owned/operated by a Hutt and used for other purposes. Then around 250000) Nothing Special Casino: 10000-20000 High Class Casino: 100000-250000 Top of the line Casino (people travel from all over the galaxy to come here): 1m Black Sun owned (or any other major crime syndicate): 2.5-5m
  2. Varlie

    Party size...

    I prefer 4-6 players. I've run one 6-week session with 10 people and that got confusing and slowed the game quite a bit. It's more of keeping everyone interested and active than anything else. When you get that many people, they tend to split parties a lot more which then means you have to work to jump back and forth between groups.
  3. Varlie

    Lightsaber Colours

    OK, I have my color
  4. I've run some Discord games in the past with friends and it works pretty well. There's a Dice app that makes it easy for rolling and calculating results. Only thing I miss over in-person games is seeing the people when something big happens but it's the next best thing when you can't find a local group.
  5. Varlie

    A FULL EoE SPACE HORROR SCENARIO for you to use :)

    Very cool. I already have next couple adventures planned out but this could be a great filler night adventure/event. Thanks for sharing
  6. Varlie

    Rules questions on Ebb and Flow

    According to DOH, Empty Soul can be used "whenever her makes a Force Power check" so yes the three abilities should work with each other.
  7. Varlie

    Travel RPG - outsourcing my Harry Potter games story

  8. Varlie

    Rules questions on Ebb and Flow

    The long text indicates that the Force user may not activated this multiple times. That is the balancing factor on Ebb & Flow is that most of it's abilities are limited to one use. With Strength upgrade, you can increase these to 2 per round but that's about it.
  9. The PCs in my primary group have a medical droid that was bequeathed to them from a Jedi Survivor of Order 66 who recruited them and was training them the ways of the Jedi before he died. B3-T1 (Betty) has survived a lot running/hiding with Reknu and his students. Along the way, Betty found the interesting effects that random drugs could do above and beyond normal medicines and now keeps a random stash of drugs in his kit that she randomly gives to the PCs when they have injuries. He totally ignores the side-effects and, possibly addictive effects of the drugs. The PCs are somewhat wary of coming to him for small problems although he is very proficient in normal healing if you can convince him that a random pill won't suffice. As a side note, as you may have noted in my description. Betty has a more male voice and doesn't care that "Betty" is deemed a feminine name.
  10. Varlie

    Travel RPG - outsourcing my Harry Potter games story

    I would only hint at a big bad guy at this point. Give them a little time to take some classes and get some training. Have them overhear a couple teachers talking about something happening in another city and question if it was [insert bad name here]. Facing off against some Slytherin bullies is a good idea especially for 1st year encounters. For the flying lessons, once they have a couple points in flying skill, create a small obstacle course made of rings, bars you have to fly over or under and the interweaving bars. Don't go too wild but make it challenging and require 3-4 rolls to see how well they do. As it's with narrative dice, be sure to really story-sell it with narrow misses or bumps on the head with threats, broken brooms with despairs but if they get a triumph then they broke the current record or something.
  11. He reappeared about a month ago for a couple weeks after a long absence but then has gone quiet again. I think he's in the same situation that you are in where life and such has him pulled in too many directions and not able to focus on the fun stuff
  12. It's great. I can run the standard Star Wars Crawl at the beginning of the adventure/session then jump right into maps. I have the space map that fits snugly over the TV when needing to do ship battles (combining X-Wing/Armada miniatures with the RPG rules just to give a feeling of where they are in relation to other ships) This is me trying to angle the discussion back to miniatures. As you can see, we can place miniatures right on the TV (plexiglass cover prevents scratching of screen)