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  1. 4 is the only option I would find interesting enough to invest in.
  2. I don't think there's a point that I would quit out of protest, I already don't buy the packs that don't interest me. Although I suppose if they release 99%-fanfictiony expansions for too consistent a period I'll stop paying attention. But it wouldn't be a deliberate, toys out of pram moment.
  3. Agreed...think the quest will be unique and interesting. I'm alright with a little "fan service" or silliness in the name of a good, fun quest. While I don't have the knowledge to argue whether or not the game is faithful to the lore, I'd say it is always respectful. It is funny you mention Mordor for the next cycle...Though I think the game has a bright and long future; I've always kind of secretly thought that they would save Mordor as the setting for the final cycle so it made me involuntarily cringe a bit to read your post about going there in the next cycle! 1) I also think it sounds a fun quest. I don't see anything wrong with having something a bit lighter - there are plenty of serious scenarios out there. 2) I hope they sail into the West for the last quest. By "sail into the West," do you mean "leave Middle Earth"? Because chronologically, all these quests take place before The Lord of the Rings, so... I do mean leave Middle Earth. Any Elvish heroes could leave at any time of course, but I see no reason why all the other heroes couldn't get dispensation as did Gimli, Bilbo, Frodo, Sam etc. I also don't see why they couldn't leave before LoTR; obviously Fellowship Heroes couldn't leave but the FFG created one's could. Why would they want to? Middle Earth is a cool and good place to live, and all their friends are there.
  4. I pick cards based entirely on their art. Try that if the game feels too easy.
  5. Only because the game is designed as it is. In this system, for balance reasons your average Orc needs to be stronger than your average character, because the player can (if they choose) easily control more characters on the board than the encounter deck can provide. Now everyone knows all but the most exceptional Orcs in the LotR are weak, malnourished fodder for mighty heroes like Aragorn, Boromir and Sam. Even the biggest breeds are "almost man-high", not the muscle-bound creatures of your Skyrim or WoW. The Orcs considered killing Boromir while losing dozens of their number to him alone a big accomplishment. Enemies like Ringwraiths aren't deadly combatants, either. Their power likes in terror and otherworldy such and such. Aragorn and Glorfindel couldn't stand against The Nine all at once, but 4 or 5, sure. A more true to lore system would involve weak enemies and strong heroes as part of its core design. But this is closer than that "hobbits race each other to Mt. Doom" thing they're peddling at least.
  6. That did always amuse me. Maybe he has low starting threat because he died fighting that Balrog, and the Enemy doesn't realize he's back from the Halls of Mandos so quickly (presumably the Witch-King didn't tell Sauron all the details of the Battle of Fornost). He chases Ringwraiths around the countryside for fun, The Enemy is well aware that he's alive and kicking.
  7. Harad is west of Mordor, Esgaroth and the Iron Hills. Might as well look for Blue wizards there.
  8. Lots of things have deviated, from the art (takes more queues from the movies & other franchises than actual text), to the design/function of characters (Glorfindel of all people has the lowest threat), to the mechanics of whole game itself (most successful decks involve overwhelming individually strong enemies with a horde of weak characters... not really LotR is it). And it's not like there isn't already a Tauriel card.
  9. If they haven't quit by now they're not going to (for "true to the lore" reasons).
  10. Harad is in the south. The blue wizards went east.
  11. They've recently started re-releasing their LotR line so it's safe to assume they still have the rights.
  12. Anyone want to guess what Hunting Party does?
  13. Packs are too expensive just for a couple of player cards. I made that mistake to start and wasted a lot of money. Mirkwood teaches the game by creating one-dimensional challenges that you build decks specifically for (the locations one, the healing one etc.). It's not a fun way to learn or play. Proxy the good player cards and and buy one of the later cycles first. The adventures are more fun and you're less likely to pack it in out of boredom.
  14. Not at all. I don't know why people encourage buying the Mirkwood cycle, either. The quests are awful compared to later ones. Misery loves company?
  15. I played it that way and got pounded by location damage effects... Still won, though, so I shouldn't complain. The Balrog in the next campaign quest is just brutal and not fun at all.
  16. Are 'when an enemy engages...' effects (as in The Ring Goes South) triggered when players optional engage those enemies?
  17. Cool, that makes the most sense. Luckily in a Silvan deck there are plenty of cards I want to recycle more than Sneak Attack.
  18. When you play an event does it immediately go into your discard pile? If I play Sneak Attack to put Galadhrim Weaver into play, her power lets me shuffle the top card of the discard pile back into my deck. Would that be Sneak Attack or the card before? Does Sneak Attack persist 'in play' until all of the weaver's effects are resolved, or even all of its own (lasts until the end of the phase)?
  19. There's a lot of movie influence on the game, especially in the art. It's not a 100% faithful rendition by a long shot. And we spend more time battling hulking WoW/Skyrim-style orcs than Tolkien ones.
  20. Leadership Frodo with a 'Two or fewer heroes/Less than 5 characters' power would be most appropriate imo.
  21. What's the logic behind a Tactics Frodo? He's got to be the least battle-ready hero in the story.
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