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  1. Is it just hero selection and item availability? It only draws on core villains/allies/units, so far, correct? has anyone taken the approach of going core components only for this first campaign and releasing additional heroes/items as they add the expansions to future projects? My one group has only experienced up to hoth so I thought exposing them to three additional (bespin, jabba and hote) expansions worth of heroes/items at once might be a bit of overkill and perhaps it was better to space this content out when it's being experienced for the first time? thoughts?
  2. So if I told the app I had never played IA before I would get to do one mission that is not in the campaign, followed by a variation of mission 1 from the campaign? Is the first non campaign mission just a very laboured affair not worth it for a veteran of the game? I also want to play the campaign with friends, but I have time this weekend so I thought I would familiarize myself with the system solo first to speed up the process next weekend when we play as a group.
  3. So I've just had time to go through a bit of the tutorial and I was curious, how long is it? Is it like a full mission? Is it the same mission that is in the campaign? Is it multiple missions? I was wondering if its worth planning part of a game night around or not, thanks.
  4. But.. but.. how is this possible? So many people claimed that FFG could never make a digital Star Wars product.. and obviously they would have very informed and well researched facts to base that statement on.. Long live the app! Long live all of us who were right!!
  5. A risk vs. Reward piece could be cool based on your own experiences. What factors you weighed to take a chance in making a pivotal game changing move in your previous high stakes games. I think IA has a bad rep for being Slightly boring, rewarding those who slow play vs those who make bold moves.. I'd love to see that proven wrong. I also think the timing of this article is key, FFG sending a msg to skirmish players that yes the app is coming but no we haven't forgot about you!
  6. I expect them to burn through the remaining OT/Rebels/Rogue One content before we ever see a version 2.0, but as far as campaign vs. skirmish I definitely would prefer (as a mainly campaign player) if they stopped putting out boxes and just focused on figure packs. When RTL released the box content slowed down to a halt, so I imagine we could see the same for IA until they are ready to re release it with the new trilogy in mind.
  7. Get an HDMI cable and hook the laptop up to your TV, makes things way better. I've got apple TV so I just stream it from my ipad on the flat screen and my team mates can follow along on there while I ping away at the tablet. Much easier to use the tablet as well when you don't have to crane your neck to read something that you want everyone else to be able to see.
  8. Before dec 15th to hype sales with TLJ. complete guess obviously
  9. You have no proof there is an agreement and I have no proof there isn't. But at the end of the day it doesn't matter, because we have an app and all those knuckle draggers who said it was impossible can crawl back into their troll caves, aka moms basements, while we celebrate. Oh and obviously I'm right.
  10. The time between descents app announcement and release was one month. That's all we really have to go on now. I do es peer to see another blister wave announced shortly after though to feed off of the hype train.
  11. Lots of good stuff in the rule book guys worth a read. I especially like that they are integrating allies seamlessly right off the bat. You still need to earn them, which is fine, but it seems as though this will happen in more ways than one (encounters between story missions could be similar to the little side tidbits in RTL?). I think it's pretty cool that you can gain allies through encounters, which I'm guessing will just be text based rpg style side trips. The first campaign will integrate items and heroes from other campaigns but will only use allies,tiles and enemies from the core as far as I can see. I am ok with this, in fact I kind of prefer it. Like a back to our roots type approach. The game has become very heavy with content so slimming it down and starting slow will be fun. Then I imagine as it progresses they start tying new campaigns to existing box expansions slowly integrating the existing content and letting us recycle and re explore/experience our already paid for boxes. Win win imo. Verh excited for this, well done FFG.
  12. But... but.. FFG doesn't own the video game rights!!!!!11- whine sniff ***** complain. So glad that the haters can finally shut their face holes, the app is here and it is glorious!!!! Very happy I already own at least one of everything as I feel IAs stock just went up in value and down in quantity across the world lol.
  13. Do you guys play with like a piece of paper so you can pass vital information in secret? Or just make it all open board?
  14. Fair enough. Is it still a fun four player experience or does it feel like you are bored half the time waiting for your turn since they basically just split your turn in half?