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  1. Great table top quality, well done and thanks for the videos! if I can offer one criticism.. take it our leave it, but your hands/fingers are very obtrusive in the video and make it hard to follow along. Mounting he figures on something like a cork or as I use, a gatorade bottle lid, would help that a lot. Again, just offering feedback, but thanks again for posting.
  2. Ya that is pure speculation on my part, maybe they plan to just adapt the existing quests or re work them completely.. but it seems weird that they wouldn't include quests with the blister packs as it drives the sales.. otherwise what is the motivation for the App only player to buy them outside of the figurine? I haven't bought a single lieutenant pack for Descent, if you do they have a chance to show up as a "you're taking to long" effect in missions, but that just doesn't seem like enough to prompt me to spend the money.. however if it added a whole mission.. And again this is the grey territory where we aren't totally sure how they plan to handle allies. Will you still need to do a side quest to get them? Will they just show up randomly? Built in to specific missions? @ellhaynes I understand now what you mean and I do agree, the lack of class choice makes sense for IA but it does limit it. I love the class combinations that Descent offers and the Delve is the perfect chance to try out new builds. Again, not sure what they plan to do with this for IA.. and all of these questions are helping me realize just how much work it is to adapt a game like IA to this app. It isn't simple plug and play, there are enough key differences that need to be handled appropriately. They used RTL as a chance to fix some things or upgrade/update them, like activation order for one, so I can see them taking this chance to do the same to similar systems they didn't like about the base IA and that itself is exciting.
  3. If they follow the same format as Descent, each physical product will add a side quest which means IA would launch with 37 side quests. Standard campaign has 5 side quests? So you would need to play the campaign 7+ times to get through every side quest. I'd say that is pretty big replayability.. IA is faced with that 'flexibility of character classes' whether the app launches or not... not sure why it would matter then versus now? So you are saying that the lack of character classes in IA is an issue?
  4. I stopped into my LGS on the weekend just to see how things were going with RuneWars, they've sold 2 copies.. and both were to the same person lol. They've had a number of people stop in like myself who say they are waiting for the next factions, and then a few more that WANT to play the core but are waiting to see how the game pans out.. so far, not so good around here.
  5. SO I chatted with my LGS on the weekend and he said they aren't expecting any blisters until June and even what they ordered for SoR release has been shorted, with the promise of more 'coming soon'. There are still a few starter sets on the wall, but basically I would be fighting for scraps of what is left over from SoR at this point. I think for now it will be a soft pass until June, I will see what state the game and supply is in by then. I trust FFG can right the ship, just need to get through this next rocky part.. however before I jump on I'd like to see if it sinks first
  6. So SoR updated to shipping now to release for May 4th, so that is roughly 11 days. If we are looking for a mid May release for this wave then we would want them to be updating it right around May 4th.. which could line up well with their next big announcement. edit: meant may 4th
  7. The extra variable that I am most interested to see how they handle in IA are the allies. They have been a sticking point since release with their high price, or even when the cost is lower still wondering - is it worth it? Most times it honestly just isn't. I've seen various developers comment on how they dislike that the Rebels feel they can't use their favourite iconic characters. People pick the game up and go oh wow, Luke Han and Chewie!! But unless they luck into a mission with those guys already in it, they won't ever see them. Hopefully they come up with something creative in the app to fix it. And they can't just shoe horn them into every mission, that would get old fast and some people prefer the story to be about their characters and not the OT cast. So there still needs to be that on/off switch.
  8. I find this mission is very winnable for the Imp early on and very winnable for the Rebels later on in the campaign. If you got it as your 2nd side mission then not surprised you won it.
  9. RuneWars and Destiny are in the spotlight right now, its their time, we will let them have it! Not like we have a choice.. When the App drops IA is going to be all the rage and then they will come crawling back... AND WE WILL TREAT THEM LIKE THE DOGS THEY ARE!! muwhahahahah!! Happy weekend guys, hope you get some good games in!
