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  1. I have my map tiles in a big cd binder with the biggest pieces in a large ziploc. I feed the pieces fk my rebels with those outline map sheets and while they build the map I put away the previous tiles in order and start amassing the next missions deployments. It's not ideal but it's the best I've found so far. I a, really intrigued about this printed map idea. I live in Canada, printing services have been harder to find up here for the skirmish maps.
  2. I have hope that our Christmas release is the app, they are working diligently and that is why all is quiet with the staggered release schedule!! ITS HAPPENING PEOPLE!!!!
  3. So with HoTE shipping now, are we due for another announcement?
  4. What's the eta when it switches to shipping? Few weeks?
  5. Wow I love it, especially your bases! Any tips/info on those? I'm always out for base updates.
  6. GIVEN PAST RELEASE times shouldn't we have seen HOtE updated to shipping by now? The fact that we haven't seen it yet has me wondering if we will get a blister before Christmas. Perhaps the only release we will see is the app, which I know we would all be more than fine with
  7. Honestly they could just drop the cost of RGC and his black defense die and he'd be balanced. He's got great abilities but is to expensive and has to high of defense for a low cost unit if you did drop his cost. But then maybe he is to close to the Inquis.
  8. I will wait and see... I'm not pumped to repaint a bunch of the same figures when my IA backlog is so large.. but at the same time the game looks fun. I think Id like to go with the scum faction though so that gives me some time. The elves just released in runewars and that was what, like six months after the core released? If my lgs has a healthy community by this time next year and they are following the runewars distribution, not x-wing then I'll bite.
  9. Well if it's anything like the IA core, .5? Lol
  10. The single faction cards will dictate whether I play this game or not. It's why I left x-wing, I refuse to buy pieces I'll never use for a card. It's a greedy, but brilliant, model.... that I refuse to be a part of. I know lots of people feel the same way. Balls in your court ffg!
  11. Late to the party and I'm sure already mentioned but definitely check out @Sorastro 's videos. I started never having touched a mini and a horrible artist, his videos took me from noob to confident in a decent amount of time. His video quality is unrivaled, his techniques are adaptive and innovative and most importantly his professionalism is among the top I've encountered in any profession in my life. He actually cares, this is a job to him but you can just feel his passion radiating from the videos. He already released the Luke video, but if you wanted to cut your teeth pre release you can check out his IA videos. Just be warned, the storm trooper fatigue is real . And if you like his videos and use them guys don't forget he has a patreon page. The more support he gets the better off we all are!
  12. There will be a scum faction announced shortly to I'm sure... I hope they go the same route as IA and make the scum faction cross compatible with the other two, but more incentive than just the rebel care package of course
  13. Tony how many points are the core armies? And how many points is a full size game? 1000?
  14. Pierce three in IA is god mode and reserved for light saber wielders. Glad it is also vital in Legion. This game looks so good.