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  1. Mansions of Madness has different layouts because it has a limited number of scenarios, if you want to compare what the IA app will be to anything it should be Road to Legend, the Descent app. They follow the same game mechanics (more or less) and will instead offer a variety of quests versus a few quests in different variety. Everything else you said sounds good, the big difference between IA and Descent that I see happening is the incorporation of the allies. I imagine those will be woven into the story line and I am hoping the villains function similar to Descent, if you are taking to long in a mission there is a chance a villain will show up as an end of round effect. It honestly should be quite epic considering they've had lots of practice already with Descent and MoM, like if you look at Shadows of Nerekhall campaign and Kindred Fire there really is no comparison. They've learned a lot in a short amount of time.
  2. LoL damnit they gave RuneBound the afternoon slot!?/ Whyy!!!!!! We are doomed... doomed for all time.
  3. That's alright preview is early enough to mean there will be 2 today, the afternoon one is always the gooder. Are there any Destiny elements that haven't been spoiled yet? Cause if so we are screwed lol
  4. I think this was called Smugglers Box once upon a time? The most effective use I saw of this was to play it like they did in 300, have your shield wall and advance slowly to start using the range of your attacks, then when the time is right bust out and go offensive. If you can, end up in a defensive position but most likely at this point the defensive bonuses are going to be more work than they are worth. Tricky to pull off, but I did watch someone do it quite effectively at a tournament in the early days. With a potential fix to Han coming this might be more viable after HoTE!
  5. I highly doubt they give up on Descent after a year of the app being out and it sky rocketing their sales and popularity of the game. Invest all those resources, see a spike in sales, then give up? Nope. The last campaign was centered around a big box expansion, Shadows of Nerekhall (which is an AMAZING campaign btw, Kindred Fire was great but this is like levels above that, I'm glad MoM and RTL are helping stretch their legs before the IA app ), so I imagine the next one will do the same. They still have Labyrinth of Ruin for big box and 5 more small boxes (the last 2 small boxes actually bridge for a larger campaign). So they still have a lot of physical content to get through before they run out. For all the available questions and scenarios available with the game they put a TON of work into it so it is no surprise that the release afterwards would be a slow trickle.
  6. Just a little addition here, I frequent the Descent and MoM boards as I play both of those games as well and the rumblings in both communities is that they all believe the delay in their own games app releases is due to the app team working on IA. It's gone very quiet for Descent and before this last expansion MoM had been in the dark for quite a while. I still say the switch in release for IA to the one big box and off months means the app is coming for Christmas. Get ready! And buy your stuff early, because if you are waiting for the app to release to buy product you will be very disappointed, it's already tough to find some of the older stuff and when the app is announced IA and all its expansions will be sold out.
  7. So my last little store kit tournament someone was running a bit of a smugglers box, Jyn is super annoying to deal with. Especially with C-3P0 stuck to her. Keeping her within range to take advantage of Hair Trigger but not to close to make her vulnerable is the balancing act though. Honestly if they wanted to push her worth up to her point level, give her 2 built in accuracy. Would make a world of difference for her. Pair her with Hera and she can surge for +4 accuracy and +2 damage, plus the accuracy from her green die, makes her a guarantee to hit from 6, and then add in the damage/potential extra surge from her roll. Now what I did find though is that if you do pair her up to try and add more blocks from Cunning, you will severely limit her utility by negating the value of Nimble. So you either run away leaving C3P0 exposed and losing his benefit (plus the benefit of anyone else you paired her around), or you just don't take advantage of the ability to try and keep stacking defense. I think honestly she is better played as a lone wolf, like a Greedo, get in as much damage as she can before she bites it. Play aggressive but sneaky. I would love to see more of the core box heroes relevant in todays skirmish. I always felt Gaarkhan could be so useful in the right situation, I hope HoTE brings in some good wookie/guardian/brawlers cards.
  8. I think the majority of those jests were made in reference to worlds and before the last wave came out. Any time you release new figures the meta gets turned upside down, Hera and Chopper bring a lot of utility to the Rebels list that was missing before. Both are great additions. Empire is the hurting dog right now.
  9. Not sure, something involving the Star Wars IP they just can't do it, not sure where I read that it might have even been on his Patreon. So instead, they sponsor him through other games. It must have something to do with the production of the videos, maybe Disney would have to get involved and that just creates a whole mess of things.
  10. I doubt it, that doesn't seem large scale enough to fly him out there all the way from England for a few minis. I think this is something brand new we haven't seen yet. He described it as a 'future' project.. so that makes me think it is something in the pipeline.
  11. Sorastro is at FFG head quarters right now apparently part of some top secret project they are working on. I imagine it has a Gencon announcement, and if Sorastro is involved you know it has Minis. They brought him in to paint some of their RuneWars minis already, using Army Painter supplies. So I don't think it is RW again, and the expansions for RW aren't top secret right now anyway. I think it is something big and brand new and they want him to have some tutorial videos lined up for the roll out. We can rule out Star Wars, for legal reasons they can't pay him to paint those, or sponsor him I should say. Which is why they reward him in other ways for his brilliant videos.
  12. Bout time! I really like the box art as well.
  13. But MoM did get another expansion announcement, that is good news. I haven't made my way through all of the scenarios yet but I do know it's been a looooong time for them. Descent must be due with something soon to.
  14. ****, even the LCG got some love!! Noo!!!!!!!!
  15. Ya I don't think we will see two boxes this year based on how slow things are moving.. the big box will be it and it is early. I still think this shift in production is because of the app, I think they plan to have it out for a Christmas release to ramp sales to their max heading into the holiday season. We MIGHT see a blister wave release around the same time.. but even that is starting to seem like a long shot.