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  1. So, I’m wondering if it is a waste of money if I buy a pack like the Y-wing or the Inquisitors' Tie if I already have the model from X-wing 1.0. Yes, they have the quick build cards but those are listed on-line. Are their any new cards in the pack or anything that makes it worth $20 besides the new model. The X-wing has the opening S-Foils but that came in the 2.0 starter, the pack has a slightly different paint job but that hardly seems worth $20, if you ask me. Just for the stuff that is in the 2.0 conversion kits, is it worth buying the 2.0 packs that are in the conversion kits for some reason? Which models are dramatically better in 2.0?
  2. Will FFG ever release a way to play as Imperial characters? That should be there next Core Rulebook. If they do what should be included? ISB, Sith classes and powers, what else? I think a great and funny game could be just ordinary Stormtroopers that can hit anything and what happens on the days that they actually start hitting things.
  3. I think you need to add dails, maneuver charts and the bases or at least firing arcs to the app. And a way to print the list. Also an auto save feature, so when I make a change that the are auto updated to the list.
  4. I think it would just like the apps for FFGs other games. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/descent-journeys-in-the-dark-second-edition/#/road-to-legend-sectionhttps://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/mansions-of-madness-second-edition/ you actually need the board game to use the app right. When you open the app it asks what expansions you have and opens missions for you to play. It requires the boards and figures to fight each other. The app tells you what maps to lay out as you move to new areas. It isn't like any other app as it is just a new way to play with the game not as a stand alone app.
  5. A second edition seems ridiculous to me at this point. As for coming out with stuff for "The Force Awakens", the game is progressing that way naturally. The game started coming out with stuff with the just after "A New Hope" episode 4 and have since moved through "The Empire Strikes Back" with the "Return to Hoth" and "The Bespin Gambit" expansions. They are soon start going through "The Return of the Jedi" with the "Jabba's Realm" expansion which is a larger box expansion like the "Return to Hoth" Expansion. Next will likely be a smaller box expansion like "Twin Shadows" dealing with the forest moon of Endor. The third large box expansion might deal with Jakku and the fourth small box expansion will likely deal with either Maz Kanata but much more likely will involve the Starkiller planet. And then continue through future films. Rouge One and any "flash back" film that seems like a bigger question mark to me but how they or if they incorporate those film into the game.
  6. With Fantasy Flight Games and Games Workshop splitting up, what happens to the digital edition? It is basically a digital version of Fantasy Flight's Revised 4th edition of Talisman and Nomad Games produces it for Games Workshop, so how does it work? Can Nomad still produce the expansions for the digital edition? Who holds the right to what for this game? The mechanics likely revert to Games Workshop but the art and the expansion created by Fantasy Flight Games belong to Fantasy Flight? This seems like a crazy mess.
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