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  1. Varlie

    Broken Image Links for profile pics

    I've been wanting to change mine for some time as well. Hopefully will be fixed soon or give an option to upload an image
  2. Varlie

    Wookiee jedi build advice

    I'm going to let @VadersMarchKazoo ask the question. I'm still waiting on an answer from two weeks ago he gets an answer in 10 minutes
  3. Varlie

    Wookiee jedi build advice

    So then the question comes down to if Wookiee Rage counts if using two weapons with one being Melee and one being Lightsaber skill. Does it only count if the character's Melee skill is less than the Lightsaber resulting in using that for the Proficiency Dice? Or does it count any time he scores a hit with the Ryyk Blade even though lighsaber skill was used to calculate the Dice Pool?
  4. Varlie

    How to play minions

    Result: Unhappy Stormtrooper Minions I'm so sorry. Just the first thing that popped into my head when reading the title.
  5. Varlie

    The Scion of Genesys?

    Check out how IndianaWalsh did it in his Superpowers setting. He kept the characteristic maximum at 5 but then gave talents that allowed for the enhanced STR, DEX, etc.
  6. Varlie

    Osmium - Galaxies of Fantasy Adventure

    This looks amazing. The amount of work and thought put into this is evident.
  7. Varlie


    Found a small typo on page 7. The Signature Power description cuts off mid sentence Signature Power Tier: 4 Activation: Passive Ranked: Yes Choose one of your power trees. Each turn, the first time you spend strain to activate abilities on that tree, reduce the strain cost by 1 to a minimum of 0. This talent may only apply to
  8. Varlie

    Clone Wars supplement release?

    Unknown. There is a discussion about it here
  9. Varlie

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    Looks good but drop Vigilance. How alert they are shouldn't effect the inspection. OK, now that I say that I can see where it could but I would think Cool - being how they handle themselves or Deception - being able to hide the weakness would be better option.
  10. You can also bring back some adversaries from previous adventures if they were left in a state where they could return. Maybe they were sent to Whisper Base to recuperate or punishment for letting your PCs escape.
  11. Varlie

    Internal damage to a ship by a mob?

    Sounds like a crazy fun adventure. just in the number of games I've played over the years you do eventually get a character who is just off from the rest of the team and the GM has to find a way to reel him in or send him on his way. It sounds like you have an interesting adventure opportunity for the next game in locating and recovering the pilot as well as finding a way to avoid and appease the mob.
  12. Varlie

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    I really like this but I wonder if it should be just a Simple check or a check against the item/person you whose weakness you are identifying.
  13. I'm not in Connecticut but as you aren't getting many replies here, I would suggest making a post at your local game shop that you are looking for players/co-gm for a Star Wars game. There may be people in the area who aren't familiar with the game and, hence, are not on these forums.
  14. Yup, wait for a Despair to come up. "You tripped and the thermal detonator on your belt exploded you into tiny chunks that went all over your friends. They will be tasting and smelling you for days"
  15. Varlie

    Cassian Andor Live Action Show

    Considering the time period of the show I wouldn't be surprised to see some cameos from the Phoenix Squadron somewhere along the way. Or maybe even Ahsoka.