  10. Competitively: I'd grab yourself the RGC and Hired Guns packs as they will add a lot of depth to your agenda card and deployment card choices (you will understand this better once you crack open the core, but right now you just need to trust us). As for the rest, its really based on token vs mini preference. Like ManateeX said, if you can't stand playing with tokens, buy the entire wave, if you've got money to burn, buy the entire wave, if you don't care about tokens or would rather save your money, just crack open the core and play it as is. I still haven't bothered to buy a General Weiss pack and I own everything else (at least one copy), it just offers nothing to the campaign play, I'll never use him in skirmish and I can just proxy the AT-ST for when he does show up in the core. For fun: Really I would just crack open the core and play the first few missions, after one session you will have a better understanding of your needs/wants and I have no problem adding in side missions or re picking after a few games, who cares its all about having fun.
  11. So the way they did this in RTL is that the first campaign was core only, then the Delve that uses a mix of everything, then the Seeds of Corruption campaign which focuses on using the Nerekhall expansion. Now, like IA there are side quests between the story quests in campaign mode, these side quests draw upon ALL of your products. So that means owning multiple boxed expansions will increase your pool of possible side quests (as well as Monster and Villain packs, which are the semi-equivalent of our blister packs I guess). So you won't see say Twin Shadows tile in the first core campaign story missions, but there will most likely be a TS specific side mission that can possibly show up. And possibly having R2/C3, Boba, etc.. will add even more possibilities of seeing TS themed side missions appear. Now the Delve is a randomized dungeon crawler that is like playing a mini campaign with full character progression compressed into one session, sans story line. There are 6 Delve quests in a session chosen randomly from the products you own, every product you own adds another Delve quest to the pool. Obviously if they picked a Delve quest from say the upcoming Endor box then that Delve quest is going to use those tiles, monsters, bosses etc.. So in a way you can use all of your components in every single play mode for Descent, BUT there are some modes that are focused specifically on certain content (IE the Nerekhall campaign, The Delve sessions, the Core campaign etc..). It's a great way to mix and match things AND in all of this you have a massive pool of monsters that can show up in ANY Quest. So it is just as likely you could see Gamorians or Jet Troopers showing up in a core only campaign. Now to me that is cool as there are just so many choices and it keeps things fresh. Now again, this is all speculation, and I promise no animals were harmed in the making of this speculation, but RTL is the best example we have to go off of. I fully expect IA to be at least SLIGHTLY different though and innovative.
  12. LoL, every time I think about getting into Destiny I hear the words 'secondary market' and I shudder. That is the last thing I want to deal with when playing a board game. All these freemium phone games were born out of the incest of two CCG's I think. Just pure evil.. but OH OH so fun. Haha I look at this pic of Yoda and I just think of the meme "brb no pics so imagining" as being "brb, no IA news so imagining"
  13. That should be doable I think, like I said just email FFG. They've been good about this in the past. It just may take a little while to get a response.
  14. Ya you need those, email FFG. I accidentally cut one of my maps and they sent me a new one.. how many did you throw away?
  15. The point of this thread is to speculate about the future. FAIR WARNING if you come into this thread you will see people speculating and hyping and wringing their hands in anticipation!! With all that being said, ITS FRIDAY WHAT WILL WE SEE SPOILED TODAY!! First article of the day is a Destiny preview article, but its super early so that means we are getting at least one more today. However, not sure if they will do back to back Star Wars related articles, I didn't pay attention to that in my review. Looks like we might be waiting till next week. And I honestly think that the 'slow down in production' or radio silence on the games future is due to the app. It's probably eating up a lot of the games resources right now so there is less for them to talk about, which is why they are spacing things out so much with this next wave. And I for one am very fine with that Again that is pure speculation, no animals or pets were harmed in the making of this speculation. Edit: So double star wars announcements have happened in one day before, but it is generally an availability announcement or an event announcement paired with a preview. So based on that I wouldn't count on them posting anything IA today. But next week here we come.