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  1. Imperial Assault, what does the future look like for this game? I have to say I am very hesitant to buy into a future FFG product just given how poor the communication has been between developer and playerbase in regards to IA. I love the game, I love FFG, I understand all games must end, but it would just be nice to get some clarity. ESPECIALLY as this game is community dependent to keep the competitive skirmish game alive. Thanks for all you do, appreciate the effort.
  2. Looking good. what kind of paints/methods did you use for them?
  3. Honestly I never ever thought I would play Legion, then some friends got into it and now here I am. I can't even remember how much fun IA is because I have to much fun playing Legion.
  4. Join us in Legion and we can rule the galaxy as father and so-- err -- as message board posters together.
  5. Just curious on the brand people recommend? Selection locally seems a bit limited, something like IAWAT Neo is what i have access to. As far as compressors go, does a generic tire inflator type system work? OR do you need a specific Air Brush compressor? Something as cheap as this? https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/certified-12v-air-compressor-5-minute-0095006p.html#srp
  6. Agreed I think IA is a very niche market type game as evident by its more tight knight small community, where as Legion appeals to the much larger war gaming crowd. IA did a great job carving out its piece in the competitive table top scene over the past few years. It's just to bad that FFG so abruptly decided to pull the plug. Abruptly at the Q&A.. but painfully slow over the lack of communication for.. better part of a year? As far as figure size goes, from a casual play game style, ya no doubt you could use IA minis for sure. You might just have to rule that if it's really close LOS on the IA mini it counts, as the scale is slightly smaller. Storm Troopers are about the base you can compare, but I would also look at size difference for a more prominent figure like Vader, or the AT-ST (keep in mind LOS is also drawn to bases and any part of a base in Legion, so bigger bases are a big thing). But from a competitive stand point it would definitely not fly. I am talking about this as we are talking about Skirmish, which is competitive play in IA. You could not roll up to a tournament with IA figures and expect anyone to accept them on the table top.
  7. This was just really good timing for me, I was getting burned out on the game and looking for something else. With my casual play group I am playing the RPG now, with my competitive group we are playing Legion. Both are very fun games. IA will sit on the shelf until a new app campaign comes out and i will bust it out then gladly, refreshed after a long break. But as far as skirmish goes I have no interest anymore after playing Legion. IA will always hold a special place with me as my gateway into the board gaming world, and especially the competitive table top scene. I will continue to support the game and buy any future physical content (if any), as well as play the campaign casually with friends for years to come. I am especially looking forward to years from now when my little ones are old enough to play and I can break it out yet again even more refreshed and excited to experience again the incredible game that is Imperial Assault. The minis are just awesome for the RPG as well, combined with my Legion minis I can basically do any scenario I want and have a strong visual component to go with it. The tiles help add an extra element as well. What did IA have, 4.5 years? Around there? That's a pretty good competitive play run for a game that was just tacked on at the end and never really planned or given a full set of resources. I still believe there will be physical content for IA some point down the road, but it will be a long enough gap to effectively kill the competitive play.
  8. Wow. What an incredible idea to make them customization like that, its like getting 4 tables in one. That is such a cool idea. This might be the nicest board I've seen to date, and not just because of the customization features. Have you thought about reaching out to FFG with your work and offering up services for future events/demos/announcements? I feel like your work should be show cased to attract new players to the game. Incredible stuff.
  9. Ok so it doesn't specifically say "during this step look at your card and use common sense" we just need to have the common sense to realize that an ability that is going to affect cover, should be applied during the cover stage. Makes perfect sense, was just curious how the wording was laid out. I didn't play X-Wing, but I know in Imperial Assault with command cards timing was everything, so trying to figure out your timing windows to make sure everyone is doing everything correctly is a chore, but once you've got it down you know and it becomes a reflex. Thanks for clearing that up. It also makes sense that step 8 specifically refers to abilities on cards that affect dice results. This should help clarify things for next time.
  10. Fair enough, just curious where in here it specifically says that in the RRG so I can point to it at our next session. Is it Section 2 (b) Where it says that when you choose your weapon you are checking 'requirements indicated by that weapon's keywords'? I just would like to know the specific part of the RRG where it says, your card says sharpshooter destroys a cover, this is where we add that keyword into the calculation in the attack. Like it obviously makes perfect sense to me it happens before you start taking away damage from the cover, because otherwise what is the point of sharpshooter? Just need to have it laid out clear.
  11. Rolling die is a personal preference, you can't tell people they are right or wrong either way. I agree with the opinion of rolling out of habit. It takes two seconds and if you look at the OFFICIAL RRG using the order of attack, you roll your defense die. When people start taking short cuts that is when mistakes are made and things are forgotten. Especially if you are not familiar with the rules.
  12. Ok.. but it only completely blocks LOS from the unit commander, not from say 3/5 of the minis in the unit. Does it still get heavy cover even though 3/5 have LOS? Cover is always determined from the unit leader? So Player 1 attacks Player 2, traces a line with the range ruler from the center of his unit leader to the closest mini in player 2's unit, determines that LOS is blocked from the unit leader. So now heavy cover is automatically applied just because the unit leader can't see them? However, 3/5 minis in player 1's attacking unit CAN see player 2's minis? And because only 3 have LOS, only 3 minis are adding their die to the attack pool? What if all of the above was true, but only 3 minis from player 1's unit can see 2 minis from player 2s unit. That means the max that can be killed from player 2's is two minis?
  13. I have an example question about the order of an attack. Player 1 attacks Player 2, who is in light cover. Player 1 rolls 3 blacks, gets 1 damage and 1 critical hit. In step 5, that damage is removed by the cover. Cover can't remove critical results, crit results pierce through cover, but it doesn't matter that he rolled that crit because there is 1 damage that cover CAN cancel, so it cancels it. This damage is 'canceled' as per the wording in step 5: Next step is to apply any card effects that can modify the attack dice. So say it was Scout Troopers and they have Sharpshooter, this is where the attacker would go, Ok I have Sharpshooter 1 so your cover is actually 0, which means that damage you canceled now goes through. Or is that damage already gone because it was canceled? Or is this step strictly mean anything that modifies the dice specifically, such as a re roll, or convert surges etc..? So if the ability was to convert a damage to a crit, you can't do this PRIOR to cover being applied, because that is a step 6, and cover is applied in step 5, so that damage would actually already be canceled. But if the effect was like sharpshooter, a static reduce cover, then that is something you apply at the time of the attack being declared? Where in the attack timing does it say 'apply static keywords from cards'? Is that section 2(b) when you are choosing the weapon?
  14. Just curious how much time it took you as a GM to run your group through the beginners box session.
  15. I'm going to do this. What kind of case do you guys use/recommend? im thinking I'll look at Home Depot for some sort of shallowish, wide but not to wide took tray that clamps shut?
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