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  1. It would be cool to see something like, you have to take X Amount of these upgrade categories, but can only actually have one of each upgrade in your army. And you have to take 1 SF, 1 support, 3 corp units but can only have a max of 2 of the same type of corp etc.. etc.. Not getting TO complicated but restrictions that promote VARIETY in a simplistic format over cooker cutterness. That is the game I want to play in. I hate seeing cards that are effectively useless because it doesn't fit the meta, or even worse UNIT TYPES THAT ARE USELESS BECAUSE THEY DON'T FIT THE META! This is a horrible game design! Kudos to FFG for trying to balance points on a yearly basis.. but we need more than that obviously. The new hotness comes out and its just everyone running Rexstar with 4 sets of over watch phase 2's. God forbid you brought a set of Phase 1's with the 5th trooper and the shot gun. Or a set of phase 2's without over watch but had the mortar!
  2. Yes agreed, which is why I stay away from the competitive scene. I'd rather just run Wookie Warriors and full Commandos because it is fun than have to buy 3 sets of something to use 1/3 of the models because my activation count cant be below 10 or I lose automatically. (obvious exaggeration but you get the point). Competitiveness can be really hard for the casual player in these games I have learned, however it does help breed the player base by giving the big tournaments a purpose at major events. I do think FFG does a good job of including a narrative event at their major tourneys, I would love to see more of this officially supported though through the game. IE. rule set systems where you are capped at 1 special forces strike team, or have to take at least A B C, or you have to have at least 2 corp units with the 5th trooper or something that adds some variety to the game versus the generic meta lists. And I know people think that will be to restricting, but I think you will find it actually opens lists up to more variety in the end.
  3. The pandemic definitely disrupted things, but let's not kid ourselves supply chain has always been a weakness of FFG. You get a great product, with what used to be unreal customer service but now I believe they shifted the blame to the LGS?, but you have to be very very patient lol.
  4. Hey team. I have been using the following 3D printed system to store my Legion minis, works great, love it. Had to get a bit creative with some units like the Tauntauns, but overall it works well. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3230819 Until I've expanded my collection to Clones with new units like the Barc Speeder and the Tank. Currently this system doesn't have slots that fit those kind of units. Just wondering if there is anyone else out there using this system, who happens to know how to design these files, that by chance has already designed or expanded this storage system. OR if anyone can recommend one to print that does fit those units. I love the magnet system, I transport my stuff every time I play so it is very helpful and I really like it just to keep it stored in totes at home. Thanks for your time.
  5. So thanks everyone for the suggestions. The group ended up having a lot of fun. I had everything set up ahead of time with all the characters laid out and green mission options. We played the opening mission, which they lost by the last die roll. Any game win or lose that comes down to the last roll is a good game in my books. Then we played the Geonosis Side Mission to gain a Spectre ally, which they won, again on the last die roll. They chose Sabine. I did game it a bit, I made the first mission easier on them as I saw them falling behind (never bothered to up the health of terminals or shut the door) but all and all they did good, and I gave them Sabine in the second mission even though I could only see that you are supposed to get an ally if it is a Lothal campaign? Very experienced gamer group so they caught on fast, and a few of them had already played a co-op campaign with me as well. There were multiple "man this game is fun" and "why don't we play this more?" comments through out the night so I would call it a success. Thanks again for the suggestions, I enjoyed getting the game back on the table for the first time in almost a year. I will say, I really hope that FFG has something else planned for this line. I know Descent 1.0 and 2.0 now seems to have run its course with that last card pack being deemed its final physical product. I know IA has been stated many times to have received its last physical product with app content for both games far and between these days. So I really hope they have a new game in mind, even if it isn't Star Wars based, just because I really do enjoy this dungeon crawl model and I've yet to play this game with anyone that didn't agree it is really well done. And with that I hope the answer isn't LOTR, because that game feels and plays very differently.
  6. I like that as well.. and then I could pick another side mission as a follow up. Side missions are generally a bit shorter to which is nice and ensures we can fit multiples into the gaming night. I can also then pick two with completely different settings, like one around Jabba's realm and then one on Hoth, or Bespin or whatever to showcase the different tiles and iconic star wars locations.
