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  1. There is a point, though. If we accept that the word "another" is ambiguous, then Merry, Nenya, Spare Hood and Cloak, Elrond's Counsel, Graive Cairn, and Small Target, become completely and totally overpowered. I mean, I guess someone can submit a rules inquiry about every single card in the game that used the word another, but that seems ridiculous to me. If 'another' was the only definitive word on those cards prohibiting multiple actions you might have a semblance of a point. Your obsession with a single word means you're missing the forest for the trees. And sentences are forests, friend.
  2. I think this is just about it... Heroes (Starting threat: 29) X Elladan X Arwen Undómiel X Erestor Allies (8) X 1 2 3 Dúnedain Hunter X 1 2 3 Trollshaw Scout X 1 2 Galdor of the Havens Attachments (28) X 1 2 3 Elven Spear X 1 2 3 Keeping Count X 1 2 3 Rivendell Blade X 1 2 3 Secret Vigil X 1 2 Silver Harp X 1 2 3 Steed of Imladris X 1 2 3 Ambush X 1 2 3 Athelas X 1 2 3 Healing Herbs X 1 2 Protector of Lórien Events (18) X 1 2 3 Blade Mastery X 1 2 Feint X 1 2 Quick Strike X 1 2 3 Elven-light X 1 2 3 Stand and Fight X 1 2 Will of the West X 1 2 3 Expert Trackers
  3. Ha! The other deck is Elladan/Erestor/Arwen and focuses on discard effects (Elven Light, Silver Harp, Stand And Fight...) and cheap attachments (Keeping Count, Rivendell Blade...) to power both decks. I haven't written up the list because its oversized and I've just thrown any useful cards as I've found them. With so much card draw, consistency isn't as important. Speaking of, I've dropped Lorien Guide from the first deck for Master of the Forge to make getting hold of the vital attachments easier. And noticed that Vilya wasn't in the list I posted for some reason. Ranger Provisions has also been dropped because Elrohir's Leadership is the most important stockpile. On the wrong turn losing one from him to gain one each on the other three heroes isn't worth it to me. I need to make room for Tale of Tinuviel, too, I think.
  4. They can, but they don't have to. See all the Dunedain attachments. None explicitly says to "choose another hero" but it is implied that you choose one because it says "another hero". There's also the small matter of those attachments being physical objects being transferred from one hero to another.
  5. As I have already pointed out, no one is disagreeing with your definition of "another" as a single article. The issue is that the sentence structure does not preclude the existence of multiple single articles in the count. Had they used 'other' instead of 'another' there we would be counting up each resource token in play before applying the subtraction for the subject hero's own Keeping Count. It's usage makes sense in both readings.
  6. Attached hero gets +1 Attack for each princess in another castle above the current number of princesses on this card.
  7. List from last game: X Elrohir X Glorfindel X Elrond Allies (12) X 1 2 3 Imladris Stargazer X 1 2 3 Lórien Guide X 1 2 Northern Tracker X 1 2 3 Warden of Annúminas X 1 Henamarth Riversong Attachments (13) X 1 Celebrían's Stone X 1 2 3 Dúnedain Warning X 1 2 3 Ranger Provisions X 1 2 3 Miruvor X 1 2 3 Star Brooch Events (25) X 1 2 Common Cause X 1 2 A Test of Will X 1 2 3 Elrond's Counsel X 1 2 3 Fair and Perilous X 1 2 Hasty Stroke X 1 2 3 O Elbereth! Gilthonial! X 1 2 Strength of Will X 1 2 3 Lore of Imladris X 1 2 3 Peace, and Thought X 1 2 Secret Paths
  8. Glorfindel's card is "Another" Keeping Count from Elladan's. He applies 4 x +1 Attack to Elladan. But Elrohir's card is also "Another" Keeping Count from Elladan's. There are multiple single entities in play that invite comparison. "Each resource token on another copy" applies, so there's another 2x +1 Attack to apply to Elladan's attack. The German card strongly implies that your definition is the intention. But strictly speaking the language does not support that. It's bad technical writing. Congratulations on deciding the card sucks, btw. I'll continue to enjoy no-cost, no-effort attack bonuses of 1/2/3/4+ in my decks that happen to make good use of it. It's proving far more efficient than Elven Spear and Fair And Perilous.
