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  1. My wife is not going to be happy about this. More, I need MMOOAARR!!!! The guys over on the RuneWars forums did a great job of making custom terrain tutorials, perhaps thats something Sorastro will walk us through one day
  2. I am excited to see what the future holds for you And then in turn, us
  3. Sooo @Sorastro was Legion the reason you visited FFG? Did you paint the ones in the display case?
  4. **** this might finally be the game that gets me into minis, I was able to barely avoid RuneWars because of release timing and RL schedule, but by the time this come out I'll be long settled into my new career and probably in the dead of winter.. you clever devils FFG.
  5. How the Descent app works is that they created new campaigns that just draws on the existing content. The more content you own, physical content, the more in App content there will be. For instance, owning one of the expansions opens up possible side quests which draw upon tiles/monsters/bosses from those expansions. You also get the whole weapon/item selection expanded with each purchase. Then they went a step further and created an expansion that SPECIFICALLY uses content from one of their big boxes, Nerekhall. Its a really good campaign, their best for sure. So we can totally expect to be able to use every single expansion/blister we've bought to this point, immediately yes and in the future with expansion specific campaigns. I also imagine they are improving on this model for Star Wars as the allies/villains are much more prominent in this game.
  6. Might hurt our ability to bring in miniatures players, might hurt our existing player base. With the IA app coming out I don't think that FFG is worried about sales for IA though... they are going to sky rocket. For Skirmish? It might not have an immediate impact, but might put the writing on the wall ala Destiny did for the LCG.
  7. App confirmed, in testing, as I said in the other thread this finally puts the debate to rest. You don't make it to the play test stage if you are still fighting legal battles, lol. Just curious to all the negative nancies, how does it feel to be so wrong? Because it feels GREAT to be SOOOOO right Christmas release is my guess, thats why they staggered the box releases differently.
  8. App confirmed, I know we wanted it announced but honestly at least this can FINALLY shut everyone up who is trying to say FFG can't make an IA app. You have it from their mouth, its real, its made, its being play tested. I am still guessing it is a Christmas release and that is what they are aiming for and why they staggered the box releases from the 'norm'. Guys, get more excited about this! Until now we've had to dig up fleeting mentions of the app as proof, now we have actual live confirmation that it is IN PLAY TESTING. Not development, not just trying to battle legal crap like everyone who has no idea what they are talking about says, its in play testing. With software, while it is difficult, the release is immediate. No wait for print, when its ready it comes NOW. So it is very realistic to see it out in the next few months. Get excited guys!! Were so close and are 100% shut the haters up confirmed!! "The app is very complicated, I spent some time working in the digital department and one thing I learned is software development is time consuming. We have a pretty big team on it, we're working hard on it and getting it as done as soon as possible." What can we do to help? "Pray." Where are all the negative nancies now!?!?? Crawl back to your caves trolls, we have finally shut you up.
  9. Ok I haven't had a chance to test this list and am posting from iPad so I'll just put the link sorry for the laziness. spemt a lot of time humming and hawing and ended up similar to the world champs list except I don't have access to two elite pirates. Could switch Shula for the pigs. My thought is that I can burn 4 activations between care package, hiding pirates, and my jaws black market prices punching bag before I even need to get to valuable first turn moves. With 8 activations it really puts my opponent in a tough spot. They can wait for round 1, but round 2 you won't want to be passing. I feel like there is a lot of good offensive and utility and I should be able to burst when I need to and run objectives when necessary. Thoughts? I also thought of a bantha over epigs and devious schemes but then my command card room gets eaten up fast with jundland Terror.
  10. Interesting feedback, thank you all. I will do some more testing with Onar versus BT-1, I 'haven't used BT-1 a ton yet so I haven't seen his bomb squad flop yet. I hate the idea of missing a 4 dice attack though. Onar I would play like he is a melee almost..
  11. Hrmm well if I take out BT and replace him with Onar it starts to make the Jawa a lot less useful just to get at C3P0.. so I could drop Hera for Threepio on the Temp Alliance, then I have 8 points (dropping TC as well with BT). So I guess another set of elite weequays, or Shyla.. or Greedo +? Starts changing the make up of the team pretty fast.. hrmm.
  12. I think the app is inevitable at this point due to their re-staggering of the boxed expansion release dates, Christmas is wide open. I also believe that a blister wave will accompany it for Q4, something following the Rebels releases we've seen so far, but I also wouldn't be surprised to see Yoda, the last real big name left from the OT?
  13. Hrmm thoughts on that? I really liked BT's ability to pack a big punch and also a lot of little ones Onar is great for soaking damage I guess and hitting hard?
  14. Thanks for the input! Anyone else? How would you play this list? Think its an aggressive style list? Sit back and wait? Bit of both?
  15. Hey I've been a bit out of the loop the past few weeks as I've had a bit of a career switch and am getting re adjusted. I've got a store tourney coming up in a few weeks I wanted to build a competitive but fun list for. Let me know what you think of the following: IG-88 w/ Focused on the Kill 7 Elite Weequays 3 Elite Jawa 6 BT-1 w/ Targeting Computer 2 C3P0 1 Temp Alliance 4 Hera 3 Gideon 1 Black Market My thought process with this list is that Iggy does his thing. slow advance either picking targets across the map with BBG like an Alliance Ranger or getting up in their face with RRG, the Weequays act as his ranged support, hoping that the enemy targets Iggy versus them, allowing them to hide and do their thing. BT-1 comes in as either focus fire on a unique like Jedi Luke or another Iggy, or spray and pray against some troopers. Good old Rebel Care package to keep my team focused (basically will just be for the pirates, so I should be able to keep them focused every round). Hera adds that extra support/utility, I really like this character the more I use her, not quite offense but not quite support, somewhere in the middle. Gets my units that extra jump off deployment and keeping her close to the hunters will get me even more use out of their attacks. She also packs a decent punch AND is another smuggler to take HP for Black Market. And the E. Jawa just does Jawa things, I think I will mainly use him to try and score that extra VP each round or finish off a 1 HP unit. I included Black Market to help me scroll through those ever popular hunter cards. Command cards: 3 Assassinate 2 Tools for the Job 2 Heightened Reflexes 2 Blaze of Glory 1 Ballistics Matrix 1 Negation 1 Tough Luck 0 Element of Surprise 0 Planning 0 Take Initiative 0 Urgency 0 Positioning Advantage Cards: 12/15 Points: 12/15 So right now I've got 3 slots left and 3 points, I've got a lot of options to look at but some of the ones I am considering is a combination of: 3 On the Lam (not as good here as it is in most merc lists, but it still would work for 3 deployment cards and 4 units) 1 Glory of the Kill (Benefits a lot of my units, but mainly was thinking it would be good for Iggy and might even be able to stack it with Blaze of Glory to negate the damage) 1 Camouflage (I find this card has a ton of utility and can even be great for keeping the lower health support units alive if they get blitzed) 1 Hunter Protocol (potential to upgrade Iggy to 2 surge for 2 damage each, or BT-1 for more recovery/blast) 0 Toxic Dart (Every offensive unit is either a hunter or a smuggler for me) 0 Devotion (Help me get at Blaze of Glory sooner, similar strat to using it for SoS) 0 Celebration (Self explanatory, would go this route if I picked up On the Lam) Any thoughts on my deployment list or command card selections? Advice on how to fill those last 3 slots? Any key cards you think I am missing?