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  1. As we're trying to represent the feel of a continuous beam rather than blasts, I would make it have a new option. Continuous Beam - If attacking the same vehicle you successfully hit the previous turn, ignore up to TWO Defense on the attack. Coming from several star-fighter computer games, I would be tempted to increase the difficulty of additional rounds after the first if vehicles are moving at different speeds. It may complicate things but to include Rimsen's suggestion, I would say Vicious increases by 1 each successful round after the first.
  2. This is the same issue that has come up multiple times, not just for Brace but more misunderstanding the name of a talent vs function of talent. Look for the discussion on "It's not that bad" talent. Ignore the name of the talent when looking at what it does. For the majority of the talents, they will work with no arguments but others, you have to read the game mechanics of the talent itself and look beyond the name
  3. Also Tatooine isn't as remote as Luke makes it out to be in Episode 4. It is part of the Correllian (Smuggler's) Run hyperspace route. That makes it a strong location for Jabba to work from
  4. I would treat it something like how Palpatine was able to influence Yoda's mind in the final season 6 episodes of Clone Wars. Just work it in reverse, I like Daeglan's idea of using holocron technology to build it, twisted with the dark side of the Force. As you are looking for a mind control device, just say that the device works as the Influence Force Power with a set Force Rating rather than the user's FR. I would say the user doesn't have to be Force sensitive unless your thoughts are that the person using it uses the Force to power it.
  5. Coming in late to discussion and a bit off target, but some of my favorite games have been with high-CP/Level starting characters. One of by best Pathfinder characters started at 10th an proceeded from there. It doesn't mean he doesn't have a history, I gave a history that befitted a 10th level character. Just as I can provide a background/history to a character in SWRPG that starts off with 600-1000XP
  6. There are several available online. https://starwarsintrocreator.kassellabs.io/ is a common one. I use an app on my android tablet. It allows me to connect it to a projector that syncs with the tablet. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.tokata.scroll_words
  7. If you do opt to go to Roll20, check out this thread to grab the token markers which really help remember bonuses and setbacks and conditions:
  8. So it really depends on your groups style of play. When you combine Discord with RPGSessions bot and gameboard, you can have an incredible narrative game. If you are good with just posting random pics to enhance what you are describing as GM, this is really all you need. If your group prefers maps and more tactical play, then Roll20 is well worth it. It does require one person to have a pro-subscription to create the page using the APIs but the APIs are very good. You can have character sheets within the game, random popup informational pages, and then the map. the map can be straight forward and open for all to see, it can use Fog or War, or you can even do Dynamic lighting where they only see where their flashlight or lightsabers shine. That can make for a fun suspensful type game. If you use OggDude's character generator, you can export the XML file of the character from there and import it right into RPG Session. Then you link that character to the Discord channel and you can roll dice from either location and it will update both. They have done a really nice job with that and are constantly working to improve it.
  9. @OggDude Thanks for the incoming fix. I appreciate all the hard work you have done on this in addition to making it editable. The fact that people are able to do like I did and modify the xml file so it works within the CG portion of the program is incredible
  10. I think Angelman2 is correct. They appear to be manipulated trees that can be used as platforms
  11. This is the entry on the Items.Attachments.xml if it helps you may be able to just append it to your file. <ItemAttachment> <Key>PORTPLASHLD</Key> <Name>Portable Plasma Shield</Name> <Description>[H3]Portable Plasma Shield[h3] Armor and weapon designs oppose one another in a cycle of endless escalation. Not surprisingly, many warriors seek out means to enhance their defenses in hopes that it will leave them free to make additional attacks. A small defensive shield can provide a substantial upgrade. energy shielfs take this a step further, offering a near-inpenetrable defense while requiring much less weight and bulk than a more traditional shield. </Description> <Source Page="63">Collapse of Rep</Source> <Custom>AddedItem</Custom> <Type>Armor</Type> <Price>2500</Price> <Rarity>4</Rarity> <HP>2</HP> <BaseMods> <Mod> <Key>DEFENSIVE</Key> <Count>1</Count> </Mod> </BaseMods> <AddedMods> <Mod> <Key>DEFLECTION</Key> <Count>3</Count> </Mod> <Mod> <Key>DEFENSIVE</Key> <Count>2</Count> </Mod> </AddedMods> </ItemAttachment>
  12. I had the same issue. What I did was create it with extra deflective instead of defensive. Then close the data editor, open the xml file with the new item and change the option manually. I found some other item that has defensive quality and copied and pasted it over the other. When I went back into character generator, it adds the quality correctly when selected.
  13. Just logged into my game and did some test rolling. Seems to be working fine so maybe it was just high-volume time or temporary glitch
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