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  1. What are the chances we see a Consular huge ship for the Republic? With potentially a Charger c70 Retrofit title?
  2. When it comes to designing ships, I've got a few questions. (not sure if they have been asked before though) How do you decide on ships to even begin the game design process for? How do you decide on what will make that ship unique? Is it based on the ships in lore descriptions? Once you've decided on a ship to add to the game, what is the process for that like? Is it as simple as y'all just saying you want to make it part of the game? Or do you have to take it up with Disney or Lucas films? Once the ship has been approved or decided it will be added, what is the process for creating unique pilots, specifically if there are not unique pilots already in lore? And finally, are things like the attack, agility, hull, and shield based off of the in-universe descriptions/depictions of the ship?
  3. Will we ever see a TIE/rb Brute in the game?
  4. Anyone have some cool pod racer art?
  5. Does anyone have any pictures of a black guy with an eye patch, that is not Nick Fury? I've got a player searching really hard and can't find anything besides Nick Fury images.
  6. http://starwarsrp.net/topic/21639-xr-95-heavy-freighter/ I found that a while ago to use in a roleplay I help run. Figured it might help you out too.
  7. Anyone have any pictures of pure black Mandalorian armor, and if it has red highlights that would be even better. Thanks in advance!
  8. Does anyone have images of tall, male Cereans wearing brown cloaks? I'm running a mission arc in a roleplay group and there is a Cerean Jedi that is a part of the Council of First Knowledge in the Jedi Order. So if anyone has anything similar to that description, I'd be super appreciative. Thanks in advance.
  9. Do either of these ships have names and/or stats?
  10. I don't quite remember if I found this here or elsewhere.
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