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  1. FrogTrigger

    Missing oportunity?

    Well I think you either like Star Wars or you don't, but if you played 3 missions of Imperial Assault and all you fought was Storm Troopers then you or the Imp player did something very, very wrong :D Before you even start getting into the different TYPES of Storm Troopers (5 btw), there are over 25 different types of generic, non storm trooper, enemies you can face, not including the unique characters, which brings that total closer to 45. And that is not including the allies (15+), which also play a big role in your campaign story line. So ya.. if all you dealt with was Storm Troopers, something was done wrong :) IF we are comparing IA to Descent, I think Descent might have close to 50 different enemies you could face? Seems pretty close to me. IA actually has more potential figures/units showing up if you include allies. But if you don't care about the Star Wars characters, then ya that IP is not for you for sure. Because if you are just taking it as a shootey sci fi line, then it does fall short in a lot of areas. However if you enjoy Star Wars and are like holy crap I'm fighting Vader right now, then there is added weight. I struggle with how Terrinoth handles magic, I have never liked their system. Whether it is offensive, defensive or restorative. That is one of the main things that turned me off of Descent.
  2. I think MHD and to a lesser extent Ahsoka in the top 16 at worlds are two prime examples. But Terro in the top 4 definitely takes the cake. Not that Terro is a poorly cost figure, but just seeing him there versus all these cookie cutter meta lists was very refreshing and easy to cheer for.
  3. FrogTrigger

    Missing oportunity?

    I would love a new co-op Star Wars LCG but the interesting point has been made already that people really enjoy being able to play as the Empire and Scum in the SW games, how do you introduce that into a co-op LCG without making it a versus game?
  4. Life is funny, the old time/money/energy trifecta where it just seems impossible to have all 3 at once. I love solo board gaming and do it on a regular basis, especially since my son was born. I can drop the game and go to him any time I need to and not have to worry about holding up multiple people. I still like to get together with the old gang, but I find as life moves on and I grow up that time shrinks more and more - so I say, the more solo games the better! I will definitely be buying the core to try this out.
  5. FrogTrigger

    6 months in now...

    Wow that is... actually a really good idea. Imagine if they were able to just say "OK, Fenn is 5 cost now." I am guessing we can expect the same with IA 2.0 down the road.
  6. FrogTrigger

    End of Netrunner

    Shh my sweet summer child, the pain will be over soon. Just close your eyes and let the eradication of the game you love and have paid a lot of money for wash over you and be released..
  7. FrogTrigger

    End of Netrunner

    Wow. I am SO glad I didn't buy into this game. I was really close, I would be so upset right now. Condolences.
  8. FrogTrigger

    6 months in now...

    I must have missed this but X-Wing 2.0 has an app?
  9. FrogTrigger

    6 months in now...

    Ya and FFG has nobody to blame but themselves, don't rush the app if it wasn't ready. Don't rush it if there wasn't enough content to support it.
  10. I don't think these are any thicker than the bases that Sorastro uses for his iconic characters, no? Maybe a bit thicker. Either way, on the table you rarely notice the height difference but you definitely notice the detail.
  11. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/7/charge-into-battle-2/ im assuming these will work for IA as well just using Sorastro s patented method?
  12. FrogTrigger

    Store Championship List and Prizes Dropped

    Ya many of us would love a promo for Ejets or Weequays or something along those lines, but the reality is FFG wants us to buy multiples of their big boxes. I know those alt cards aren't technically 'street legal' for tourneys, but I doubt anyone would question you on it.. they sure didn't on the IA worlds final anyway. And I don't think it gets anymore high stakes than that? I feel like this store champ prize kit is worse than the Q1 or Q2 kits, lol. The alt arts for the first kit were awesome, the hidden tokens were well done. The Hoth probe droid and popular driven by hatred alt card are also awesome for Q2 along with the unique bleed tokens. Then for the store champ, the one that has stakes and we want to promote to try and grow our game, the one that will cost a lot more to enter as well, they bring out the D list cards. Great art, don't get me wrong, but why not Terro? Why not someone we care about? Why not a iconic character that will help attract players to the game? At least the top 4 get a sweet acrylic.. oh wait it is another dial, with the most lackluster emblem to date. Did they just throw that together last minute? Disappointing to say the least. I was hoping to be able to use this as bait to help grow my local scene. At least the seasonal kits seem to be doing pretty good.
  13. FrogTrigger

    6 months in now...

    I never thought in a million years we would be sitting here 6 months later without an update. Something must have happened somewhere to delay things, not saying it had to be something negative, but something must have put resources somewhere else that they needed and that caused a delay. No way they planned to have such a gap, content drives sales. There has to be an update before Lothal drops. I will say though I much preferred the app and thought it felt more polished when it first released and was using core + wave 1 content only. I was excited with the fact I would get to re use all of my tiles/figures/items in stages and re live the awesomeness of each boss. Having Palpatine show up in a random mission with no major effect is a huge let down. Wampa's in the desert, etc.. we've been through it already. Part of me hopes this delay is that they are trying to nail down the thematics of it. Use a bounty hunter as a random boss spawn in a mission, that actually makes thematic sense. Or maybe the empire sent 0-0-0 to fight us, but in a merc heavy mission having Captain Terro show up among E. Pigs and Nexu's just doesn't make sense to me. The app was much less enjoyable because of this my second play through.
  14. FrogTrigger

    Does ffg still care about this game ?

    Good points guys thanks for the replies. I want to be optimistic about this game, I really do. Time will tell. I think I'll wait a bit to see what happens with my local community before I buy in.
  15. I was looking at runewars the other day at my LGS, it used to have a sweet spot beside 40k upfront ready to go, now since Legion came out it's been pushed to the back where nobody sees it. Piled up on the floor collecting dust. It was like an episode of the Simpsons, some guy in there with his kid, guy is holding a legion game in his hand, kid points at runewars "daddy what is that game?" Dad responds, "it used to be FFGs popular miniatures game before Legion." The player base in my area went from healthy and growing to stagnant when Legion dropped. Just a few remain clinging to the game and those I've talked to only do so because they already invested so much, but they vastly prefer the Legion system. Then I started looking around the web and it seems like that attitude is pretty much the norm. So many communities were devastated by the Legion bomb. Pretty hard to compete with Star Wars, even if you prefer the fantasy system, the tray system is just inferior to legions system. I just think it's to bad because it seems like a fun game I'd like to try, but because of Legion it is just not a viable option anymore. I can't even ask on this forum "How is you community doing?" Because all the players that have quit and moved to Legion won't be here to talk about the same effect on their communities. Is there any hope for RuneWars?