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  1. There certainly could be further rules, but this isn't exactly the same as devices, where we don't have a card that explains everything they do. I know you are simply speculating at this point, and that we don't know if "relocate" or any other potential keyword will be defined. What I don't understand right now is how anyone is convinced, without any other rules to support it, that barrel rolls, reverse maneuvers, and anything else that would cause a ship to move without moving over or overlapping the BDS token will tote the BDS along. I am curious, if FFG does not have any additional clarification, or the rules for remotes say "do what's on the card," how anyone could justify moving the token in any other way than what is stipulated on the card.
  2. Where does it say that it moves any differently once attached? Where does it instruct anyone to move it other than when a ship moves through or overlaps? I'm genuinely curious how the jump happens from what the card says to how it in any way attaches to a ship, or moves any way other than "relocating." What if they say nothing else, and the card is the only thing that governs how it behaves?
  3. From what the card says, there is no trigger for the Buzz Droid Swarm to move until and unless an enemy ship moves through or overlaps it. You overlap it on a maneuver, the other player relocates it to your front guides. You then barrel roll. Did an enemy ship move through or overlap the BDS? No, therefore it does not relocate. There is nothing on this card to indicate otherwise. Text from the article is not in any way rules text, so unless some kind of reference comes out that indicates "latch" or something as a keyword that moves them with the first ship that hits them, they have no other way to move. If this is the full text of how BSD works, and at this point it is as far as we know, then "an enemy ship moves through or overlaps you" is the only trigger to move it. At this point it's a matter of doing what the card says, and don't do what it doesn't say.
  4. FFG is now letting stores know that the Season Four Attack Run kit will arrive on 3/21.
  5. One of our local players has been doing QD, Backdraft, Scorch and Starkiller Base, and I've played against it a few times now...it's good.
  6. Incorrect grammar is no joking matter. Millions of people die from it every day. Seriously though, I didn't get that it was a joke, so my bad. I appreciate your subversive dig at pretentious correcting (And did you sucker me into doing just that? If so, well played.). But maybe someone will learn something of value from this thread today!
  7. Nope, it would be "Who is ready for the Leia Poe Meta?" Who is used as a subject, whom is used as the object of a verb or preposition. The easy tip for this is to substitute he/she or him/her. He/she = who; him/her = whom. Her is ready for the Leia Poe Meta? (incorrect, so not "whom") She is ready for the Leia Poe Meta? (correct)
  8. As the community begins to take ownership of continuing Runewars, we look at the efforts that have been made so far and what is still developing for the future. Shane's new tournament document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MTWOPL1s-E9KmMXU_IPoc3DLSQv48SchbanyhoUbHYY/edit Luke's survey: https://goo.gl/forms/j8C5zm23US0NGQLe2 Then we end with a big announcement! Thanks for listening! http://initiativeone.libsyn.com/website/episode-28-putting-in-the-work
  9. I am also not going to spend a lot of time digging in to each post in this thread, but a lot of these suggestions seem to take away some of the things that make Runewars unique. If you come up short on a charge, you should have the consequences (especially since you can measure!). You'll know if it's definitely in, definitely out, or too close to tell. If it's too close to tell, you either decide to do it knowing you might fail, or do something else. If you dial in a charge but get charged first, then your opponent outplayed you. You can see the board state, reference the dials for their units, and know it's a possibility when you set your dials. You have all the information you need to make a decision. If you don't think your opponent will do it and they surprise you, then nicely played on their part. If you hit some terrain, that's on you as well. It doesn't move -- you know where it is, what your units can do and how big they are. Like charging -- if you think it's too close to tell, either accept that you might hit it or don't do that move. This can also be solved with some maneuvering practice and play experience. These are core design elements of the game that make it what it is. Take those away, and it's a different game. As far as the rock-paper-scissors discussions -- yes, there are turns and activations where it feels like you have a guessing game against your opponent. It's not fun to guess wrong, and feels great when you guess right. Two points about this: 1. You are guessing with full information when you set your dials. You know the initiative, the runes and what all the units on the board can do and when. 2. The guessing game situations are arrived at through prior decisions -- so they are a direct result of strategy. This imaginary game state, which does now have elements of a guessing game, was arrived at through strategy decisions. From the point of view of the Latari player, let's consider the prior turn. Spearmen are somewhere in front of me. I know a certain range of where they can end up. They could move one forward or sideways, or two through four forward. What do I think they will do? And if that's what I think they'll do, how do I put my Darnati in a position where I have the advantage? If my goal is to fight the Spearmen next turn, and they'll have initiative, maybe I want to be at range one so I win the charge on initiative three. But if I am at range one, and they know I can win the charge, they could dial in the initiative seven attack with hit mod -- do I want that to happen? Or they could rally and defense up to soften my charge. Maybe instead of trying to close to range one, I actually dial in a late march plus shift, hoping to catch them off-guard by just colliding so I can swing with a modded attack next turn. But then I know that they have options -- they can swing earlier (and can knock my threat down with a decent roll), rally and defense up to absorb some of my hit if they just want to hold me up, or take the losses from my swing and attack on seven, but likely with only one tray left. In some of these scenarios, the Darnati can probably gain the upper hand, but they would have had to take a different approach to the turn you are illustrating. All these decisions are informed by the rest of the game as well, and both players' overall plan of how to win. Of course, maybe I don't want my Darnati going head-to-head with the Spearmen anyway, so maybe I should have done things on prior turns that allowed me to try to outmaneuver them. I know you were just trying to illustrate a point with a visual representation of what you mean, and I am not trying to pick apart your setup -- I know it's not meant to represent a real game state. My point is that when the game gets to a point of guessing, you can't separate that from strategy because that's how you got there. In your example, my response would be that the Daqan player made the better decisions leading up to this turn, and the Latari player made decisions that got them to a spot they don't want to be in, so that's why the Darnati ended up on the bad end of a guessing game.
  10. Well, we finally have some news, but it's not the news we wanted. But, we start with our report on our biggest tournament in a while (8 players!), and a breakdown from a special guest on her first Runewars tournament experience. We also give some feedback on our lists and Shane's newest tournament tweaks to see what we thought. Then, of course, on to the news that Runewars OP is shut down. While it doesn't seem to bode well for the future of the game, and we likely won't see any new releases either, the beginnings of a community effort to sustain tournament play have begun. What are the plans so far, and what does it mean for you, the Runewars player? While it's still new, we believe there is some reason to be hopeful. Thanks for listening! http://initiativeone.libsyn.com/website/episode-27-the-community-endures
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