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  1. Varlie

    The Nimble talent clarification

    I think your interpretation is correct. The "move" incidental and one other move maneuver will let you close the distance but the 2nd maneuver you take in the round cannot be a Move maneuver.
  2. Varlie

    Fighting a force user

    I agree with ViL. Ambushes are the key to revenge. Make the net out of refined cortosis weave so it prevents him just slicing out of it with his lightsaber.
  3. Varlie

    Character making checks for the team

    Using the Best skilled person to roll on a group check may be giving too much of an advantage. I realize that is how it works in social checks when there is a normal "face" character but it could lean towards each player focusing on a single group skill. In the past, I've done individual checks but I do like FinarinPanjoro's suggestion of combining success and failures into one check.
  4. Black holes are the perfect sci-fi go-tos. Sure, pure science will say it is impossible but if it sounds reasonable, use it anyways. I am running a game in the timeline of just before Return of the Jedi - Palpatine and the Empire are still very much active.I recently ran an adventure where they came across a Je'daii Warrior who had left Tython in search of new worlds, crashed on an Ice Asteroid, and went into a what was basically a Cryo-freeze chamber waiting for a rescue. Rescue came when the PCs helped on a salvage mission - 30,000 years later. Since the Cryo-freeze chamber had safely frozen him when power went out on the ship, he remained there until thawed. Sure it's psuedo-science and implausible but it opened up for a good adventure. To explain the cryo-freeze unit, I explained that these were used pre-hyperspace travel. As hyperspace travel was something new to the Je'daii they found, his system was still equipped with it.
  5. ..and strangely not there at the end of the adventure
  6. It's a known bug. He has it fixed in the next release
  7. Varlie

    prisoners and interactivity

    How often have you handled split groups in the game? You can do the same here so that it's not a simple "roll to resist the torture" Come up with a list that the Empire would want to learn from the captured character, whether they actually know anything about it or not. Maybe there is another Rebel cell active in the area and they think she's connected with them. Give her clues and the chance to escape on her own. If not escape, give her the chance to gather information that could be beneficial to the team once they do rescue her. I see the rest of the team outside the base looking for a way in when she walks up behind them and says, "what are you guys doing?" "We're about to break in there and rescue you." "Cool, need any help?"
  8. Varlie

    The Complete Species Guide

    I had a term for that at my old job when people kept coming back with new suggestions on a project. This project has been Temporarily Finalized.
  9. Varlie

    Group roles

    Other systems have skills that are "Trained" and "Untrained". I would not go that far in this system but I see that as a perfect reason to use a setback. In my gaming group, the players don't view that as reason as not to try the skill. I can see where some people might so I guess it's left to GM's preference. I fully agree with your narrative description on adding boosts or setbacks. No, I would not add that to Coordination and Perception if they had no ranks in them. It may cause some disparity on when it's added but I look at what is being done. If the only experience you have with engine maintenance is watching the Jiffy Lube guys change your oil, when you have to change it yourself, you are going to have setbacks. If the only medical training you have is watching House MD, you will have a setback dice when digging a slug out of your friend's arm (if he even lets you). Most people will have used Computers or driven a speeder, I probably would not add one for those. Piloting a Starship, that's a bit different and I would probably add one for that if they didn't have ranks. At least in my group, it pushes the players to think about where they want to spend future XP.
  10. I would say it absolutely fits for a concept. However, you will have to be ever Vigilant (what Chiss isn't) as other Sith are going to see you as weak and will be constantly challenging you. I would focus a lot in Heal/Harm and in Suppress. Reduce your opponent's ability to reach the Force and fight back to your Force attacks. Bind would be good option to help prevent their lightsaber attacks. Good luck with the character
  11. Varlie

    Ideas needed - Abandoned Station

    Very nice
  12. Varlie

    Group roles

    I agree on some parts and this is truly the GM's call based on knowledge of their players. As I mentioned in my post, I wouldn't add setback to untrained social checks just for not having a rank in it. But for Mechanics and Medicine (like bracing a broken leg), I would prefer to add a setback rather than increase the difficulty. GM: "There's a defect in the multi-spacial resonance matrix" untrained Player: "The multi-spacihuh whatsit?" GM: "Add 1 setback"
  13. Varlie

    Group roles

    In addition to what DarkHorse said, you can also assign Setback (Black) Dice to the check due to being untrained. This may not be a requirement for a Charm or Negotiation check but if you have someone untrained in Mechanics trying to get the engine back online because your mechanic is unconscious, 1-2 setback would be appropriate for that situation. Delete this as Nightwing beat me to this by 14 hour. So much for not reading through the entire post
  14. Varlie

    Group roles

    Do you have a link to this? I can find some postings where it was going to happen and one that looked like it once had the video but it's not working now.
  15. I would allow the roll. I normally do something similar with new characters anyways, I have them roll 1 Yellow dice. 2 Advantages give them a 25% discount and a triumph will give them 50%. I figure that most characters have a background and have had access to equipment and deals so it helps get them equipped. I should note that I do limit the rarity of the items that I allow these rolls for