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  1. It was released in the same pack and it serves to remove the only interesting aspect of using that hero. This is a boring design objective, even if the word boring wasn't literally written on an office whiteboard and underlined three times.
  2. It's a card that shouldn't exist, really. It's primarily designed to make Spirit Glorfindel a boring hero.
  3. Not all the rings! Yeah just the named ones. If we get lesser rings they should be able to go on just about anyone. Or like only dwarves can wield the seven sort of thing. It's not like the seven were made for Dwarves. That's just the number Sauron gave to them. The One Ring is special, having been made to control the others. The Three are special, as they were made in secret away from Sauron's touch. The other sixteen were general purpose.
  4. That's one way to read it, and people who automatically buy every pack are welcome to do so. I own probably half the expansions and to be honest that's enough. I've got plenty of quests to play through, so anything new has to be worth it. Based on the art alone, with no other considerations or judgements, this pack falls short for me (and I have bought packs solely for the art of specific cards before, although that was when the game was new and exciting). I feel no great urge to own WoW "Gimli" and a ugly knife.
  5. Legolas is nice but it has that typical simple detail out of place (brown knife why?). Gimli is a World of Warcraft dwarf. The shield is very PJ's The Hobbit and both it and the knife are way too Magical Fantasy for my tastes as a fan of the books. Based on the art I won't be buying this pack.
  6. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/225043-taking-initiative/
  7. Ally Celeborn is another big omission that will hopefully appear in a hero Thranduil box in the future.
  8. Reminder that in the books Sam was perfectly willing to let the Ring go to the Enemy when Frodo died because it's a servant's place to die at the feet of his master. He only didn't go through with it because he realised Frodo wasn't actually dead. Wake me up when we have ally Elladan and Elrohir.
  9. It's the Middle Earth scale where 1 is snowfall on Caradhras and 100 is Sauron's hand (and so Gil-Galad was destroyed).
  10. I play Song of Wisdom in all my Silvan decks (as in http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/2431/beyond-their-borders-solo-campaign-1.0),as the extra sphere gives access to another 3x return ally to hand card (and other tricks). It does depend on Nenya being able to do the same thing to give the deck decent consistency though. There are a decent number of cards in the game that let us ignore sphere requirements, so I suppose they're not all that important to smoothing strategies.
  11. 4 players + everyone packs Keen as Lances.
  12. Tree People on Galadhrim Weaver then play Galadhrim Weaver to put Tree People back in the deck for later.
  13. Using Galadriel's normal ability twice in one turn is more than worth it,
  14. Sorry, those are the only two combos. Good luck!
  15. Yeah, there's the word ''reveal'' in the text... intriguing! "Play only if you control a unique character with the XXX trait, and another unique character with the YYY trait. Action: (choose, ready, remove, discard) a character you have committed to the quest to discard a non-unique SOMETHING in the staging area then, reveal an additional encounter card."
  16. Sometimes the language used creates a lot of needless ambiguity. If "player engages", "enemy engages" and "put into play engaged" mean mechanically the same thing, you've got to wonder how all three versions got through proof-reading.
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