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  1. FrogTrigger

    Spoiler out today at 3 pm Eastern

    Ya Trandoshans were the first ones to come to my mind, their big thing is getting up close and personal before they get blown up. This is the short cut they need to devastate the back line. 6 health is nice as well, basically the same as a regular riot (with their block). Pierce two makes them ideal for blowing up Gideon in a back door strike. They clearly designed this card to counter Kenny's OP box.
  2. FrogTrigger

    Spoiler out today at 3 pm Eastern

    Why have they switched from FFG.com posts to facebook reveals?
  3. FrogTrigger

    Jabba's Realm now live!

    3 missions into this campaign and it is pretty fun. The flavor text is well done between missions, feels thematic. The reveal components of the one map we played was awesome as well, I love not knowing what the map is going to look like. I have found it to be a little bit to easy though, maybe that is because we have had allies with us but out of the three missions there was only one where it was a bit of a nail biter, and even then.. We are a very experienced group, we've played through probably 7 or 8 campaigns of all the various core + expansions, as well as a few of us play a lot of Skirmish. So I guess that is probably the problem. Anyone have some good suggestions on how to make it harder on yourself?
  4. FrogTrigger

    Move X to attack <<Name Surname>>

    I always default to the imperial rule and just pick the next best target. So if it tells me to attack Move 3 and attack <<Fenn>> but he can't get to Fenn, I will move 3 and attack what I would consider as the Imperial Player to be the best target.. so if the choice was Gideon with 1 health to flip who is 4 spaces away or Diala with full health who is 1 space away, I go after Gideon. That might not be playing it perfectly as intended, but I find the app is way to easy as is so I like to make it as challenging as I can.
  5. FrogTrigger

    Jabba's Realm now live!

    Anyone played through a mission? Does it seem they did anything to fix the random spawn selections? IE no Wampa's on forest tiles?
  6. FrogTrigger

    Jabba's app campaign is now available

    Lol funny you post that. I originally bought IA on boxing day during a sale and played it that same day with a close group of gaming friends. I will always remember opening that box and how awesome it was going through all the minis and then playing our first game completely wrong as we did not know the rules. Every time I play IA I think of that, and it will always be linked to Christmas for me. Now it is a tradition that every year either right on or as close as possible to boxing day we all get together and play a full day of IA. TL:DR CHRISTMAS ROX
  7. As others have said, I think we got our GenCon announcement with Lothal. It's another box campaign with a pretty significant blister wave encompassing almost all of the components from a popular Star Wars based cartoon series. I would say that is pretty major. We also just got a new app campaign announced. So really they have answered both questions about future content before GenCon even started. IF we didn't get either of those AND THEN there was no news at GenCon I would be worried. The game has slowed down, for sure, but I am OK with that. There is a ton of content out there right now, my group still hasn't even played the HOTE campaign.
  8. FrogTrigger

    Hondo and Thrawn Spoilers from GenCon

    Right, and at least one per round from your eDT's, that is the maximum of two tokens for Vader already.
  9. FrogTrigger

    Any news from gen con?

    Just curious if FFG has said anything about release, or if anyone has feedback from the demo from gen con? Still excited about this game but it doesn't seem to be getting a lot of coverage.
  10. FrogTrigger

    FFG's "In Flight Report" info about IA

    As far as Skirmish goes, I think blister waves are much better for sustaining skirmish than box expansions. I get that boxes hit both sides, but if you are promoting expansion sales through the app (like expansion specific campaigns, Jabba's Realm, Hoth, Lothal etc..) then you already have that side covered. Blisters allow your skirmish to gain new content (there is no shortage of map tiles and honestly having core only maps helps grow the player base anyway) and it also adds more physical content to the campaign side of things.
  11. What do we have that is prequel era already, Nexu, Clawdite.. HK's? I honestly don't know, someone with more free time figure this out for me
  12. FrogTrigger

    More spoilers on facebook

    I believe that Sabine is the first vehicle Alliance figure as well? Opening up a bunch of command cards that weren't previously accessible. Boba would do the same for Scum.
  13. FrogTrigger

    Need more content

    Yay!! Now hopefully some of that content is either a full length campaign (I love the short campaigns for some play groups, but dedicated groups want moooarr!!) or some sort of bonus mode like we've seen in Descent. Those are actually really fun.
  14. FrogTrigger

    Hondo and Thrawn Spoilers from GenCon

    Ya pretty strong, pair this with Death Troopers and Vader has an endless supply of block tokens. Empires answer to not having enough focus support? Seems thematic as well.
  15. FrogTrigger

    Gideon Argus is now in Legion?

    On the flip side, potential model for some of the droids in IA?