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  1. It annoys me that the Watcher in the Water encounter deck doesn't include any cards starting with a E. It's like they intentionally wanted to prevent Elven discard decks from being able to enter Moria easily. It was their riddle!
  2. Proxy yourself 3x Wait No Longer. Makes a huge difference to Tactics decks ability to quest, especially when playing solo.
  3. Voice-overs? Has to be the most expensive videogame feature to do right, and when you get it wrong it's always a disaster that most of the playerbase will hate. Why do so many first-time developers try to implement it? Fools and their money, I guess.
  4. I assumed they'd all died tbh. Quiet as a tomb around here.
  5. Because their work isn't "perfection". A lot of it actually sucks.
  6. Galadriel eats Glorfindel for breakfast in terms of power.
  7. Sounds like it. I've always been reluctant to use Elf-stone in multiplayer games, it never works out how you want it to.
  8. The first two LotR saga boxes are probably my favourite sets they've released and definitely my most played. The campaign aspect is great. Would have been cool to see it added to the other cycles that tell a straight story.
  9. There are still some pretty major gaps in the roster (heroes and allies) it will be annoying if it dies before they're filled.
  10. Not if your heroes aren't Elves or ringbearers (or Gimli).
  11. I've found Elrond pretty essential to making the whole Silvan gimmick work reliably.
  12. Pipes irl are not cool at all but the dunedain one is pretty nice.
  13. They accidentally printed two orders of Poros instead.
  14. Already making a crude proxy magic ring like many an elf before me.
  15. The only reason you wouldn't be able to keep the same heroes throughout is if you use Arwen. She's an Objective Ally for two of the quests. I was playing through the Khazad Dum quests this weekend and they can be quite punishing solo. Pitfalls that can instantly kill off a hero, surging hordes of enemies that strike harder when undefended, a single mounting unique threat, these are things that beat a solo player faster than a group when they arise. But they're not any harder than Dol Guldur, or quests in the Mirkwood cycle (when you go in blind and didn't know the correct gimmick). I gave up on trying to play two handed a while ago. Too much to keep track of. I make enough mistakes as it is (at the end of every combat phase do this, at the end of staging do that...)
  16. I've always just recycled the encounter deck whenever it emptied. Restricting it to specific phases seems unnecessarily complicated and far too kind for this game. Not the only rule I've realised I've been playing harder this week.
  17. Updated my deck for the quest (and to generally be closer to what I've been using). http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/5673/defence-of-lothlorien-helm-s-deep-solo-4.0
  18. I don't much like Defender of the Naith. 2/2 isn't enough to survive most reasonable enemies, and the first turn 3/2 isn't great either. Might as well just use a cheaper chump most of the time. The readying effect is also of limited use, beyond AVGT. It won't normally be exhausted heading into the combat phase. And the art is bad.
  19. Add me to the list of Amazon customers who were sent a Senor de los Anillos Khazad Dum. The Dwarrowdelf cycle is pretty playable without Khazad Dum, just add some random filler from other sets. Then when you eventually get it they'll seem like brand new quests again.
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