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  1. The Star Wars app has been very popular, and it is 4 vs AI, no different than a 4 player AH or LOTR game. Descent hasn't had a physical expansion in 2 years, yet they just released ANOTHER app campaign. The popularity of the app based platforms is proof that the co-op format is viable. The popularity of the IA app specifically means that players don't JUST want to play as the empire. There are a contingent of players that do, for sure, but there is no arguing that there is also a very large group of players that would be just fine playing against AI. I really, really hope we see it. I love the LOTR LCG but got into it late, so tracking down product became such a chore I only really played through the first few cycles. I've also played the AH Game and loved the model, but I am not in love with that universe so I don't follow the cycle pack. HoT is more up my alley with traditional fantasy... but Star Wars is my true love.
  2. FrogTrigger

    Is the 4 player game really 4 players?

    No just whispering to each other. I'm not sure what the official rules are on table top, but we essentially do our best to give each other privacy and have low key conversations as we plan our moves. Some of it can also be a feint or a bluff. Works well.
  3. FrogTrigger

    HoT engine for Star Wars

    Do you have a source for this? This is also a card game, not a board game. I was hoping the end of the Star Wars LCG meant they were going to go with a Co-Op route. The popularity of the IA app has proven that people do want to play as the good guys against the Empire. It would fit so well. However I believe that Destiny is their main focus are far as card games go for Star Wars. I hope to be proven wrong though.
  4. Because it is a business and that doesn't make any sense. They want you to buy all the new stuff for the new game. Also, for a traditional mini painter, the IA minis are pretty small in scale. Putting minis together allows a bigger cast. Legion is more on par with what we see in Warhammer. But mainly the first point.
  5. FrogTrigger

    Basic question

    Ok so mainly the only steps you skip are the "if" statements? Otherwise it's top to bottom even if it means nobody is getting attacked that turn. I always just assumed would skip skip steps to ensure somebody gets hit.
  6. FrogTrigger

    Basic question

    Disclaimer: if you would rather reply with "check the rule book" please leave thread now. Basic question, when you get directions to "Move 3 spaces and attack Fenn" but Fenn is not within three spaces, or wouldn't be in range for a shot, do you go to the next step of "Move 5 to be within 3" or whatever it says, then go back to the top and perform the attack? Or do you just go to the next best "Imperial decision" target and then use the movement to re position from the available targets after the attack? Essentially one will guarantee you get to attack something. The other might set you up for an attack next round on that target, but might not get you to where you need to be immediately. I've also noticed that it will give multiple options usually. First one is like move 3 to be within 3, then the next one is move 9 to be within 3. Is this the apps way of ensuring that it will get within range? Are you literally moving twice in some activations?
  7. FrogTrigger

    Is the 4 player game really 4 players?

    Wow old thread, anyway I bought Rebellion a while ago and have played about a dozen four player games since then, love it. It absolutely is a great 4 player game. It will end up being more like a team vs team instead of an individual 4 player game, for sure. But we have a great time playing against each other, we don't really make a lot of decisions on our own we basically just pool all of the decisions. So my advice for 2v2 would be don't take the rule book as gospel, customize it how you see fit, definitely keep the suggested turn order that is important, but as far as you control this I control this.. we did away with that quickly. Highly recommend for 2v2, I enjoy the 2v2 more than 1v1. Great game to play over beers.. once you know what you are doing :p
  8. FrogTrigger

    Legends of the Alliance Wishlist

    Came to second the Hoth Campaign request, just in time for Christmas! How thematic
  9. I very much disagree with us losing out on a R1 expansion just because Death Troopers already came out. Shore Troopers are more thematic to R1 than DT were IMO. There is still so much content that a R1 box could give us.. we've already done this a few times but here we go: Rebel packs: Jyn, Cassian/K-S20, Chirrut/Baze Merc: Saw Gerrara Empire: Krennic Small box expansion with Scarif beach tiles, Shore Troopers for empire, Two Tubes for Mercs. The expansion pretty much writes itself. Have some Scarif and Jedha would be two very iconic spots to visit.
  10. FrogTrigger

    So what’s exciting around here?

    I would love to see an Imperial hero vs. Rebel army type campaign.. but we won't ever see that unless it is custom made. The problem is that the enemy pool would be severely limited, basically limited to what is in the core + the box they release. Fighting Wookies and Echo Base Troopers is all good in theory, however those are auxiliary purchases. They could in theory use the Sab and Rebel Trooper tokens from the core though.. but that only gives us two different enemies to fight, plus possibly 2 new ones in the campaign box.. for those of us with everything, it's great. But for the first guy who buys the box and realizes he needs to buy multiple figure packs to make it work, it is horrible 😛 Almost as bad as putting Boba on the box and not having the figure in there I am pretty sure someone somewhere already made a custom campaign with Imperial heroes though didn't they? On BGG? Or was it un finished?
  11. FrogTrigger

    jyn and new troops

    I wonder what the logic is behind their release order for Legion. I know in IA it followed the OT timeline for the most part.. but with legion they seem to just be picking things and putting them out. I guess just whatever helps to keep the game balanced?
  12. FrogTrigger

    Played Jabba's Realm - got smashed

    This was the first campaign play through my team actually lost. Now granted we were all trying out some of the less used heroes (Saska, Loku among them) and it was 2 am and we were drunk... but I found that finale to be really tough. Which is awesome since we've steam rolled all the other content. im excited to try it again after we wrap up Lothal.
  13. FrogTrigger

    What's the deal with Drokkatta?

    I thought she was beyond OP until I actually sat down and looked at her ability cards and realized my player was doing it wrong. I can't remember the exact mistakes, but things can get pretty complicated for any hero later in the game so it is always a good idea to review their steps with them from time to time. She is still a great hero IMO though, I hate playing against her.
  14. FrogTrigger

    Holiday sale

    Oh man, that is never a good sign. I feel for the RuneWars community. Definitely tough to have Legion eclipse what I am sure is an ok game.
  15. FrogTrigger

    Other good gaming companies?

    I've heard that Warhammer Quest was a fun game, and the Silver Tower was just a revamped version or an expac to the original? What about Sword and Sorcery? Anyone tried that out?