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  1. By RAW, only if the Force power describes it as being a combat check. So ranks in Adversary would apply if you were to throw something at the NPC using Move, or to attack them outright with Unleash, as both of those effect are described as combat checks. Using Influence to affect the target's mode would not, since by RAW it's an opposed check but not a combat check. Ranks of Nobody's Fool for your social defense Talent. I was going to say, the talent you are looking for is Nobody's Fool.
  2. We had a moment the other night on the topic of Stun Setting. Does it work on Droids? Or do they only get stunned by Ion Weapons?
  3. So I had a couple Sector Rangers show up as backup, just in case. However, the Tech Guy came up with a plan and sliced into a local terminal and take control of the Environmental Systems. On top of that, the Droid with his new personality in place decided that he was done working for the Pirates and Shot them from behind with his Blaster Rifle. Then proceeded to inform the PC's about the ambush that was about to happen, which caused the Tech to turn off the Elevators so they couldn't ambush them. The Droid did this in exchange for taking one of the Pirates ships and going out on his mission. However, once the immediate area was clear and he started to head toward the Pirates Ship, the Bounty Hunter PC pulled out his Ion Blaster and shut him down. Then they locked up the Hanger to regroup, as the Tech guy dropped the Atmo in the rest of the base to a level that would incapacitate everyone not wearing a mask, but just enough that they wouldn't kill them. The PC's brought the droid back to the ship and reinstalled his memories from his last backup. While they did that, the Bounty Hunters and Rangers (NPC's) started to collect bodies and found out that Pirate Captain #3 did have a mask on him. So after the Droid was back up and running, kinda, they went to confront the last Pirate Captain. The Plan was to pull a Han and Chewie Prisoner Escape. So the Droid had the Bounty Hunter in unlocked cuffs, and presented him to the Pirate Captain as the Slicer who dropped the Atmo. The Pirate Captain was in his room heading to his secret Elevator to escape. So he just said, "Well that's good but we have to get out of here and tell the Queen this base has been compromised." And proceeded to Shoot the Bounty Hunter PC, and walk to his Elevator. The Shot didn't kill him, but he fell and acted the part. To which the droid followed the Pirate Captain to the Elevator and went to his secret Hanger and his Jumpmaster 5000. However, the PC's had the Comms open so the rest of the group heard what was said and jumped in their ship. Searching the rest of the asteroid, they found where the other hanger was hidden, and waited outside with all of their weapons ready to fire. The Droid and the Pirate Captain get on the ship, and the Captain proceeds to get the ship started up. The Droid seeing his chance raises his Rifle and Drills him in the back for like 16 damage. However with 3 Threats, I have him fall backout of the cockpit due to recoil. To which the Captain just turns around and shoots him, the seals up the cockpit. So what does the Droid do? Goes to the Engine room and shoots it to High Heaven. I am talking 1 Triumph, and like 3 Successes and 2 Advantages. So I say he destroys it, and ignites the fuel. He only has like 30 seconds before the ship explodes. HE runs back to the cockpit and get the Captain to surrender and they run from the ship just before it explodes. They get their Bounty and now have a Asteroid Base. They didn't even need the backup. I was concerned for no reason. LOL TL;DR: They still won... LOL
  4. Winner winner chicken dinner! I kept thinking, as I read the long post, why does anyone have to die (well, aside from the droid at this point - and even that's negotiable). Capturing them and throwing them into the slave pens to toil away on the Captain's Teka Nut farms or being forced to battle for their new master's pleasures in The Arena are perfectly acceptable outcomes - and open the door to eventual slave revolts and uprisings. So yeah, drop the hammer on them! Oh, I really like this idea!! I will have to incorporate this. Because you are right, they stormed into a fortified position who knew they were coming and prepared for it. They walked into a trap, and now it springs. They shouldn't expect to win at everything just because they are PC's.
  5. Well to be fair, the player and I have talked about this certain scenario happening for a while. He does have a backup of his memories on the ship, and it is more that he has switched to his own side but is playing a part right now he isn't fighting them indefinitely. However, having him have an emergency backup that could be triggered is an interesting idea. Oh I like that idea, and could work pretty well. I don't know about having Vader show up quite so quickly though, especially just for some pirates. I want to see how the PC interacts with the new change and don't want the Sith to show up quite so soon.
