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  1. That's awesome, @Gunner070! I'd love to see them when you finish them!
  2. Doh, totally right @Hiemfire I got Bastila and Satele confused again. That happens a lot with me because of the same last name. My bad! And I know Bastila fell to the dark side, but she started and ended on the light side, so I still think of her as a light-sider primarily. That said, I suppose that does mean it might not be a predominately light side power. Plus, looking at the ARC-170 expansion again, looks like Palpatine has it built-in, so my guess is it will be neutral. Or, maybe it will be double-sided like Palpatine probably will be? Light side gets Coordinate, Dark Side gets a Jam action or something along those lines? That could be really cool.
  3. I hope it is light side only. I only know of two Force Users in canon who ever mastered it: Yoda and Bastila Shan, both Jedi Grand Masters. Plus, it is all about teamwork and buffing your friends, not anger and aggression and self-promotion as would be the sith way.
  4. Thanks for the info! That's the part I don't have experience with, gauging the value of a Force charge+Evade action vs a Focus that doesn't cost a Force charge (and I didn't actually work out the probabilities of the dice roll). It's good to know that Evade is still better than Focus on 3 or less defense dice.
  5. You are right, I didn't experience the insane token stacking in 1.0, but I have heard about it when listening to all the changes made in 2.0. I think my point (and again, this may be my lack of actual experience coming into play) is that if the Evade is basically a white Evade as found on other ships, except that it costs a Force charge, it doesn't seem very good. Mathematically, would it be more advantageous to take a Focus in the hopes of being able to change multiple dice from Focus to Evade or Hit instead of guaranteeing an Evade on a single die? Plus, if you Focus, you would have an extra Force charge available to change a Focus on either defense or attack or to power one of the pilot abilities (like Obi's ability to get that Focus you took as your action right back). I am not saying the purple Evade has to be a bonus action, but I don't see how it is value added unless spending the Force charge lets you "break the rules" in some way, like the previous idea of still having access to that account even while stressed (effectively the same as Fine-Tined Thrusters in that regard).
  6. They better be more than just spend a Force charge to take that action as your normal, unstressed action or they will never be used. I would rather spend my action taking a Focus and saving my Force charges for Fine-Tuned Thrusters, changing dice on attack or defense, or the pilot's special ability. If they were just normal actions, it would make the Delta-7's subpar of it contributed to their cost. I like the idea that they can still be used even while stressed. That would make them worth something.
  7. Haha, I am too new of a player to know how broken it might be. I was just theory-crafting based on what I saw on paper. Faction-locked would probably make sense though.
  8. Personally I was thinking Rey with 3P0 could be quite strong and fun. Get all the dice fixing tokens 🙂
  9. And the end of the title that you can barely see looks a lot like Meditation. Between that and the fact it is a Coordinate action, it must be Battle Meditation. It's in the announcement article for Wave 3
  10. Personally I am most curious about the purple action mechanic not because of the evade but because of the Battle Meditation Force upgrade in the Delta-7 expansion pack with its purple Coordinate action 🙂
  11. Thanks @thespaceinvader I will be sad if your best guess is the case. From everything I have gathered, the Evade action in 2.0 is pretty weak, so if it costs both your single action and a Force point, it hardly seems worth it. The article made it sound much better than that, but maybe that's just FFG trying to make it seem better than it is. I look forward to seeing the official rules update.
  12. Hey everyone! I am a new player, drawn to X-Wing by the new Force mechanics and the prospect of being able to fly Jedi fighters! I read the preview article today but am still a little confused by the purple evade action on the Delta-7. Since I am not a practiced X-Wing player, please forgive if this question reveals my ignorance. Does the purple evade costing a Force charge mean I can take a normal action (e.g., focus) and then spend a Force charge to take an evade action as well? Similarly, does the Delta-7's ability mean I can spend a Force charge to both Focus and barrel roll? If this is correct, can I combine the abilities and spend 2 Force charges to Focus, Evade, and barrel roll after I fully executed a non-stressful maneuver? Thanks!
  13. I posted a similar build above since I love Kare's maneuverability, but I was using Ello instead of Snap for another initiative 5, highly maneuverable attacker. After the points update, I think that list is now sitting at 196 instead of 200. I have never played it though, since I am a new player and was just theory-crafting something that looked fun to fly with one of my favorite ships from Star Wars. So, I would be very interested in hearing how the tournament goes, too!
  14. I am a new X-wing player looking to build my first list, and I love the look and maneuverability of the T-70. What about this for a 3 T-70 list? Would this be any good? T-70 X-wing - •Kare Kun - 75 •Kare Kun - Woman of Action (53) Outmaneuver (6) •BB-8 (8) Afterburners (8) Integrated S-foils (Closed) (0) T-70 X-wing - •Ello Asty - 60 •Ello Asty - Born to Ill (56) Integrated S-foils (Closed) (0) Heavy Laser Cannon (4) T-70 X-wing - •Nien Nunb - 65 •Nien Nunb - Sarcastic Survivor (55) Heroic (1) Integrated S-foils (Closed) (0) Pattern Analyzer (5) Heavy Laser Cannon (4) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  15. That's still something. Where did you find them? Are you aware of any tools to create custom cards?
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