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  1. Brobots point cost should drop a rock (even then no one would play them)
  2. Pretty useless for me as I never win, but I guess it works.
  3. Everything except the cost of Jakku Gunrunner. It's not being played that often anymore.
  4. spacelion

    And tlt is?

    I can make that 5 attack with Kavil and Trick Shot.
  5. It's not that hard, just do a delayed stream. If someone wants to cheat it's very difficult to prevent. Someone just needs to wear a smartwatch and another person sends numbers, the guy just clicks the dial that many paces from the 1 straight. You can't block this kind of cheating.
  6. Does Kavil with Trick Shot roll 2 extra dice when shooting through an obstacle with a turret not forward facing?
  7. spacelion

    Mining Guild TIE

    Ooh Drea + Ahhav + 5 other TIEs is a build!
  8. spacelion

    Mining Guild TIE

    How many of these can I fit in with Drea Renthal
  9. small based ships should roll for damage when landing on large base ship.
  10. Just keep on increasing the cost until it doesn't show up in tournaments, then decrease the points until it's not an auto-include.
  11. Put 3 M3A in squad each with HLC. after save the point total in squad is accurate but the cannons are not reflected in hardpoint in list.
  12. Munitions Failsafe allows me to cancel all dice results from an attack to regain the charge. Cluster Missiles says to perform the same attack after this attack. Can I perform the 2nd attack after cancelling all dice results from the first salvo, and still regain a charge? Another question is, can I use the 2nd attack on a ship I'm bumped into?
  13. I would love to bring a swarm to your game, give you perma stress.
  14. 6 more weeks, rez this thread then and see who's right and who's sky has fallen.
  15. I would make a thread like this and figure out which one sounds the coolest.
  16. I dont see why a bounty hunter should bother with sparing an Imperial / Rebel - the guy who hired me is not the guy shooting at me, and if I can do a better job, that just means my price doubled.
  17. gonna have to mod it so the peg is behind so i can fidget spin my fang fighters and annoy the crap outta my opponent
  18. I think it's modelled after the Immelmann turn (which was in Wings of War) , you fly straight and do a U turn right at the end to end up to where you were. It's actually more complicated than that due to the fact there's no gravity in space so while you are pushing forward you will be spinning as well, but there's that.
  19. So it's automatic 3 damage on anything that has shield
  20. The alt art ones with movie stills should still be worth a bit. Those are timeless.
  21. Maybe they just dislike the way he has a 4 attack range 1 at PS9 against any arc dodger. But then again that meta had no arc dodging.
  22. Are you gonna create a thread for each and every grouse you have ? Complain complain complain that's all you are good at doing.
  23. If my Tel dies in the same turn that Moralo flies off the board, does that mean my opponent has won or do I get to redeploy stuff in my reserves ... this is one funny combo that I hope I will get to do. Also what if Moralo flies off a corner , as opposed to an edge.
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