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  1. Sorry that did come off a little harsh, what I was trying to say is that I really thought FFG would have stepped their game up on the minis to promote their game. I've seen a lot better paint jobs on other RuneWars minis than this, or was this not an official FFG supplied army? If it was just someone showing off their stuff then I apologize, much better than I can do.
  2. Wow are those minis 'professionally' painted? Or were they just a quick paint job by someone at FFG to get it on the table? I really hope nobody paid for those. Or maybe Sorastro has just ruined me for 'table top' quality
  3. I HOPE it's the app, I hop the app is what is holding everything up. They seem to be playing their cards even closer to the chest than normal about new info, FFG is renowned for secrecy but we're starving over here. The other option is they could have messed something up ala the Bantha Rider wave, they tend to go quiet when that happens to
  4. Awesome info so far, thanks so much to both of you. One thing to add from the IA experience is that they really, really enjoy going over how to build their characters. So when they pick a character they are looking more at the class type (even though classes don't really exist in IA, but class types sort of do (Tank, Melee dps, Range dps, Support etc..)) and how they can flesh that characters abilities out versus 'how much can it blow up' or 'whats our best tactical advantage here'. This has forced me to alter a fair amount of the game play though as their party composition can turn a bit sideways ignoring the tactical side of things, which is why I always try to just flesh out the narrative and add events or characters that weren't supposed to be there. So in a way we have been playing a RPG lite, or bowling with those blow up thingies in the gutters, we've cut our teeth on the experience. And from what I can tell, they enjoy that side of it more than the formula gaming, "We move X spaces here to target this for X damage to move this X spaces to terminal B" etc.. that composes a lot of the IA experience. THAT is the reason I thought this transition could work, and I do truly believe it will. I guess.. I don't want to put a ton of pressure on the first experience, but I just thought if I did my proper research (I am a researcher for a living, so these type of games I think will be right in my wheel house) I could make it that much more enticing which in turn should help it stick with this group. I am going to re read through the beginner pack tonight to familiarize myself with the game again, a more thorough read than the first skim, and maybe even try to play a few scenarios out myself to get a taste for it and use that towards my 'selling' of the game. I kind of didn't like the idea of it being just 4 force users all together, I liked the idea of playing as Rebels with Sabs and Troopers working side by side with a Spy and a Commander or something. Or EoTE where it is a Smuggler with a bounty hunter and an assassin etc.. but it's good to know there is a bit of diversity among the force users themselves.
  5. To play devils advocate, we had no idea what kind of character 0-0-0 would be and this article really opened up our eyes. Plus they plugged an all droid list, something we haven't really seen them do before (even show an example list). And they fleshed out a few new command cards as well as gave examples of re using existing ones (which I would rather we had new reasons to use existing cards versus just got a bunch of new ones). I have to say that FFG delivered on the article and from what I can see so far, this blister pack. But I do agree with you it's been pretty quiet otherwise and this article was long over due.
  6. Hrmm interesting, so if they are mainly interested in being Jedi, can they be Jedi from a different source book? My understanding is that force sensitives show up in other books? We could play the F&D beginner pack just to get exposed to the game (and because I already bought it), then switch over to EoTE or AoR beginner guide again to familiarize with that area, and get an extra set of die, then move forward with that core rulebook? Or do you think a bait and switch from Jedi to Rebels/Scum force sensitives would be to drastic?