  6. So here is the run down, my PC's have taken on a Bounty for these three Pirate Captains who have formed a nice little Niche. The first Captain was easy fight, 1 Rival (The Captain) and 6 minions. They beat him pretty easily, interogate/torture him to have him give up his buddies. Which Leads us to Captain #2, this was supposed to be tougher. 1 Nemesis, The Pirate Captain from the CRB, 3 Rivals, and 4 Minions. However, they spotted his bluff and instead of them going in to help a distressed ship venting atmo, they start shooting it to ****. They eventually hail them and suggest surrender, to which the captain agrees. The PC's have this whole planned out, they are going to walk them backwards with their hands in the air, Captain first. Only the Captain isn't the first through the door. Once the Pirate crew gets through the airlock, the guns on the pirates ship start to shoot at the umbilical. Then they stop and the engines kick on and the airlock starts to close. One of the PC's Jumps across to the other side, just before the pirate captain rips off the umbilical and jumps into Hyperspace. Now for a little background on the PC that jumped ship. He is an HK-50 Assassin Droid, except that his Assassination protocols are locked away behind this firewall because 4,000 years ago after he completed his mission his was set back to his protocol droid settings so that he could walk around unnoticed. However, they ship he was on was lost in space after its hyderdrive stopped working. So he has played this entire campaign on these Protocol Droid Settings( Smuggler Thief ), all the while knowing what was hidden back there but after 4000 years of floating in space his personality matrix is a little screwy. The big thing about the Assassination Protocols though is that one of the Primary objectives is to return to his Sith Master and report for his next assignment. And since his master is 4,000 years gone, that just leaves the Current Two. But back to my story, the pirate captain does a few micro jumps to obscure the trail and heads back to base to warn Captain #3 that we are coming. In flight, the droid who is not a combat oriented character, tries to avoid notice and Fails miserably on his Stealth Checks. The Pirate Captain notices the noise, and closes off the Cargo hold the PC is in and Decompresses it, not a problem for the droid who just waits till they get where they are going. Once at their destination, the Captain goes into the cargo hold and finds him. After a short interrogation, to which the PC can't pass a deception check to literally save his life. He lets slip that, yes he does not look like a protocol droid, and that he doesn't even know his original programming. (Which is a lie, and to which he fails another deception check.) So the Captain takes him into his base and has him shut down and checked for his original purpose. The slicer on base, passes the Daunting check to break through the firewall, and sees the original Programming. Captain #3 seeing the opportunity, has his memories wiped(Another Daunting Check and a Pass) and set to his original programming. To which the PC is now fighting for the Pirates, only until such time as he can find his true master, The Sith. Now then, knowing that the fight is going to be a hard one, the rest of the Party calls in a favor and has the Bounty Hunters Guild send in some reinforcements. 1 Master Bounty Hunter- CRB, 2 Journeyman BH, and 3 Amateur BH. Now the PC party is composed of a Gadeteer BH, a Outlaw Tech, Smuggler Pilot, and then the droid who is fighting for the enemy now. So not really that combat heavy. Up against them on the base, are 6 Rivals, and Two Nemesis. In the First Fight it is the 6 Rivals against the party and their reinforcements. I used the Pirate Crew Stats from the Lords of Nal Nutta Book. Should have been a rough fight, but nothing major. However, when we had to stop for the night, Only three of the Pirate Crew were dead, and the PC Pilot was out of the fight, the Outlaw Tech was severely wounded, all the Journeyman and Amateur BH were dead. So really you only had the two Bounty Hunter's still alive to fight, one a PC and the other a Nemesis in his own right. Up against 3 Rivals, 2 Nemesis( The Captains), and a PC who was forcibly turned traitor. I'm not sure they can survive. I'm thinking that I might have stacked the deck a little bit with making the Crew Rivals instead of minions. In which case this is my fault, and so I am trying to fix it. So I am trying to think of ways to fix this without it being world or immersion breaking. Any ideas? TL;DR I made a group of bad guys too strong and I'm going to accidently TPK my group. I don't want that, need to fix it without breaking the game. Help?
  7. Alright, thanks everyone! I appreciate the help.
  8. Sorry to necro a thread, but I just had this same instance come up in my game, and have not found an answer. Does the adversary talent work in space combat?
  9. Under the Laser Cannon, you have Breath 4. Did you mean Breach?
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