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  1. With 1.0 being brought to an end (except for all those playing non competively) - just wondered what your favourite games where and maybe even favourite ship? Think my favourite memory was introducing three Star Wars mad people to their first ever miniatures game of any type. I used a typical thematic game of Luke and Wedge versus Vader and two named Tie Fighter pilots. We had a great furball and it seemed the perfect way to introduce new people to the wonders of cardboard tokens and modified dice. Favourite ship of 1.0: T65 X Wing
  2. Cheers to everyone who has replied - it’s much appreciated. I’m thinking about buying a couple of extra Scum 1.0 ships just to balance things out. My thoughts were the Guns for Hire expansion pack to get hold of another Khiraxz fighter and my only StarViper. Then, in famous last words, I’m probably done. The collection is complete. There is no conflict
  3. I have a modest collection from 1.0 and wondered how balanced you think each faction is based on my collection. I’m interested in knowing how even the fight would be in 1.0 and 2.0 terms? Also any suggested acquisitions to even things up (the more cost effective the better)? Rebels 1 x B Wing 1 x Y Wing 4 x X Wing 2 x A Wing 1 x Falcon Imperials 8 x Tie Fighters 3 x Tie Interceptors 1 x Tie Bomber 1 x Tie Advanced Scum 1 x Firespray 1 x Y Wing 2 x Z95 Headhunters 1 x M3a Interceptor 1 x Kihraxz 1 x Hwk
  4. How can 2.0 be played in the future once they withdraw support for the app? At least with 1.0 there is a infinite shelf life as everything pointswise is printed on the cards. Apologies if this has been asked and answered before, but this is an expensive hobby to maintain.
  5. Just when I think I’m out then I‘ll read a bit more on 2.0 versions of the 1.0 ships I own and it pulls me back in! I think for me though the situation is I’m providing all the ships for infrequent casual play with friends who like OT Star Wars. I’ve own a few 1.0 Scum ships to keep things interesting and varied. I’ve tried playing at local gaming nights, but my fleet was obsolete and the level of play too advanced. Of course people were friendly and helpful, but I don’t think it’s what I’m looking for ultimately. The obvious answer is to ignore 2.0 and just leave things be, but if 2.0 streamlines the game somewhat it might make it more appealing to friends of mine.
  6. Hard not to have sympathy with those who have already invested a lot in 1.0 and don’t fancy the start-up costs of 2.0. I’m still undecided and might well flog my 1.0 gear and get into something else altogether. Not sure I can justify the price of converting to 2.0 just to play a few games every now and again with friends.
  7. True enough, but it’s also a great place to look and learn from others so there’ll be more than a few rookies on here. Or else there’s a lot of modest people on here too - which is a good thing!
  8. Cheers for the advice. My collection was originally bought for a few casual games with friends and then it got out of hand, haha, as these things do. Not including the 2.0 core set, I’ve got the following that has been gathering dust: Rebels: 1 x B Wing 1 x Y Wing 3 x X Wing 2 x A Wing 1 x Falcon Imperials: 6 x Tie Fighters 3 x Tie Interceptors 1 x Tie Bomber 1 x Tie Advanced Scum: 1 x Firespray 1 x Y Wing 2 x Z95 Headhunters 1 x M3a Interceptor 1 x Kihraxz 1 x HWK When I’ve looked at the contents of the conversion kits, I’m not sure it is value for money for me as I don’t intend to play regular competitive X Wing. My hope is that 2.0 might breathe new life into some of those ships while simultaneously making the game more accessible to friends who just want the odd game.
  9. I’m terrible at building squads and fully understanding the synergies between ships and pilot abilities which is key to the game. It’s too complex and although I could stand on the shoulders of giants and borrow lists, I like to work things out for myself. I prefer the less complex and OT ships - just wish more of this game was based around recapturing ace moments from the films and less around deathmatches involving the more obscure craft and characters from the Star Wars universe.
  10. Cheers for any answers to this thread. I’ve ordered a core set of 2.0 to play test, but definitely feel conflicted about going all in and converting what is a pretty modest 1.0 fleet (some of each faction). Out of interest, if you were buying or selling second hand 1.0 models/stuff would you pay more to have them converted up front or would you rather have all the old stuff? I probably need to drop into a local gaming night to see what the score is.
  11. Is 2.0 aimed at casuals, competitive players or both? Or is it too early to say? I bought enough stuff for 1.0 mainly to play casually with friends, but found that when it was taken to gaming nights it was already obsolete which soured things for me. I’ve not played 2.0 yet, but if there is a chance it might add life to the older waves in 1.0 and the OT starfighters then I might consider getting back in. I’m buying a core set to test the water - anyone got any opinions on this?
  12. You must do what you feel is right, of course. -Ben Kenobi
  13. I'm struggling to think of a more hollow victory in this game.
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