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  1. Sounds like a convincing win? I expected Antediluvium to be extremely tough, and it might still prove to be, but I had a comfortable win against it in on my first attempt.
  2. After an 11 game winning-streak it's fair to say Bob and his Angels can buy all the AOs...
  3. Assuming a four-investigator game... Akachi, Kate, Bob, Mandy. I'll let the results speak for themselves. Enjoy
  4. Paying particular tribute to “the eldritch horror” Cthulhu does make it feel final, but i hope not (of course business factors apply). I pretty much love everything that was added, but haven't had much chance to play lately. I thought I’d have a problem with resources, but the fact is it allows characters who never have a realistic chance of acquiring higher value assets to do so – if they can spare the time. Obviously, Nyarlathotep, the investigators and personal stories are all great additions, but what I didn’t love is what wasn’t added, namely the New England sideboard which to my mind the game is screaming for. It could’ve/should’ve been Nyarlathotep and Dagon, or Nyarlathotep and something like the Dunwhich Horror, stalking New England. Or if this is to be last expansion, all three! Opening a big box expansion which is only a third full was disappointing, to say nothing of the financial slap. So either they’ve ended things a bit poorly for me (which would barely take the shine off a game that I intend to be playing for many years), or are trying to stretch out a couple more expansions. Which would be preferable. As long as there’s a NE board coming. Day off work. I’m off to have a crack at Nyarly
  5. To be fair the article twice says "newest", not final, expansion. Hope? Shangai is a surprise though - I was hoping Dagon for an AO. Why a big box if no side-board? Unless there's just that many cards...
  6. Which is even better My first guess as to how this will work is that it revolves around the "ultimate gate". In a single game if Nyarlathotep achieves it it's game over, but in a campaign scenario the ultimate gate is a unique gate token that remains on the board, spawning AOs between future games. Although the benefits and punishments that carry over from game to game will have to be very carefully balanced. I'm curious how they can do it.
  7. Don't know if I should laugh or cry. Incredibly excited but at the same time sad that it could well be a wrap-up, although as cheapmate said it could herald a new evolution in the game completely. Campaign mode will do that anyway - can't wait to see that. But everything about this sounds great, and we still don't know a great deal. One thought: the box cover, unless I'm mistaken, is depicting a federal raid on Innsmouth. New England side-board? If this is a wrap-up, it has to be doesn't it?
  8. Maybe Nyarly also uses a selection of existing mysteries from other AOs?
  9. It would be bizarre if they stopped EH at this point, having designed a game with so much scope only to explore a relatively small part of it (and it is still only a relatively small part of it). The only reason I can think of would be business-related and I sincerely hope that's not the case. I'll put my neck on the block and say EH is far from done
  10. Or how about he starts in a wakened state? His doom could start in the negative (and maybe closing gates retreats doom toward the positive) and the goal is to banish, imprison, or put him to sleep. The messenger of the Elder Gods is already awake, already crawling among us...
  11. I'd prefer to see Nyarlathotep utilize existing elements of the game through Masks as posted by Eldan, rather than be tied specifically to a side-board. The idea of Masks using all those elements would be brilliantly thematic and variable. I don't know that FFG would be willing to forego Mystery cards, but maybe the Mystery cards themselves could be more complicated. They could also try something different in terms of the Gate, Omen, Doom mechanic (or GOD mechanic :D). It's too much at the heart of the game's balance so it would be unwise to mess about with it I feel, but maybe they could try an extremely low starting Doom position (say 5) and the flipside of the AO sheet allows for much more time and freedom of play than other post-awakening scenarios. Or maybe you can still retreat Doom and flip the sheet back over...
  12. I have a no-doubt-misguided theory that Shudde' Mell represents the end of a second generation of AO's. The first generation consisted of the base 4 and 3 from the first small and big boxes, ending with Ithaqua. The second generation began with the Syzygy, which ties back nicely into Azathoth. If I'm *cough* right, and there's been no word to say the next expansion will be the last, then there's a whole third, maybe even fourth?, generation of AO's coming, with the disaster deck representing a shift in new additions that could seriously alter the influence of other factors already in play. That may be as far off the mark as it can be, but I can't see any reason why Eldritch couldn't keep on growing until it's taken over the world (because FFG is clearly just a front for a cultist temple, where they've cunningly disguised the rituals for summoning the Old Ones as a board game. Get enough people playing and the world ends. But that's another theory...). I may be contributing to the end of humanity, but I say grow Eldritch grow. And I'd like to see New England just because it has to happen, as sure as Nyarlathotep.
  13. Okay that sounds awesome. I have thought about those "dark gods" born and released respectively with Azathoth and the Elder Things. Both could represent him. There should also, finally, be a special function for the unused black token that came with the base game. It'd be another way of saying "we've had plans for Nyarlathotep since the beginning". Even if they strictly didn't.
  14. Let's assume that Nyarlathotep will feature as an AO in the game, and that hopefully he's the last AO released so that he can in some way connect and use aspects of every other AO. Looking ahead then (and maybe as a nudge-nudge wink-wink to FFG) what ways could they make Nyarlathotep truly unique and epic, to the point where he uses a near completely different system to the usual mechanics if nessesary. Unlikely I guess, but you never know. To start more simply, I'd like to see at least a dozen different mysteries for him, each representing a different guise.
  15. Gotta say I'm tempted to just place an eldritch token over the city icon on destroyed cities. It's a truly bizarre choice of token. Really should have been shaped to sit over the city pictures. That said, I can't wait to set up, give it a go, and watch the carnage unfold
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