  7. Fair.. the best part about the original campaign is that mission one is specifically designed to teach the game to new players and exposes the punishment for delaying on your objectives in a shorter time frame. Might even be able to get in three missions with that first one being so short.. I do just remember some missions being fun, but impossible. A New Threat and the Han Solo one.. but I guess can just severely dial it back.
  8. Hey team. I've got a group of guys, some of which have already played a few App missions with me, that want to play the IA campaign in a few weeks. This is a legit shot for me to start up a regular thing with a new group of players. I've been away from the game for a while as my old dedicated group fell apart a bit as we blew through all of the content. So I am hankering to play some campaign again myself. We would be looking at approximately 6-7 hours of game night time. 1 completely new player, 1 played 1 mission player, 2 played 2-3 mission players and myself. I'm just wondering how I should tackle this... we will have a minimum of 4, potentially 5. If we have 5 that rules out the App, unless I just wanted to play the enemies which I would be fine with. However I would prefer to play the other side of it, the way the game was designed with my as the GM. I just have no idea where to even start. Do I start them on a super fresh campaign? Do I advance them a few missions to give a better taste of how expandable characters are? Which campaign do I even pick? Do I just pick a few fun side missions with known iconic characters? I've got everything, so content selection is not a problem.. it actually is the problem I guess because there is to much of it Help me IA community, you are my only hope.
  9. Hey. My son is just turning 3 and loves anything and everything Marvel related. I haven't tried the game yet myself, but I've played some of the other LCG's and have a plethora of other FFG games (Descent, IA, Legion, MoM 2nd, LOTR etc..) and know the top quality of product they produce. I'm assuming 3 is to little, as he is still learning basic numbers and letters, but I almost wondering if I should start collecting pieces of the game now for us to play down the road.. as I got into the LOTR LCG late and it became very difficult to track down the scenario packs. To the point where I stopped trying and just focused on the Saga expansions. How many years off do you think he is, on average obviously every kid is different, from playing ?
  10. It's pretty fair for people to be a bit shocked when they see price increases of this magnitude, whether the increase in quality matches the increase in price or not, which in this case I believe it does. I know my small group was a bit shell shocked by this, they were coming over for Warhammer and absolutely loving the cheaper price point of this game. So it was kind of like a... what the **** man? moment. There is no doubt a higher price point will influence new and potential players, as well as sticker shock some existing. However, I do believe FFG knows what they are doing and realizes the increase in quality of product will pay dividends as this game grows in popularity and begins to compete with games like Warhammer at major gaming events.
  11. I believe the Complete game quote is from Navaro... but he is no longer with the company? So who knows! Rebellions are built on hope after all..
  12. I think we definitely see an adjustment to Wookies. Remember that the points adjustments are aimed strictly at tournament play and not casual play. Davey on the LVO stream said they specifically keep a sharp eye on what is doing well at tournaments and even more importantly, what isn't. Wookie Warriors have been noticeably absent from high end competitive play and as such I fully expect to see them on the point adjustment chart this year. Scale on WW would be pretty awesome.
  13. My counter to that is Imperial Assault campaign was very popular. While I agree people enjoy playing as both sides, there is definitely a market for playing as the light side. Fallen Order would be another recent hint for that.
  14. Trimming the fat all the way down for a sell off because they cancelled two unsuccessful games? Doesn't really make sense... they literally just launched another hyper successful game with Marvel Champions. Legion and X-Wing continue to carry the torch on the Star Wars side of things, with Legion nearly doubling its player base with the release of the Clone Wars factions. I can see them not venturing into LCG territory, but a sell off is a little out there.
  15. This is selfishly something I have wanted for years. I really enjoy the LOTR LCG and have played quite a bit of it, but got into it late so tracking down content was tough. Arkham Horror LCG is amazing and has been hyper successful, but I am just not in love with the lore. Marvel Champions is off to a hot start and is a game that I am gearing up to be able to play with my kid here in the near future as he grows up, so that is awesome. The formula is obviously very successful for FFG with proven successes like LOTR/Arkham, and Marvel Champions showing us they don't plan to slow down on this type of game. I was really hoping the death of the first LCG meant a Co-Op was coming, but knew that couldn't be when Destiny was announced. But now that Destiny is dead, do they lateral over to their proven, successful formula of a Co-Op LCG? Is this something that would interest you as a Destiny player? In before the "im salty cause my game was cancelled so no I don't want anyone to have any fun" replies.
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