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  1. FrogTrigger

    Other good gaming companies?

    What about traditional fantasy style games, nothing geared towards stealth or vampires or anything like that, but traditional fantasy. I don't even consider Terrinoth to be traditional fantasy based on the way magic is handled through runes. I think more along the lines of Dragonlance or LOTR. Are the DND co - op dungeon crawlers good?
  2. Scout troopers are inevitable in IA and it does make sense that they save them for an Endor based game... I just recently re watched attack of the clones and I feel like a Reek would be a neat beast to add, and we have seen one now on the recent Pack Alpha art. Make it four spaces like a nexu, not quite massive but heavily armoured and specializing in either charging in to fight or shielding those around it. Just me dreaming of my all beast skirmish list...
  3. FrogTrigger

    IA production schedule

    One thing with Heart of the Empire is that not only did we get a full big box campaign but we also saw fixes for multiple characters. So that has to count for something with extra content. Also we saw a IG fix in the blister wave before that.. so I will give FFG extra credit for that. Basically that makes Heart a big box w/ blisters + a blister wave worth of fixes to bring older characters back into the meta. Now it's a catch 22 cause they should have to fix their own mistakes, I agree, but it still needs to count for something. Lothal also had quite a bit of content with it for a small box. The extended campaign is actually 7 missions, which is only 1 short of HoTE (now i understand the mission variability isn't QUITE as high, but length is close.). Also, I believe one of those is the already existing Hera/Chop mission, but they still wove it into the campaign. So while the speed of release might have changed, the actual amount of physical product has remained RELATIVELY similar. relatively, not the same. I won't try and pretend it has. All I am saying is that there is a bit more than meets the eye with the last few boxes (get it). All that being said, it would be really nice to see some more news or at least an indication of what we can expect. You start to lose players the longer we go between updates. Even if it is app content, just give us a heads up, give us SOMETHING to look forward to. Also, isn't it pretty normal for a board game to start slowing down in year 4? I would expect year 1 for sure and year 2 to be hot and heavy, then to have things slow down as they start to focus on newer and flashier games coming out. My understanding was that board games have an expiration date for competitive play. Especially one as small as IA.
  4. So I check the FFG news regularly, I love a lot of their games like MoM, Descent, LOTR LCG, IA obviously, etc.. but it made me wonder, are there any other board gaming companies like FFG out there? I know FFG is known for their quality, which is top notch, and their aggressive board game models that really spank your wallet. Are there any other companies that have such a broad arc on different genres and IP titles? Basically, I'm pretty new to board games and have been a FFG fanboi with IA being my gateway drug, I've seen a lot of cool looking games on kick starters but have yet to branch out. What other board game companies do you like/follow?
  5. FrogTrigger

    Release date?

    +1, I need this for Christmas!!
  6. FrogTrigger

    Time for a break...

    I guess the take away is, anyone on this forum can crush their rebels if they try as hard as they can, play optimal builds/cards etc.. but most of us just don't see the fun in that. I play the game as GM, and to each their own. I just don't see the fun in making it so ultra competitive when it should be more about the story and the experience. Skirmish on the other hand, oh ya, that should be competitive, but we also still even have an incredible skirmish community for this game that is very supportive of each others success. As Fightwookies mentioned, Vassal is a great platform to play skirmish on because you can find a game at almost any time and get a chance to test your mettle against the best in the world And I can assure you that your boredom of constantly always winning will fade quickly after you get demolished by DT a few times If you want a challenge, it really is the best option.
  7. FrogTrigger

    Time for a break...

    This game was easy for the Imperial from day 1, huge balancing issues. There is nothing new about that. This is a game about being a GM, it's not a game about playing to win. If you want the ultimate competitive experience play skirmish, I can guarantee you there are some people on the Zions Finest slack who would destroy you there To be honest I am surprised your Rebels even bothered to keep playing if you just kept pounding them into the dirt, where is the fun in that?
  8. Hey guys. So I bought the lotr core and pieced together the first cycle last year, love it. I've been waiting to try and get my hands on the first saga or deluxe expansion and neither board game store in my city has gotten them in... for a while. i understand how the re print thing works, but I'm just wondering if any Canadian players have a good online resource for collecting the game. I would love to keep playing if I can find it!
  9. FrogTrigger

    Wave 12 Wishlist

  10. FrogTrigger

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    We actually did see rebels coming. Lots of people on this board predicted we would see more rebels content and there it was. Even before hera and chopper, which was a big hint that more was on its way. i don't expect to see a ton of physical content from now on, at least not in the near future. The common word at NOVA from people who have been regularly play testing IA was that for the first time there was nothing actually being tested or being brought to the attention of the tester. That definitely has to be a bit alarming given the whole "one year from design to release" thing. If testing falls somewhere in the middle of that year, were probabaly looking at a late spring release of some sort. Which would be close to a year. But all that being said, we have a ton of physical content as is.. my play group hasn't even got through all of the campaigns yet so I am content. If they can sling a few app releases over the next year that will also keep us busy.
  11. FrogTrigger

    Good couples game?

    Thanks everyone for the responses, lots of help. We have played Pandemic Legacy before with another couple, and while she really enjoyed the game play itself, the act of organizing, travelling to their house, setting up etc.. got to be to much of a chore I feel like for her. Now with a little one we just don't have the time to commit to any sort of campaign game with others. That is why i thought this would be perfect as it is something we can pull out on a week night after the little one is in bed, play a 1-2 hour game from the comfort of our own couch on a cold winter night and not have to worry about anything else. I think we will give this a shot, the buy in is a fair price and even if it isn't something she enjoys, I will be able to play it solo or with a friend.
  12. FrogTrigger

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    There will be more boxes, no guarantee they are big though I guess.. unless for some reason the game has been cancelled and we don't know it yet.. there is no reason why they shouldn't finish the OT cycle and give us an Endor/DS box with Ewoks, Yoda, Scout Troopers etc..
  13. FrogTrigger

    Good couples game?

    My wife isn't really into board/card games, besides the more well known ones. I've been thinking of picking this up for something that we can play together. She really likes mystery games/novels, we've played MoM 2nd and she really liked it and this whole Arkham theme, but just didn't like the length of the missions (some of them are up to 6 hours long!). How long does a typical game of Arkham take? Where does it fall in complication from Catan to MoM 2nd? Is it a game all about team work like LOTR? Is there a story line to follow and get involved in? Thanks!
  14. FrogTrigger

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    If they give us a Warwick Davis miniature he will only be used as Willow in my campaigns. And every round i will randomly shout "KYYYYAAa!!!!!"
  15. FrogTrigger

    Italian Nationals Report

    First off, congrats. And sorry if mentioned already but, what was your list and command card list?