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  1. FrogTrigger

    CT's Pin Them Down

    I played against pin them down and yea it seemed pretty broken to me. Especially if you want to try and use any melee figures as the Imperial. I think I hate stacking blast on Fenn worse though, or Drokotta's monster hits against my Nemesis deck lol
  2. FrogTrigger

    Mel's Imperial Assault Options

    Amazing work, but at 18 to 60!!! Canadian a figure (minimum) plus shipping this is not even close to a consideration for me.
  3. Wth.. news on a Friday, how has this thread not been updated? lol Designer journal about making the Hoth campaign. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/2/15/return-to-echo-base/ When was the last time we got news.. on a Friday?
  4. FrogTrigger

    What does Outer Rim mean for IA?

    Wait albert haven't you been on the forums for the past 4 years? It means the game is ded and they aren't making reprints I honestly think it was all laid out for them pretty clearly ahead of time by Disney, the Mouse runs a tight ship. Here are where the lines are, here is where you guys stand. Don't cross that line. The lawyers talked and agreed yup, it works. Thus we got IA. Some evidence of this invisible line? As already stated, the lack of sales directly through FFG's website.
  5. FrogTrigger

    Lothal Expanded Campaign Balance question

    In my experience with Lothal the heroes were definitely to powerful towards the end, more so than usual. I also didn't really enjoy the Imp class in that box, so that might have been part of it. Generally I am bending rules or pulling punches to keep them competitive to give you an idea of where the balance usually stands.
  6. FrogTrigger

    What does Outer Rim mean for IA?

    Looks like a cool game, but no more impedes IA than Rebellion did. I actually wonder if they forgot about Rebellion, or if the first expansion was rushed so much to fix the combat as it did. Rebellion is such a good game.. I imagine Outer Rim will also be very well done.
  7. FrogTrigger


    Dang, I was actually hoping they were slightly bigger just for ease of painting alone.. but that's fine, Sorastro has done a great job with that size of mini already.
  8. FrogTrigger

    Zion's Finest Vassal Regional Tournament

    Tourney registration is open on the slack!! Send an email to zionsfinestia@gmail.com requesting to join and let the good times roll!!! February 17th is the cutoff for registration. Currently sitting at 30 participants total between the two dates!! Going to be a lot of fun.
  9. I mean... I guess they are bigger but really we've seen some figure creep over the years. Riot troopers versus original troopers, thrawn versus imperial officers. I don't think you would be able to notice that big of a difference, just use a smaller base. I know there are some on this board who have swapped out minis.
  10. Not gonna lie, those minis are sweet. I love the multiple poses. I think our Sabine and Bossk minis are pretty good to though, so not super jelly. If they ever release an Agent Blaise for Legion I will probably buy that mini to replace ours though :P
  11. FrogTrigger

    Zion's Finest Vassal Regional Tournament

    So march 2nd we are basically going to be Guinea pigs for the March 9 tourney. We are going to use the Challonge program (https://challonge.com/). We use this for all of our vassal tourneys. You will need to go there ahead of time and register an account before registering for the tourney, as I will require your Challonge ID. IF you can make BOTH March 2nd and 9, great go ahead and play in both. However if you can only make one of the two work we are encouraging everyone to register for the MARCH 9 date as the main tournament. March 2nd will at most have a top 2 cut just for some closure, but it will not be supported by any extra prizes beyond the card. And as Kenny said your record on March 2nd has no effect on what happens March 9, it's simply a bonus day for those of us that can't make the 9th and/or want to play more games!
  12. I saw Dengar on the cover of an article and got excited, DENGAR FIX WITH NEW CONTENT!?!?? Nope.. is Destiny.
  13. FrogTrigger

    Best Nemesis Villains?

    Hondo is so annoying for the Rebels in the Lothal campaign, I could see him being a prime target for Nemesis. I did not enjoy the Lothal empire class at all, I built it kind of wonky as well but I just found that i never had enough cards in my hand to place all the tokens at the end.
  14. FrogTrigger


    I absolutely will be painting mine, led by the great Sorastro. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/289052-the-real-question-is/
  15. FrogTrigger

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    I'm not convinced IA 2.0 will even have skirmish. Watching the new games that FFG has brought out since IA, I wonder if they might go more towards the MOM style tiles of engagement checks, like we are seeing with the new LOTR game. I don't think skirmish has a place in that world. Skirmish was always known to be an after thought with IA, literally tagged on by accident at the end as they were play testing figures against each other and thought "wow this is fun". The IA community is small, tight knit and full of great people. But a small community doesn't really translate into great sales numbers for FFG. I imagine the MAJORITY of their sales comes from the campaign, I have no actual proof on this besides the fact that my LGS says it sells consistently but our skirmish community is very small, as seems to be the case around the world. There is always of course the fraction that buy just to paint the minis. I'm not sure if FFG will be pumped to continue to support a playerbase that small, especially if 2.0 comes out as purely app driven. That would be the nail in the coffin for skirmish I think.. and there is a very good chance it will be based on what we've seen in recent years. I think 1.0 still has a few years of life left, at least two more worlds including this one, though.