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  1. Me too. ETA: next Friday - which will be six months, 2 weeks, and five days from when I made the order. Rassa frassa staggered release dates...
  2. I doubt that kind of thing will be introduced in an RPG book. Somewhere (Pablo Hidalgo, maybe?), I got the idea of having the in-universe year the Death Star was destroyed be 1977. The calendar is dated from some unknown even that involved the Old Republic, Coruscant, or something like that. The Clone Wars started circa 1955, ended around 1958, and Han and Chewie finally found the Millennium Falcon in 2011. That makes it simple for players, and since the calendar started a couple of thousand years ago, the calendar's founding event is pretty irrelevant.
  3. Just don't roll a Despair on that Coercion check, you'll end up like Vincent & Jules with Marvin. "Oh! What the frak's happening..." ☠️
  4. Cyphers & Masks is shipping now, release date 8/2/2018, according to the Upcoming Products page. Hallelujah.
  5. The Upcoming products page has C&M as Now Shipping, release date August 2.
  6. All vehicles piloted by someone with the Defensive Driving talent have Defense that can't be reassigned.
  7. Also, Creative Design can apply to any crafting check - blasters, armor, lightsabers, droids, all of it.
  8. So, Cyphers and Masks - April 26? Any big products due out from FFG next month that might push a book out a week?
  9. What would be really hilarious, is if when you get the package, you tear it open, and it's Cyphers and Masks. Those **** spies!
  10. FWIW, that's the skill challenge mechanic, from D&D 4e (albeit with the number of successes increased, since in D&D you could only get one success per roll, IIRC). In my experience, you have to lean in on the narrative descriptions & such to keep them from being kind of boring. Or have something else going on at the same time. Another idea for the "PCs are a band" setup - one that lets you also do some more traditional Star Wars adventures - is that one, some, or all of the band members are spies for the Rebel Alliance. And don't forget about shady promoters and club owners with ties to the Hutts, Black Sun, Crymorah, etc.
  11. Besides, that's what all the robes and cloaks with hoods are for. "What'd the shooter look like?" "He was wearing one a them long capes, with like the hood? Wait, no, it was more like a poncho. Like those four espos over there. Except not them." [Espo detective sighs, closes datapad.]
  12. Perhaps they decided to save the previews for closer to the release dates, so as to avoid having the previews posted, then Mr Murphy invokes his law, the book is late, there ends up being a year between previews and book release, and hype and interest generated from the previews has dissipated. I'd save the previews until the ship is in the harbor.
  13. I haven't played the game, but I believe that is a captured Raider-class corvette, painted in Rebel Alliance colors.
  14. GAMA Trade Show would be my guess, plus possibly employee illness and the like. Nobody in the office who had time to update the page - it's probably not a high priority.
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