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  1. Napalmhead let me know when your free I haven't been able to pick up my copy yet and would like to learn the game soon before I pick my copy up if possible.
  2. Came up with this list little bit ago have a store championship tomorrow and still debating on what I want to run. If anyone has any input on my list let me know. Figure with marksmanship on Youngster all the ties would be able to use it and the stealth device just to make sure he can survive little longer. Also Howlrunner just for his ability. Also instead of Crackshot was thinking veteran instincts to get the black squad pilots up to PS 6 so they hopefully shoot sooner than my opposition http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/399556/tie-swarm So I was looking and did change a few things on this list no upgrades for Howlrunner changed Marksmanship to Expose for the extra dice and changed everyone to Veteran Instincts so they shoot sooner.
  3. Anyone around the Toledo Ohio area? I am looking to get into the game and looks like fun picking up a copy today just wondering if there are any players in the Toledo area.
  4. Thanks will pick up core set and a few packs I think. Have looked at a lot for it and for sure gonna get a few things. Will to see what is competitive and stick with those packs for sure.
  5. Hey just wondering if it's too late to get into the game? Really interested but added up the cost of getting one of everything so I can be competitive but yeah way to expensive to buy one of everyting.
  6. Thanks for the tip was going with what I have for the most part will have to see what else I got to use. Going to make a few changes will take Elusiveness off and go from there. I know he has a high pilot skill with his ability figure could use him for some early shots until he gets damaged at least then try to block. Trying it out this weekend and see what happens.
  7. Any thoughts on when this will show in stock? My local game stores don't have it and have no idea when they will get it in stock either. I played the original GW Warhammer quest when I was younger and I loved it want this game so bad and having to wait is killing me.
  8. Good luck finding out lol. I want to know when out of stock items will be back in stock been checking on warhammer quest forever to come back in stock lol.
  9. So new to the game and have a tournement coming up in a couple weeks but figure would get some input from the community on what ya thought of this list. I am not one to follow the meta when it comes to building a squad I play what I enjoy really but let me know what changes you might make to upgrades and such. Echo with lone wolf, fire control system, and advanced cloaking device. Whisper with elusiveness, fire control system, and advanced cloaking device. Epsilon Ace with stealth device, and weapons guidance Point total=100 Again playing for fun mostly I know list might not be top tier or very competitive but let me know of anything you would change upgrade wise. The Epsilon Ace is mostly for blocking and some extra damage here and there while the phantoms cloak in and out for heavy shots.
  10. Hey all was just up at Checkmate games and I signed up for the tourney. New to the game but have played a wide range of mini's games over the course of my life lol. I will be heading up to Checkmate on sunday for open play to get some pratice in and learn more about the game before the tourney. If anyone wants to meet up this weekend at Checkmate message me or reply and can figure out good time or what not. Only have core set and couple other models have store credit at another store that I am going to use for a few more models.
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