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  1. I am a mission writing noob, looking for any help I can get on an idea I had. I own a LEGO Star Destroyer and wanted to do a Snubfighters Vs LEGO Star Destroyer (SD) Mission. Setup: -Players choose 1 faction to take on the SD, the Fighter Squadron is then built up to 200 points (open to opinions here, not sure 200 points is right) from that faction -1 Player controls the SD -Play area: Place two 3x3' mats side by side, no obstacles The Mission: -SD deploys on 1 short side, rear of the SD up against the center of that side. Fighters deploy on the opposite side within range 3 of their table edge -SD moves 1 forward at PS 0, and each turbolaser battery takes an action (Focus or TL) -Any ship that overlaps the SD at any point is destroyed and deals 1 damage to the SD Victory Conditions: -Fighters win if the SD is destroyed -SD wins if all fighters are destroyed SD Stats: -2 Attack (per turbolaser battery) -0 Agility -15 Shield (?) -30 Hull (?) -SD has 5 turbolaser batteries, each with ~180 degree arc (this is pretty clear on the model using the raised hull behind each battery as the arc line -Turbolaser batteries turn all hits to crits (not very accurate, but when they hit it hurts!) This is my first/rough draft. Open to any help I can get!
  2. Semperatis, that looks amazing!!!
  3. Fingers crossed!!! come on wave 8!
  4. This looks awesome, Going to have to give this a try! I've always loved Gemmer.
  5. Seems like its worth the price to me. Tractor Beam looks like it will be pretty strong!
  6. Any tips for a Noob A-wing player? Love the ship, but just starting out.
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