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  1. You see, it is an extra 5,000c for a droid socket.
  2. It's like the writer said "Herp Derp, This is a Rebel ship? I'm going to name it George."
  3. Wow... i feel that 2.0 has been a bit of a nerf.
  4. I thought it was that the Empire turned down the contract in favor of F-16s TIE Fighters. At least it isn't as bad a being turned down for a space station with a thermal exhaust issue...
  5. *Emperor voice* Destroyed you say? Good.. Now I plan on running Ryad with Gunboats to slam bam and have that stressless turnaround (I hope she still has).
  6. Yeh... I suppose it is. Cosiddering 3,000 years earlier they just replace your face with a mask.
  7. I gotta say the medical overall is fantastic ala. Darth Vader.
  8. !!! Have you seen the Emperor's teeth?
  9. Seriously they should just give the rebels all the imperial ships because they've stolen each one. What is the point of playing Empire?
  10. Oh those morons! This makes me furious!
  11. Yes it looks like a Porsche but it always looked like a race car rather then a star fighter. I believe that the Porche 917 was the inspiration for the R-41.
  12. Well it is a ship from TIE Fighter, I'm having hope that we may see our beloved Gunboat become canon.
  13. R41 Starchaser in the new Disney series. http://imgur.com/a/hLAnDA2 http://imgur.com/a/TrqDtAE
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