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  1. Actually it does. It let's me fly after some ships like miranda and dash with my point bid. And bo's ability is not that good, it's just worse wedge's ability, so I'm not that focused to use it, although it's nice when it happens. I'm concidering taking adv sensors and primed thrusters on him, but fcs and optics are real good. Anyway thanks for the advice. If in local meta there will be no ps 8, ill definetely pick other ept's and take the title on blackout, beause it is really good too, especially with sensors and thrusters.
  2. Recently I started playing the Imperium. TIE Silencers seemed to me as inferior to defenders, now i think they're not. They have way better dial, cheaper ept generic, quite weak abilities i'd say, but both system and tech slots are awesome. And thats my concern, what combination of upgrades should I take? For now I've been playing this: Test Pilot "Blackout" (31) Adaptability (0) Fire-Control System (2) Advanced Optics (2) Autothrusters (2) First Order Test Pilot (29) Veteran Instincts (1) Fire-Control System (2) Advanced Optics (2) Autothrusters (2) "Omega Leader" (21) Juke (2) Comm Relay (3) Total: 99 With the idea of general firepower from action efficiency. What are your thoughts?
  3. I had much fun with Zucc like this: 36 Zuckuss w/ Attanni; Dengar; Adv Sensors; Title; along Cobra and Fenn. It has some real punch. You keep him away and usually get focus for the rest, then u almost always have focus + rr for shooting.
  4. Why would you pick K4 over Dengar on Bossk? You may concider dropping EU and picking burnout slam / dampeners instead. Also the calculation build is pricey, you may concider picking mangler instead of HLC and swap Recon for Outlaw Tech and Calc for VI or Daredevil if u prefer to keep EU. edit: Cannons aren't as great on Bossk, because he can't shoot them in his whole arc and they make him pricey. Usually you can get some crits even without mangler or so.
  5. Yeah, i meant action bombs, sorry for being imprecise.
  6. After Cad was shown to us I thought it would be great to have a ship like this: ~````40 pts. Contracted Scout w/` Intimidation / Adaptability / Expert Handling / smth else; Extra Munitions; Cad Bane; Unhinged / R5-P8; Burnout Slam / Scavenger Crane; Experimental Interface; Proximity Mines / other bombs; It seems to be quite a good bomber, but its pricey too, so I think there is needed a ship, that can compensate it: ```~````60 pts. Dengar w/ Expertise; K4; R5-P8 / R4-B11; Scavenger Crane; Punishing One; Counter-Measures; Also I have a question to Scout: With setup like above, can it burnout slam / barrel roll and drop a bomb afterwards? It seems to be a good move to talon roll and drop a bomb on sb.
  7. I played: Dengar expertise k4 plasma xmun unhinged title guidance Asajj ptl latts Had some success. Prefer naked Asajj, although had problems with keeping points against defenders.
  8. Recently a thought came to my mind - if 4-LOM G1A has 2 stresses and passes them with it's skill, do Inspiring Recruit work then ( and if, how )?
  9. @Jerval I had same idea recently, didn't see your post. Did you have any succes with that build?
  10. Attani Mindlink on 2 ships is not worth it IMHO, you dont get that much value, and share stress.
  11. After some break I come up with new idea to play Dengar: 48 Dengar w/ Rage; Inspiring Recruit; Unhinged Astromech; TPO; // the rest is optional and i ask you, to help me find best buddies for him ^ 30 Bumpmaster w/ Adaotability; Intelligence Agent; Feedback Array; Anti-Pursuit Lasers; 22 N'Dru Suhlak w/ A Score to Settle; Homing Missiles; Guidance Chips;
  12. I'm gonna play rebels now! 54 Rey Adaptability, Finn, Kannan Jarrus, New Title. 45 Poe9 PTL, Weapon Guidance, (vs Other) R2-D2, Black One, Vectored Thrusters (vs AT). PS: How did u make this?
  13. Since last tournament i played Bossk Trevura I'm thinking about a roster, which would have better chances winning with swarms. So I come up with this: 49 Assajj PTL, Dengar / K4, BMST, Shadow Caster, Gyroscoping Targeting. 51 Emon Proton Bombs, Cluster Missiles, Slave 1 (fluffy), Xtra Munitions, Tactician, Guidance Chips. The idea is to set a nice proton bomb into a swarm, cluster an ace for stress (after caster of course) or a big ship for dmg.
  14. IMO the best option for her is to pick her in attani list with roo and Palob: 38+illicit Guri: Attanni Mindlink, Virago, Sensor Jammer, Autothrusters, Illicit: Hot Shot/ Cloaking(prefer on Palob)/ BMS. 34 Manaroo: Attanni Mindlink, K4, Unhinged astromech, Feedback Array. cheaper than 28 Palob with Attanni. Play aggresive with Guri, use roo to buff her or mr P. It wins with Dengaroo, but has problems with strong firepower (the list is really durable, not tough).
  15. Hey, need an advice: I'm gonna play the Bossk Trevura list (not shure if Bossk without Dengar would work), so I have a few ideas for that list and have to choose 1 for a local tournament. Overtaking oncoming questions: yes, I played this list, about 1y ago. 42 Bossk without EU (with EU 46) VI, Dengar, 4-LOM8, Zuckuss, Burnout Slam. 56 Trevura VI, Protonoptional, else EU, K4, Unhinged, Glitter, HU. Dengar has about same price as Trevura, but I think Bossk needs that Dengar. Not shure if BS will do the job, but I dont have dampeners. I'm thinking about Xtra Munitions but think Glitter/Bid may be worth more than it probably(?).
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