  7. Hi all, first off thanks for taking the time to click my thread. I'm looking for input on how to transition a group from Imperial Assault (rpg lite, tactics heavy) to the RPG. This is a group that has little to no experience with RPG's (including me), but is in love with the Star Wars universe. This group has a lot of creative, high intellect individuals that I feel would really flourish in this open system versus the constraints of template or grid combat. They enjoy listening to the story and flavor text and twists and turns of the game as much as they do rolling the die and blowing things up. They are great at debating in a civil fashion how best to proceed in certain situations of missions, and as I watch them interact I can't help but think this would be so much better in a RPG setting. They dislike the random spawn points that IA is famous for and the "get to the terminal" missions that seem to be on repeat. They love the class system, the title system (Smuggler, Trooper etc..) that is involved with the skirmish command card builds. I think this lends well to the RPG class system. So where I sit right now is I have mentioned the RPG to them, I've gauged their interest in which book to play (Force and Destiny) and have even gone as far as to pick up the beginner game and start looking at the pieces myself. The timing is pretty good as we are just finishing up a campaign, so I am thinking I might bring this beginner game out at our next session just to show them (we wouldn't have time to play that night) and get them exposed to it and see if I can build up interest to make the leap at our next session. Few questions: In which way would you best describe the RPG to peak interest? Is it literally anything we want it to be? A good balance of combat, personal interaction and problem solving? How would you elevator pitch it to someone? Is it possible to have characters come and go from session to session? Our group can sometimes be missing 1 or 2 people, or the odd time add an extra person. Is it better to have a few different story lines going? Or can I just award XP to those who maybe missed the last session to let them jump into the new one? Lastly, How do you bridge the two games? How do you play a RPG without it feeling awkward? We aren't really an out going bunch, but we love playing these types of games on the computer and always have. Everyone sitting at the table their favorite type of game is a RPG, so I feel like this HAS to be a match... I just need to get that initial exposure right. Thanks for your time.
  8. What's the overall plan?
  9. Ya that side mission house rule is great. I generally just discard a Grey mission after they choose against it twice, so I let it take up a lot for a few rounds in a row then toss it aside to get more interesting missions in there. I've also fooled around with letting them have reduced cost allies, I think if you do it at a slight amount it works better than cutting it in half. I usually would do say Luke at 4 points less, take the threat, but only use it if the mission is getting one sided. So I might deploy a Probe Droid to start and have say 6 threat left over in my pool that I don't use unless the Rebels are starting to run away with the mission. This has worked great ,but requires an experienced IP who can gauge missions correctly. Another thing I've done is let them bring say the Echo Base Troopers along as Elites for no extra cost if they are coming off a tough loss. Little bumps here and there can help boost the parties morale.
  10. I have a feeling we already got our update for this week, but prove me wrong FFG!!
  11. Interesting. Right now I just use a regular pallette with tin foil over top so I can mix and match lots of different paints as I go. I definitely waste a lot of paint though, but I find I need to mix 4 or 5 brush fulls just to get the right consistency, even if only 1 brush full would be enough. Does the wet pallette fix this? Are there any videos you could recommend on how to properly use one? I had tried one at one point and I just used a piece of paper towel underneath parchment paper in a smaller ziploc container. I've got a baby coming in a few months so being able to walk away from my paints at any time and come back hours later will be key.
  12. For whatever reason I can't download the image from that link, and I can't find it under the IA Files.
  13. Now I believe you, I just want to be able to point to proof: Apply Modifiers: If players have any effects that gain or remove icons or Accuracy, they are applied at this time. This includes spending F (evade) results to remove B results. Any B abilities that provide modifiers are not resolved until step 5. So it defaults in order of attacker first, then defender? I've never noticed this but spend surges is actually after apply modifiers.. so you can wait to say what your surges are for until after your attack uses zillo? What about Power to Shields?
  14. Curious, for the timing of Zillo Technique, can someone play say Position Advantage to add a damage after you choose to discard a card or not for the block?
  15. As far as command cards go, we are building off of one CC set so I will have Negation, Call the Vanguard and Position Advantage in my deck. 3 Grenadier 2 Squad Swarm 2 Cavalry Charge 2 Inspiring Speech 2 Overrun 1 Change of Plans 1 Roar 1 Strength in Numbers 1 Single Purpose 0 Celebration 0 Element of Surprise 0 Planning 0 Rally 0 Take Initiative 0 Urgency Others I thought of Repair, Fuel Upgrade (once things are nitty gritty), Tough Luck, Mitigate.