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  1. The game gives you ways to heal horror. Both in the equipment it will give you during the scenario, or in the cards themselves when you flip them. Not all the horror cards you are given are bad.
  2. I think you have misunderstood the cards. You don't end the game if someone completes what the card says. But if you complete the game, and at that stage, the insane investigator has managed to complete their goals, then they win. It gives you an edge on "do I trust them now or don't I?" - do you go with their suggestion, which seems reasonable, or are they only saying it so they can win the game? You dont know. But either way, the game doesn't end when they achieve a goal...
  3. Do we have an ideas / suggestions thread for future expansions? I couldnt find one, so apologies if I missed it. However - I would dearly love for them at some point to make the following from Lovecrafts books... Egyptian themed - new tiles are in a pyramid, exploring some of Lovecrafts books like Nyarlothotep Mountains of Madness - Lets leave the enclosed buildings, give us some outdoor themes - get us up in the mountains exploring one of the best Lovecraft books Ancient Aztec Ruins - exploring outside in the jungle, and inside some Aztec ruins, mazes and the like The Colour from Space - a farm based theme, exploring the outdoors, the meteorite remains, the farm house, the well.. or some of the great Arkham books they released recently, especially: Ire of the Void - have us following the story from the book (no spoilers here) but it would lend itself well to the Mansions system Dirge of Reason - exploring Arkham and investigating the problems from the story But generally, some open air, outside adventures would be great. I know its "Mansions" of madness, but the system you have would lend itself very well to outside gameplay if the tiles were done well.
  4. I hate dice. Every game has dice. If you want dice rolling, play... anything else!
  5. Mine turned up today (UK) - didnt expect it for a few days!
  6. Awesome, just got the update on ios too Cheers folks
  7. Just had notification from the delivery company that my pre-order of Streets will arrive tomorrow!! But there is no app update - so I can't play it! Has FFG said anything about this? Kind of annoying to have a game you paid for and not be able to play it...
  8. It's FFG. They would sell you their grandmother if they could fit her in a box with some custom dice, so rest assured you will get more terrain than your wallet can handle.
  9. I'm not sure "saving" would be the right word. I'm sure once they have exhausted all the popular, classic and much loved locations they will eventually move on to milking the new places.
  10. Took about 2 hours. We saw one monster. Was very underwhelmed.
  11. Wow, we had the complete opposite. Was over in no time, almost nothing happened, and the there was next to no challenge. Really not worth the money at all this one.
  12. This is correct. Surprised the mighty Julia didn't know this
  13. Bruce, this is fantastic! I am amazed at the lack of replies here. Question - how do we share the scenarios we make? And where are the scenario files kept? I'm worried I will build some, then update the program and lose the files! Can I back them up somewhere?
  14. Yes, sorry, edited. My apologies for misleading anyone or causing any issues. Not my intent. I hope the rest of the tips are useful, but I can remove the post if not.
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