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  1. I don't like it either for the most part. If I can do it quicker and easier i'm all for it lol
  2. Didn't see that thread as its on page 2 and i'm incapable of pressing the next button at the bottom of the screen
  3. So lots of folk want pre painted minis - it's not going to happen i suspect so i'm going to share a few basic painting tips for you that will put the mini's on the board painted in under 10 mins per model. They wont be masterclass but will be good enough for a battlefield. It is all about ink washes. Those of you that paint and paint well will enjoy doing a proper job those that don't paint this will do you. Stormtrooper. Spray white. Nuln Oil wash (GW) paint into the recess of the armour, the knee joints and such like. Leave to dry If you want the Stormtrooper to be dirty just wash the whole figure. Gun either paint black and then wash with Nuln Oil or just wash straight with Nuln Oil. That's it. It won't look amazing but it's painted. Rebel Soldier (Human) Spray white Wash clothes in Athonian Camoshade (dries Light green) or if you want a brown colour instead use either Seraphim Sepia or Agrax Earthshade Nuln Oil gun Kislev flesh on hands and face and then wash with Reikland Fleshtone This is a real basic way of getting a quick painted figure. It ain't fancy but it works and will take less than 10/15 mins per model. Below is a pic of some American infantry i did for Bolt Action using a very similar method to the one i've described. Hope it helps some of you none painters
  4. Exactly, I don't play IA but it just looks like it without the board sections lol. I was hoping for mass AT-AT's and AT-ST going at repulsor tanks and the like with air support and speeders thrown into the mix. Imagine that!!!
  5. I think they've missed a trick tbh, I was really hoping for FOW scale (10/15mm) so we could have some truly epic sized battles. Currently its giving off the vibe of being a small skirmish game which is such a shame.
  6. Come back when you have more history
  7. I have a set of red regional dice that have an uncanny habit of rolling 3-4 blanks at a time. It's becoming a standard joke at my gaming centre ?
  8. So while a vast chunk of your fleet is dealing with a swarm, the rest of its dying to your opponents ships. Dont get blinkers on those Ties ?
  9. Gutted to miss this, but the wife in her eternal wisdom booked tickets to Legoland Windsor this weekend. So it's two excited kids for me instead of one excited big kid! i wish everyone all the best, have fun and enjoy the event. Please take lots of photos and post them up here for those that can't make it to enjoy.
  10. Thought I'd share most of my painted stuff to date. Enjoy. These range from when I first started painting some 18 month ago to today. Thanks for viewing. Dengar Bloat Ewings Bwing - rest are still WIP Angry Lizards Ig-88 Firesprays Xwings Awings YWings Jan Ors Z95s Scurggs Yt-2400s Ghost Transports Jumpmaster Tie Swarm with Howl and Mauler (flash panels)
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