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  1. I want to take something like this to my regional... but have been struggling with sticking some cards in the deck. If anyone has experience playing Boba/Phasma, feedback would be welcome! Thanks for checking it out. https://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/17850/bobaphasmapossibility-1.0
  2. Hello all! Just looking for any tabletop simulator friends who could possibly play sometime. Just let me know your username! My user is caksports816
  3. Yesss I love Qui-gon Rey! I have playing that in the recent tournaments near me. However, I consistently get third. Would you mind sharing your decklist with me? I want to see the differences. If not, I understand. Moving past that, I am so pumped for my store championship in a few weeks!
  4. I bought a box and 18 packs...... all had the correct die and card. Not sure what happened with your packs!
  5. 1box, 9 boosters. * Krennic (and a death trooper) * Baze * Ig-88 * Slave 1 * Quadjumper * Goggles * Force speed * Light bow * Riot baton Overall, pretty awesome box. The 9 boosters had 3 of the legendarys- Slave 1, Quuadjumper, Ig-88 (which can actually all go together.) Also got 2 fast hands!
  6. I got a box and 9 packs so far, with 3 of those loose packs having legendary's. No duplicates! I got Krennic (and a death trooper), Ig-88, Baze Malbus, Force speed, Maz's Goggles, Light bow, Riot baton, Quadjumper and Slave 1. Notable rares were Force push, baby vader, Fn-2199, and Maz. Also got 2 fast hands, no training, but ill take a second fast hands any day. Only duplicates were 2 royal guards, interegation droids, and Mon mothma. It was a really good box for my first one ever!
  7. This is a great game. I actually just started it (like 2 weeks ago) and I only have one of each starter, then $20 bucks on Ebay grabbing some cards I wanted. I haven't opened any packs, yet I can still play competitively. (Got 2nd in a 25 person tournament, running Qui-gon/rey.) It helps a ton if you have a great community too. As for whether or not buying just the second set will work, I do not know. Will you be able to play fun and competitive teams? Definitely! Maybe not top tier, but good all the same.
  8. Does Synchronicity work if you have melee and shield dice, as well as other sides? or can you ONLY have shield and melee. Sorry this is slightly off topic.
  9. The tie pilots ability doesn't affect his die, correct? It doesn't say so on the card. It just says other dice.
  10. I only got one Fn die as well. I used an E Kylo, Fn, and First order stormtrooper. Went 3-0 too at the event.
  11. Just went to my first event, a pre release. I was lucky that they had starters there. If you still have a Tusken, and are willing, I would love one! What is the cause of your generosity? You are an amazing person. As for my pulls, I opened three packs. I got the Jedi interceptor, Con artist and FN-2199. FN was amazing during the tournament, and I won all three games! For my first time ever playing, I am already in love with this game.
  12. My local store is most definitely having it, and somehow has enough to handle 72 players. So excited! Hopefully a store will get it near you.
  13. Thank you so much! It is my fault i didnt read carefully.....
  14. Hi all! I a have just gotten into this game, and pertaining to dropping bombs that explode at the end of round, how do I, dropping the bomb, get out of its blast radius? I know dropping a bomb is an action, and i can only do actions after I move. For dropping the bombs, I am using k wings and firesprays, if that means anything Thank you for the help!
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