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  1. How about this: Wedge + BB-8 + PTL Poe + R2D2 + PTL (or R2D2 + VI + AT) Luke
  2. Razgriz25thinf, do you think T-70 and T-65 synergises well? In my opinion, squad consisting of both versions of X-wings is so beautifull fluff-wise and by looking at it. Idea of Poe and Wedge + generic T-70 tempting me a lot.
  3. Wow, that gives very good action economy! I should reconsider this combo. Thanks for explanation!
  4. A very interesting analyzis, thank you for your work on it! As a new player, I have one question. Popular build for Poe is BB-8 + PTL. But is it synergetic? When we use PTL, we get stress, and BB-8 will not work on next turn. Because BB-8 grants free barrel roll, when we reveal dial. And we get out of stress by executing maneur, not revealing it. So, this combo limiting usage of BB-8 for every second turn. Am I right?
  5. Thank you, guys, I highly appreciate your advices. It is wonderful that this game has so helpful community.
  6. Hello, ladies and gentlemans. So, I try X-Wing and I actually like it. I highly interested in this game. I already bought TFA core set and play a couple of games with my friends. The game looks dynamic and interesting. What I want now is advice how to enlarge my forces to 100 pts for both sides for playing with my friends in home. If possible, at first time I don't want buy a lot of stuff. So I want to purchase things, which is fun to play, which I will use later and which is not much expensive. What will you advice to me? For the ships I like the beauty of TIE Interceptors, Phantoms, X-Wings, Y-Wings. How about Rebel Aces and Imperial Aces? Is 1 T70 + Rebel Aces and 2 TIE/FO + Imperial Aces a good choice? Should I buy additional T-70 and TIE/FO for pilots and upgrades?
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