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  1. Yes the figure cost might be the key here, if you can set it above an Imp officer or Gideon to an actual damage dealing card that could be an even trade off. Ok sure you get to go first.. but you will be attacking with one less deployment card this round.. seems like a fair trade to me. It would be huge for list building strategies as well and while it might still be an auto include, it might not be an auto play. Is that first attack really worth sacrificing one of your deployment cards when you've only got say 3 out of 4 left, or 2 of your cards are half dead, or Vinto has 2 health left but he is the only one you can burn and will certainly die without getting to attack this round then.. etc.. A lot more scenarios open up.
  2. Nice write up, thanks for that. First off big props for running a non-merc list and doing so well, obviously as your post and all the others have shown us, Mercs were the easier pick of the three factions so you get a gold star for fighting the battle up hill from the start My friend runs a very similar list to this except R. Jets instead of the second Dewback and Feeding Frenzy on the Dewback and Survivalist on Terro. Mostly just because he has to play with what I have available versus what is the optimal list, but I really like that 2nd Dewback in there. I agree about the commentators, I really appreciate the fact these events are streamed but a bit more knowledge would go a long way. Was our view better or something on the stream? Because we had no problem picking out what the players were doing. I thought it would be neat if they could entice an eliminated player to sit in and commentate on the streams. Perhaps just ask the 17th ranked or go down the list until you get someone who says yes, offer them some free swag or maybe a copy of some of the top 16 prizes to do so. You'd have to think anyone finishing in the top 32 would have a lot of knowledge of the game and could do a much better job. Just a thought!
  3. If you play Take Initiative and your opponent Negates it, you don't have to exhaust a character, correct? Because the actual contents of the card were not played out. Maybe they could change it so that you still DO have to, it's a small sacrifice but a double punishment. Maybe it would make people second guess the play? If we could just figure out how to not make it an auto include the game would be better off, there should be more risk for the reward.
  4. The undead cavalry is here! I was hoping that this wouldn't end up just being every faction has the same classes..
  5. So how early will we start seeing spoiler articles for the new stuff? Since it is a big expansion they've got a lot to get through... June?
  6. They will release it for GenCon or may be right before then drop the IA App Announcement bomb in the middle of the biggest board game convention on the planet. BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!!!
  7. Drop one regular Jawa for C3P0 for focus + evade spam, and still keep the theme! The thematic of it is C3P0 chasing these astromechs around the map bickering at them while the Jawa's are poking him to get focused and hiding behind him for Evades. "If those are Tusken Raiders, we were better off with these Jawas!"
  8. Great report, love the details about the event. The more reports I read from this Worlds the more I think Take Initiative either needs a nerf or they need to start promoting a faster start to matches. The first round focus shuffle eats up 33%+ of the total match, and that sucks.. so if you CAN take initiative then you could put yourself in the drivers seat for 66%+ of the match, hugely over powered. I would hate to see a match won or lost based on who can draw TI/Negation and who can't. Edit: Also, props on running the Rebels list (and even outside of what is considered the cookie cutter right now) and doing so well! You get extra credit for that Dare to be different!
  9. Nothing wrong with proxies to practice.. but once the actual product is released if you do decide to just 'proxy' or at this point I would say pirate, you are only hurting yourself and the community. The less sales the less popular a game is the less attention it gets and the shorter its life span. Before the soap boxers get out their pitch forks, I am not picking a guy who wants to play in his basement with his daughter, I am talking in general terms, what is proper and actually legal. I've always been of the mind set that if you like something, you should support it. Buy your favourite artists new itunes album, go to the theater to see a new movie, buy local beer.. etc.. but to each their own, I guess it just depends what your conscience lets you get away with and the example you want to lead with for your children.
  10. Figures look great, but the pics could use some more light! Love the bases, what did you use for the grass?
  11. Just curious what others have been testing so far with their new droid toys? I think the list I like so far, in limited test runs, is: 12 IG-88 w/ Focus on the Kill 9 R. HK's w/ Targeting Computer 3 E. Jawa 2 C3P0 6 BT-1 4 0-0-0 1 Temp Alliance 3 Gideon IG-88 and BT-1 are both self focusing, 0-0-0 has a melee attack but the majority of his moves I find he is de buffing. So that leaves the HK's and the Jawa, both of which hit pretty dang hard, both of which are quite fearsome while focused. I've played around with those last 4 points quite a bit but I find having 2 focused HK's each round and every now and then the Jawa, has justified using those 4 to get Gideon. Hired Guns would be nice on objective heavy maps, R. Nexu isn't bad either.. but the more variety you introduce the more variety you need in the command cards to fully utilize the unit. Focusing the cards around droid, hunter, heavy weapon fills up enough slots without adding more traits. I've struggled with throwing On the Lam in there or not.. potentially saving your E. Jawa's life for another hard hitting attack..
  12. That would be ALMOST as over powered as a unit that can give a full movement action AND focus (Both from LOS!! lol) AND has a decent attack AND use all the same command cards for 1 more point Difference is Gideon is unique, I get that.. but still.
  13. I would start buying early for those who are waiting for the app, as most board games go and this thread proves, IA can get picked over pretty quick. I'd buy it, put it up on the shelf and start slowly gathering the other components you want. When the app hits this game will be sold out world wide and waiting on re prints will drive you craazzzyy!!
  14. That would be... kind of hilarious no? Most of your figures will get one shot, but you've got 17 of them.. so you just keep activating. Even the regular Jawa's can still surge for +2 damage..
  15. Yes that is the problem with TA, it promotes pouching the top units from other factions. If factions can ONLY pick from their own stock it helps to flesh out list diversity.