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  1. The tutorial campaign was just side missions strung together with a bit of flavour text I believe. Kindred fire was the first actual campaign and wasn't it a full campain? Our IA campaign is quite short so while it is its own entity maybe we will get another longer campaign in the next few months.
  2. Better Choice for an Expansion

    Hmm. Well the expansion will add its armory items, crate items, conditions, heroes and enemies/bosses. So Hoth and JR are both big expansions and have fairly equal number of everything. If I had to pick I would go with JR just for content, I find the heroes are way better. However, if this is anything like Descent they might make the next campaign based off of a specific expansion that utilizes those tiles... and that could end up being ANY expansion. They chose Shadows of Nerekhall for Descent which was not chronological order in terms of release dates. Sorry I know this answer isn't really helping you decide either way but at least hopefully this provides some information for you to use when you do make your decision.
  3. Jabba's Realm question

    For JR when the heroes finish a mission it just says place two more in play, does that mean the heroes get to choose the next mission? usually it is win this play this, lose play that.
  4. My group finally made it to Jabba's Realm so i think the Rancor will be my next project. I've really been looking forward to this especially the base. So far the bigger models have been among my favourite to paint, just did Weiss a few weeks ago and really enjoyed myself. My goal is to get better as I go so I think the Rancor and it's rather intricate base is the next logical step anyway. I fully intend to follow the Sorastro guide as I always do, best on the net! But figured I would come here first for some advice. I want to take my time with this one and do it right, really enjoy myself. I've dry fit my model to take a look at it and noticed that it really does fit quite horribly. I noticed in @Sorastro video he had some green molding to do but I notice mine needs even more. Including along the belly/right side of the stomach, jaw line on both sides, right shoulder is quite bad and the left arm doesn't even fit totally in the socket. I think that side I might have to try and file down first before I even try green stuff. I used the liquid green stuff before but i don't really like it, I find it really hard to work with. I think I might pick up some of the original puddy like stuff instead. Just curious if anyone else ran into these problems or has any extra tips for tackling such a big project. My work with the green stuff is really limited, just the Bantha mainly and that was a while ago now and I generally don't do any filing as I am nervous to ruin the figures.. so any refreshers or suggestions are more than appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  5. Final mission ended in epic way! (Spoiler)

    I thought the part with Vader showing up at the end was neat and very Rogue One like.. but it also would have been cool to have an actual boss battle to finish off the campaign. To be honest my group was so let down with the finale that we opted to start Jabba's Realm instead of playing through our other already in progress campaign. But the rest of the campaign was great and I can't wait for more app content, just wasn't in love with the finale. My group went 5-0 on hard as well in this campaign, our fame was 285 heading into the final mission I didn't know how to check it at the end.
  6. NO SPOILERS PLEASE!! Just curious, time wise, how long did it take you to play your finale? 3 hours? 4 hours? 6?
  7. I believe this map is even late to the party? Missing most regionals ? maybe some sort of back log with IA is contributing to the lack of news. I expect a wave announcement AND new app content either campaign or one off style challenges before the end of March. Mark my words!! Also that isn't really to much to ask lol, maybe even to little.
  8. Sorastro's Painting

    Wow thanks so much guys. I am doing Han next and going in I was thinking no way I'm trying the eyes on this one, but after reading your posts I think i will give these methods a shot. i still might try and fix Luke a bit by shrinking the eyes, but for now he can sit I'll move on and let the frustration settle lol.

    I imagine they will have something for us either before or at words otherwise they risk just getting absolutely badgered by fans for news lol
  10. Sorastro's Painting

    Ok so I really suck at eyes. I botched jyns so bad I covered them and my Luke looked awesome until the eyes now he looks like a cartoon character lol. @Sorastro Or anyone for that matter, any tips on this? Methods to follow? Best ways to just not do eyes but still make the face look natural? its frustrating to spend so much time on a figure have it look good the at the very last step lose it all :/

    Have they ever announced at worlds? Am I remembering right that they have? Maybe that's our next announcement lol
  12. *SPOILER* Is Weiss in the core LOTA campaign?

    Thanks what I meant was we have two separate campaigns that are at the finale and we're wanting to finish both in the same night. That's why I was curious what was the time to play just the finale.
  13. It seems with IA the competitie community is quite small but close knit and full of great people. I'd rather have a smaller, friendly group to enjoy the game with than what you deal with on the x-wing forum... My problem is that there is basically no community in my area lol. I put my best foot forward and tried real hard to build one, but fell short. I no longer have the time to organize things on my own and for whatever reason my LGS doesn't organize events they just expect their player base to do all the work so here I sit. As far as campaign goes I'm lucky to have a few close friends that enjoy the game as much as I do and are ready and willing to play multiple times a month. So I will always get to experience that part of it. I just wish I could be more active in the skirmish community. Vassal is great but it's not the same, I enjoy being there in person using my painted physical components I spent so much time and money on. One of these year I'll have to make a trip down for worlds. But to make sure this post ends positively, this game really is amazing. Ffg nailed the thematic feel with this game. Every time we set it up, get the Star Wars sound track going in the background, pour a crisp IPA and start rolling the dice time just flys by. Before I know it it's 3 am and we've only played two missions but had a blast. Love this game so much.
  14. A while ago ffg claimed rune Wars would not be like x wing where you have to buy cross faction just for an upgrade, did they stay true to that? Is that the model for legion to?
  15. *SPOILER* Is Weiss in the core LOTA campaign?

    Follow up question, again please keep it spoiler free, but how long did it take you to play the final mission? My group has 2 different campaigns that are there and just wondering if we can get through both in one night.