  9. I've recently been playing with a pair of thematic decks based around Elladan and Elrohir, and I'm currently using the latter with Glorfindel (Spirit) and Elrond. Since my card requirements for Elrohir himself are small (mostly I'm saving his resources for defending), and Glorfindel doesn't require much deck-space to get himself moving either, I'm finding a lot of my card choices are coming down to what works best with Elrond's abilities. He's honestly felt like rather dead weight so far, with his high threat and good stats wasted alongside the other heroes, who handle combat fine on their own. Any recommendations for cards or strategies that bring the best out of him and Vilya in those spheres? Imladris Stargazer is an obvious one, but I have a bad habit of getting them killed by treacheries.
  10. The argument that "if they wanted you to do x, they would have said y" doesn't hold water because there is a better way to say every interpretation of the rule that has been discussed so far. The English version of the rule is needlessly vague whatever you believe the intention to have been. The card doesn't state that only one other copy of Keeping Count is taken into account, when that would have been easy to establish in the text. In the above example, "each resource token" applies to 4 tokens on Glorfindel. It also applies to 2 on Elrohir. Nothing in the language prohibits the player from applying both 4 +1 bonuses and another 2 +1 bonuses. Both are copies of Keeping count other than the one on Elladan. "Each token on one more copy" is bad grammar.
  11. All "another copy" rather than "other copies" clarifies is that the subtraction for the heroes own copy takes place before adding them together. "All tokens on other copies" would result in 5 (Glorfindel + 3 (Elrohir) - 1 (Elladan) = +7 Attack. "Each token on another copy" suggests that you take 'each' instance into account. I played it as 6, though it didn't matter in that case as Elladan was only fighting an Orc guard at the end of Dol Guldur. If the German version is what was intended I'll be a little disappointed, but not really because Elrohir took out the Ringwratih with a +4 from comparison with Glorfindel a couple of turns earlier. It's a great card either way.
  12. This whole cycle feels more Hornblower than Lord of the Rings to me. I'll probably give it a miss. I'm personally a bigger fan of the game than the lore (I don't dislike Tolkeen, but I wouldn't call myself a fan) so the setting change doesn't bother me. If it allows for interesting, fresh mechanics then I'm okay with it. But more freedom can lead to over-complication--something that is seen a lot in the "Pirate"-genre in board/card games (I'm looking at you Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles) so I am hoping they manage to keep everything well-streamlined. I'm the opposite. The game is fun, but I wouldn't be playing it if it weren't for the IP. I've generally avoided the invented characters and less "authentic" quests. Might change my tune once I've run out of stuff to buy, though. Who knows?
  13. "Attached hero gets +1 Attack for each resource token on another copy of Keeping Count that is above the current number of resource tokens on this card." In my last game I had 3 copies of Keeping Count equipped on heroes. Glorfindel had 5 tokens, Elrohir had 3, and Elladan had 1. When Elladan attacks an Orc how much bonus attack does he get?
  14. This whole cycle feels more Hornblower than Lord of the Rings to me. I'll probably give it a miss.
  15. Thanks, needed reassurance that I wasn't cheating.
  16. Dunedain Hunter reveals an enemy and has you "put it into play engaged with you". Does this effect fulfill the requirement for Expert Tracker's Response "After you engage an enemy..." Using one immediately after the other, have you actually engaged the enemy or has the hunted enemy skipped the actual engagement action step? Should the card read "Engage that enemy"? Similarly do enemy 'To engage...' effects occur when using the Hunter? Thanks
  17. Elladan & Elrohir allies to match each other's Hero card sphere.
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