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  1. Need more content

    I think it is safe to say there is no way they went through all that trouble just to have one 5 mission campaign then call it quits. More is in the pipeline, we just have to wait :/ I thought for sure we would see app content by now, but i imagine it isn't far off. Let the hype die down from the expansion announcement a bit first. Or better yet, enjoy that hype and embrace it while we wait
  2. Evaluating Zeb Orrelios: O RLY THO

    Your opponent will be so busy laughing at his horrible mini pose that you are bound to win based on distraction alone!
  3. Hey dysartes, this map is the map that comes in the Ahsoka ally pack which does include tiles from hote. You can see on the website it also references this : Hope that helps.
  4. Han E Rangers Hera Gideon C3P0 R2 R Smuggler R Smuggler RHC Put Planning, Black Market Prices and Officer Training in your deck, draw your complete deck by the end of round 2 and blow your enemy up with all the stacked hunter/smuggler cards. Or just roll dodges like Kenny.
  5. Worlds Doldrums 2: Fantasy Champion

    I'd create a universal skirmish attachment that was meant to make the less used heroes relevant in skirmish. Such as Fenn, Gharkan etc.. something about lowering the cost and adding something to make them worth the points then keyword it specific to the most broken of them.
  6. Will we ever get a new ****ing article....

    People who don't like rebels never watched the final few seasons. Not quite as dark as clone wars got, but definitely more "adult" (what does this term even mean relative to our subject? We are playing a board game where we move miniatures around a map and roll dice.. lol..) than it is given credit for. The Ahsoka/Vader fight alone is worth watching the entire series. But the entire story line is great and while it does brush up against existing content (if we're condemning rebels for this you should probabaly also do the same for r1... and the new trilogy), it mainly offers its own unique story that fills a small niche in the Star Wars history. I don't want to comment to much on this as it is spoiler filled but the way they ended the series was so satisfying. Nothing in your post is by any means a revelation, all pretty general knowledge we already knew or many have already predicted. Just wanted to comment on the silly fans, rebels is for kids!! portion.
  7. It happened, we got an expansion

    Really excited to see some creature love, always been enticing to me for skirmish. Nexus and lothal cats pouncing around while the bantha tramples everything in sight.
  8. Tyrants of Lothal

    Looks great, love thrawn and the dt. Lothcats is a neat surprise, they get pounce! I think this box puts rebels to bed, got a lot of content out of that show. R1 seems like the next logical choice perhaps spread out over a blister and a box. Then after that we're looking like Endor is the only viable content left centred around the OT timeline. At any rate if they take a similar time frame we probabaly still have a few more years of content. Plus then the app recycling it all. I'm definitely ok with slowing down the physical side if the releases are this good. I think the next release will be an app campaign then a blister to close out the year, possibly with another app release of sorts and then rinse repeat for 2019. It really just depends if they want to stick to campaign only content in the app or throw in some one offs and/or bonus modes like Descent got. That opens the door for less resource consuming designs which means more releases. on a side note, this game is so saturated with side missions at this point it's hard not to justify a 11 mission campaign.. but at the same time I rather enjoy the 5-8 mission campaigns as they aren't quite as large of a time investment. id love to see a way for them to recycle some of the side missions we have, especially those on the imp side in the agenda decks that, at least for me, never get chosen/played. Either way great release, great content, future is bright for IA.
  9. lol i saw the word assault and thought HOLY CRAP I CALLED IT!! nope just jokes its legion
  10. Something tells me today is our day, not sure why... something in the force.. Dunnn duunnnn dundundhndundundudn dundudnudn Deanna Anna dude duuuuuuuunnnn... that auto correct is so hilarious I'm leaving it
  11. Will we ever get a new ****ing article....

    Right but what I'm saying is technically we alreaady got a campaign, where as technically Descent didn't for six weeks . So I agree we are over due just disagree with your Descent IA comparison.
  12. Will we ever get a new ****ing article....

    The first "campaign" for Descent that released with the app was just a series of side quests put together. Kindred fire used those side quests again within its campaign. So technically the first campaign was kindred fire. It was however a full campaign unlike the abbreviated version we got. i hope the next one dropped is at least 8 missions long.
  13. Will we ever get a new ****ing article....

    I think we are just seeing the effects of splitting resources for the App. Worth it IMO!
  14. Playthrough examples for a new GM

    Fair enough, however my group won't be able to start for a few months, so I am just trying to do research/plan/stay interested while I wait
  15. Playthrough examples for a new GM

    Just curious if anyone can recommend some good playthrough examples either video or podcast, but video preferred so I can see examples of how people interpret the dice, how the GM runs the game etc.. I would also prefer if it was specific to the SW RPG, but if there are others you can suggest from other gaming systems that are high quality/good examples that would be great to. Critical Role seems to be the best quality I can find so far.. is there anything close to this involving the SW RPG?