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  1. I haven't found archery too threatening so far, Galadhrim Healer with Elrond's ability cleans it up pretty effectively. Maybe I've just been lucky. Only just realised the version of the deck I posted doesn't have Daeron's Runes and Deep Knowledge in it. Was wondering why people were recommending them. Been using both for a while.
  2. Elf-Stone seems like it could be quite useful in this quest.
  3. Test of Will makes the deck worse because it requires a spirit resource to be held back and steals deck space from allies (Tree People & AVGT need a high ratio) and card draw accelerants (I'm told the maths make sense). Same for Light of Valinor. Good cards overall but disruptive to the gameplan and of limited utility when playing solo saga and Elrond is often Naith-ready. Steward of Gondor has to be saved up for which, again, makes this deck worse in a game where fast, strong starts are (usually) incredibly important. But if I start adding a few more expensive non-Silvan allies this may need re-evaluating. Sneak Attack on one hand allows double-dipping on Silvan 'when enters play' effects, but on the other doesn't allow for the quest+other phase readiness that normally playing allies does with Galadriel. Again it's holding back 1 resource when 1 or 2 means another ally being played permanently, I've never been absolutely convinced of its value here (except when Haldir is in hand). I am playing a thematic deck but the aim is as much to lean hard into the play-style of the archetype as it is to only "use Elves and what Elves would do". My Sneak Attack Steward of Gandalf deck would look entirely different (probably keep Galadriel she's the best).
  4. Hold the line is a frequent lifesaver in a deck where all newly played allies get +1 defence and don't have to exhaust to commit to the quest. I've never paid any attention to the secondary effect. Strength of Will is another favourite of mine for how often it's useful in practice, but it dropped out of the main deck somewhere along the Anduin. Vilya by contrast has been generally awful for me and probably requires far more tailoring than I'm willing to do to make it excel. Elrond's the third man in this team and should be respectful to his in-laws and their strange ways. Captain's Wisdom is a recent trial addition due to how often I was having heroes standing around ready at the end of rounds, and because I wanted to make the Elladan and Elrohir allies easier to play to try them out. Resources haven't generally been as big an issue for the deck as getting enough cards in hand to spend them, even with Galadriel's card draw (Nenya's skill is only used in emergencies/sprints to the finishline, and if it wasn't for ringbearer resources in the saga I'd have probably dropped it) and picking allies back up. With Elrond's ally-playing ability smoothing things over I barely notice when O'Lorien doesn't appear (not really but it's far from crippling), and events are deliberately almost all 0 cost. I tore up my copy of Steward of Gondor because it's so broken. Similarly all other "must-haves" from the core set. My "test of will" is to take treacheries on the chin (or cancel them with Frodo and The Ring). Sneak Attack is walking a fine line.
  5. I've been using my Silvan deck solo (roughly http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/5511/defence-of-lothlorien-solo-3.0 I chop and change a lot. I know Vilya was cut at some point and I removed Hithlain for Helm's Deep. Been trying out the Elladan and Elrohir allies too; amazing when out together on Orcs-only quests). The locations that provide 'your number of allies +1' threat are devastating to me. Especially the game where I drew two of them. It feels like ideally I would be letting locations fall to get them out of the staging area. If I win the quest phase things mount up even faster and makes the next few turns so much harder. Then I progress to the second stage of the defence with adds a new active location so no easing off there. And then we die.
  6. I had a rough enough time with chasing down the Uruks, now Helm's Deep is giving me an absolute hiding. One wrong move and things fall apart so quickly, but equally one good turn and the staging area escalates beyond all hope of recovery. Any tips/strategy for this quest? It's proving a real roadblock. Really disappointed with this expansion so far. The whole game suffers from snowballing/death spiral quest design but these quests feel like they take that to an extreme.
  7. I did have Greenwood Archer appear during a combat phase A Very Good Tale-ing last night, which was a very nice way to add 5 attack to my Silvan deck's field when the Ringwraiths were starting to mount up.
  8. Greenwood Archer's readying sounds really good until you realise it only works during planning when you're least likely to find it useful (combo shenanigans excepted). 2 attack ranged is nice in the sphere though for sure.
  9. Parting Gifts isn't made obsolete by A Good Harvest as some heroes can have abilities that activate via resources, and some abilities are based on the size of a hero's resource pool. Transferring resources to a specific hero has value in the right deck.
  10. The problem with Rohan is (as the LotR MMO found) it's rather homogeneous and therefore really boring. The Land of the Horse Lords contains nothing we haven't already encountered in great detail. As a region to explore or use as a jumping off point it's been there done that.
  11. 50 cards is the minimum for a real, not-practice deck.
  12. Spirit Barliman hero, Nob (recover ally from discard pile) & Bob (search top 5 cards for Mount) allies.
  13. I was really hoping the Greenwood/Mirkwood branch of Silvan would diverge somewhat from the standard Lorien mechanic, since they're not groups that work together in the period the game is set.
  14. If this site wasn't still on my Chrome start page I wouldn't keep track any more. Haven't released anything I'm interested in in a while.
  15. Couldn't disagree more. Care to elaborate? Okay. I have to say I DISagree with Gizlivadi. I'd much rather see NO more FFG created heroes than non-unique heroes. Non-unique heroes just seems RIGHT for some reason.... multiple copies on the board etc (I know thats sort of the whole point but it just seemS right).
  16. The body humour and way action scenes are shot in the Hobbit is just awful.... Most of the dwarves are reduced to absolute morons in the first two movies and it is painful to see them bumble through Goblin Town as seemingly invincible juggernauts. Every time it looks like any single one of them is about to fall to their death in a deep crevasse something ridiculous happens that puts them back on course. I find it extremely painful watching some of these scenes. Keep in mind that the story is from Bilbo's perspective, and those sequences (Goblin town escape, barrels etc.) occur when he isn't around.
  17. It looks like the artist has never drawn a human being from life before.
  18. The Lore version will never see widespread play with that godawful art.
  19. If anything I tend to end up with a big stockpile of resources on at least one hero after a few turns of games. Maybe I'm building decks wrong, but card draw is almost always a more limiting/deciding factor in quest success. Even when using a hero like Elrohir I rarely seem to have enough consistent demand for the extra resources to make it worth it. It feels like a luxury for a lot of decks. I'm sure some of the 75% of decks that are using it are doing so out of habit not necessity.
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