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  1. It's Fredegar, not "Fatty". Try not to be so insensitive. It's not 1954 any more.
  2. Player side quests (with standard player card backing) are added to your decks like any other player card.
  3. 1. Rumil 2. Gildor 3. Thranduil 4. Tom Bombadill 5. Folco Boffin
  4. I feel like there's too many cards in the deck intended to get it working re: card draw, resource generation, action advantage etc. and not enough cards that have powerful effects and the game. After 4 or 5 turns I can have stacks of resources and 10 cards in my hand (with the option to easily draw more) and nothing much worth playing (because most of those cards help me draw cards etc.) Ditching Miruvor x3 in the next version in favour of O Elbereth! for something resembling punch against annoying, tough enemies. Lords of the Eldar hasn't pulled its weight so far, being most useful when I have a full party of Noldor in play, and therefore usually the quest well in hand (3 resources - 2 with leaf brooch - for +1 defence or a couple of attack at important moments is rather expensive). Guardian of Rivendell has been very good. The new Strider attachment is very good (enough to drop one copy of Light of Valinor from the deck). Courage Awakened has been MotM is most recent games. Vanish From Sight situational but with O Elbereth! around becomes more useful.
  5. Thanks. I hadn't seen the clarification in The Long Dark, and had been playing it the other way (apart from one "cheat" moment against an annoying Ringwraith). Might have to use the fudged rules for "two heroes" if playing solo, but in multiplayer when passing Frodo back and forth it makes sense not to be able to play Vanish From Sight or get the Strider bonus when babysitting the Ringbearer.
  6. Anyone painting orcs as big, heavily muscled creatures hasn't read the books. Or even watched the films properly. This isn't Skyrim or WOW. Men like Aragorn and Boromir are the hulking monstrosities of the setting.
  7. 1) When a shadow card says that an enemy engages "the next player" and makes an immediate attack, what happens if you are playing solo? Another attack against you, or no effect? 2) How does Ring-bearer Frodo interact with card that state "If you control two or fewer heroes"? The Ring-bearer "does not contribute to the hero limit", but I assume that doesn't mean "does not contribute to the hero count". Bonus Lost Realm question) When counting "Quest cards in play" does that include the standard quest card, all stages of standard quest cards yet to be defeated, just the side quests in play in the staging area..?
  8. Just played Across the Ettemoors and that seemed like a good candidate; mix of enemies & locations, and you can manage it's gimmick through the encounter cards (you don't need to bring your own healing, though it would certainly help). Was able to get a good feel for how the new deck performs in practice, and promptly throw it in the bin
  9. How would that wording interact with Dwarf cards that are played as they are discarded? Seems like they would no longer work.
  10. What are some decent, balanced quests to run when you want to test out a new deck/concept? i.e. No strong gimmicks or shenanigans designed to be played a specific way, with a healthy mix of combat and travel (gods of random chance permitting).
  11. White Council isn't great except as a smoothing card for solo game, but the cost mechanics are sound. It's the effects that needed work when scaling up. Arrows gets cheaper and far, far more powerful with more players added to a game. Goes too far in the other direction.
  12. No, archery happens at the beginning of the combat phase, same as dealing shadow cards, so you don't have an action window. They're not consistently 3, and in this case they aren't scaled to the number of players, so it wouldn't make sense to cost them that way. Instead they're costed by the power of the effect. The only time we've had X where X is the number of players on a player card that I remember is The White Council - which is a nice card, but one previous instance doesn't seem to give much cause for exclaiming "Whatever happened to" about it. It was never a general thing to have anything happen to it. It was better than this method. Maybe it should have been a general thing (feels like it's fairly common on encounter deck cards anyway).
  13. I don't like these multiplayer "players as a group spend 3" cards. What ever happened to x, where x is the number of players, and variables to that effect?
  14. Hmm, thinking about it I do see that the card draw is overly cruel to the poor encounter deck Potential triple whammy of positive effects. Alternatively: Response: After Hero of Gondolin defends against an attack, discard a card from your hand and deal 1 damage to each enemy engaged with you. Draw a card for each enemy destroyed by this effect.
  15. Is it still a Response when it's an optional Action? The threat should be 10, or Defence 2, or Hitpoints 3. Bad maths. Are quests where you end up engaged with lots of defend-able enemies with low hitpoints common? 1 damage inflicted before the attacking phase isn't especially reliable, is it? If it only affects the attacking enemy it's an expensive Gondorian Spearman effect.
  16. http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/1812/the-hidden-vale-4.0 Original deck updated for a go at campaign mode. Didn't miss Resourceful at all, but that was probably due to Frodo's help in paying for neutral sphere cards. Timely Aid gone as per suggestion. Seems a sensible decision. Close but successful, after one false start (I need to learn what a good starting hand looks like).
  17. Did FFG trip and fall into a pile of Steven Erikson books?
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